Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Colt's 7th Birthday

Colt turned 7 today! This boy is the BEST big brother. We could not have asked for a better more caring oldest son. He is responsible, hard working and trustworthy. He loves soccer, basketball, swimming, fishing and hunting. He loves to play with his siblings and his friends. He is a total outdoors kid who did so well in kindergarten this year and loved going to school everyday. We love you Colt!
All he wanted for his birthday was money, so we gave him an envelope and once he opened it up he asked Dave to take him to Wal-Mart so he could pick out his presents.
He came home with Legos, a sling shot, a nerf gun and Gatorade.
That afternoon we took the boys and Colt's friends Parker and Brackyn to the movie How to Train Your Dragon 2, it was such a cute movie and the kids all loved it.

After the movie everyone came back to our house for pizza and cake!
 Colt wanted a DQ mint oreo blizzard cake. Happy Birthday Colt!
Colt and Brackyn at the river later that week.

7 year stats
Weight: 62 lbs
Height: 50.5 inches
Birthday Questions
How old are you? seven
What do you want for your birthday breakfast? Bread dough pudding
What is your favorite color? orange
What is your favorite toy? legos
What is your favorite fruit? apple
What is your favorite vegetable? carrots
What is your favorite television show? Ben 10  and Avengers
What is your favorite animal? turtle
What is your favorite book? Batman
Who is your best friend? Parker
What is your favorite sport? soccer
What is your favorite thing to do outside? climb trees
What do you sleep with at night? my stuffed raccoon
What is your favorite thing to eat? steak
What do you want to be when you grow up? construction worker
What is your favorite thing to do with dad? Go fishing
What is your favorite thing to do with mom? Read books

Colbi Lyn : 10 months

 The months just keep flying by and before I know it this baby is going to be 1! She is getting so close to crawling but just has not figured it out yet, she rolls all over the floor and can go from her tummy back to sitting without any problem. She has not pulled herself up yet but is constantly trying so that is going to happen soon as well. While I love watching her discover new things it is sad that all these things are happening for the last time at our house. It is really a bittersweet time right now and I am not really sure how I feel about it. However, I do know that this little girl is AMAZING and I am looking forward to watching her grow!