Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Case : 6 months

 These last 6 months have flown by as life seems to do these days yet Case has grown so much and continues to be so much fun! I never imagined my life with three boys but it is definetely better than I ever imagined so I'll take it! He is a happy and smiley little guy who LOVES his mama. To me its the best thing in the world but he does have a hard time with other people which makes me feel bad at times. I know it will not last forever though so I am going to enjoy it while it does. He is moving everywhere, sitting on his own pretty well and likes to lunge or scoot for any toy his brothers may leave behind.  I just started feeding him rice cereal and will start some oatmeal and maybe some veggies in the next week. He is still nursing well and goes 3-4 hours between feeding and wakes up once a night (usually) to eat. He smiles a lot at his brothers and is already trying to get into their stuff (it's going to get interesting when he starts crawling!). He has a mellow tempermant but is physically a non-stop mover. I am excited to see his personality continue to develop but for now I am loving each and every day of him being a baby.
6 month stats
Weight: 15lbs 14 oz.  (25%)
Height: 27 inches (90%)
Head circumference : 25%

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Case the Cutie

This little guy is incredible. I love him so much and kiss on him all day long. Who can resist those eyes and gummy little grin?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day Parade

The boys and I went downtown this morning for the Veterans Day parade. Dave had to work so I loaded them all up in the BOB and walked around until we found a perfect place to sit.
The Wa-Hi marching band came through and they were dancing to the music
We all sat on the curb and watched the parade. Colt loved waiting for all the candy and would yell "thank you" every time he got a piece. Jax just preferred sitting on the curb eating the candy that Colt was collecting. I had to intervene or he would have eaten candy all morning!
Colt pointing out who was going to give him candy next. It was all about the candy, though they did like seeing the men in Army attire (like Uncle Travis they said) and the fireman (like Uncle Andy).
Case was entertained and sat on my lap not making a sound the entire parade.
Dave and I spent some time this morning explaining to the boys about Veterans Day and what it means. Both boys understand that their Uncle Travis spent the last year fighting "bad guys" in Afghanistan, they always want to pray for him to be kept safe. That helped Colt understand it a little bit better since he actually knows Travis. We talked about being an American and what it means to be free. Not an easy concept to grasp for a 2 and 4 year old but I'm thankful for this day as a reminder of how lucky we are to be truly free and grateful for everyone that has served, is serving and will serve to keep our country safe.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Crafts

Dave's cousin Tammy sent the boys a bunch of holiday crafts that I could do with them. Tammy is an elementary school teacher and is so crafty and creative. So I can take no credit for any of this because she basically put everything into little kits with instructions so all I have to do is pull the kit out and let the boys get creative. Colt LOVES it, he thinks "school time" and "craft time" is the best. 
 These turkeys were so fun to make, I think they would be really cute as a table decoration at Thanksgiving as well. Colt likes to use his as a puppet and Jax prefers to use his as a hat (only it keeps falling off).
 Jax is on the left (obviously I had to help him quite a bit) but Colt did almost all of his on his own. Tammy sent me a pattern to cut out the body and the feathers so I cut and then let the boys glue.
 We also made lions earlier in the week so Colt asked me to take a picture of him with his lion and turkey.
Case watched us get crafty and happily moved all around on the floor rolling everywhere and spitting up on everything!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Already!!

My camera broke so all I have is my phone for now. Picture quality is not great but the memories are still there. Dave just got back from a 9 day elk hunting trip, the boys were awesome while he was gone and for the most part everything went smoothly. I only had to make one trip to the ER for Case who decided to buck himself out of his car seat that was sitting on a counter (yea mom still feels really bad!!). He had a few bruises but a CT scan ruled out anything serious and we were sent home a couple hours later. Colt and Jax have recently become the best of friends constantly playing together, chasing each other around the house and making each other laugh daily (of course there is plenty of fighting as well). Their favorite game right now is for Colt to pick Jax up around the waste then push him to the floor and run away, Jax laughs and jumps up running after Colt and then they repeat. Dave and I's bed has also become their "ship" which means they find every sword, shield, gun and superhero attire they can and bring it on the "ship" and fight off bad guys, dragons and whatever else may try and get them. One afternoon I walked into my room to see every single toy the boys had on our bed, I could hardly even see the mattress. Case is moving everywhere, scooting around a room and always trying to buck himself out of anything we might sit him in (hence the trip to the ER), he's long but fairly lean (for one of my babies at least) and his brothers always bring a smile to his face. More soon I hope.....