Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Jax David!

Jax turned 3 today!!
I decorated the entry way so when he came down the stairs he would know it was his birthday. He was pretty excited about the bike (we found it on craigslist!).
He opened his presents from Dave and I before I left for work, Jax is usually not awake until a couple hours after I leave the house so we had to wake him up so I could watch him open his gifts too.
He got a Thor hammer (which he has been talking about non-stop for the last couple days) and some bubbles.
Papa and DiDi came over last night to give him his birthday box since they would not get to see him today.
Of all the goodies in the box he was most excited about the fruit snacks.
Dave took half a day off of work and we drove over to Tri-Cities to pick Colt up at the airport and then went over to Andy and Kenzie's to swim and have dinner. It was only about 75 today and very overcast but that did not stop the kids from getting in the pool. That water was COLD!
Jax and Calvin hanging out on the steps.
Cam and Colt. These two lucky kids just got back from a 5 day trip to Disneyland with their Memah and Poppie. They had a great time!
Case and Memah.
After dinner we had cake. I made him a cake batter ice cream cake with Captain America on top.
It was kind of a hectic day and I felt like Jax was pretty crabby for a lot of it. I feel bad that it was not as fun for him as it should have been. I think not having Colt around for the first part was hard for him and then when Colt did get back he was pretty wound up from his trip and a lot of the focus was on him. 
Since Colt has been gone the past week it has been really fun for me to get some more one-on-one time with Jax, he is such a sweet kid and really really funny. He loves playing outside, going on runs and walks with me, walking by himself in stores, wrestling with Dave, playing chase and hide-n-seek, talking to Colt and making Case laugh. We love our Jaxers!

3 year stats
Height : 38.5 inches (80%)
Weight : 35 lbs (70%)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Case : 1 year

1 year stats
Weight: 19lbs (3%)
Height : 30 inches (75%)
Case had his one year appointment today, it was a pretty easy visit since it was just Jax, Case and I. The doctor was a little concerned with his weight just because he keeps dropping percentages every time he has an appointment. In fact he didn't gain any weight from his 9 month appointment. I am still nursing him but have started to wean him to only morning and night feedings. He is drinking whole milk from a sippy cup and we also tried peanut butter which he loved. She said to just make sure he is eating and since he is growing in other areas fine (height and head circumference) there is nothing we are going to do about it for now. He is not a picky eater and will eat just about anything I give him. He only has 2 teeth which makes it harder for him to eat a lot of solids but he still does pretty well. He is wearing 12-18 month clothing, size 3 diapers and is now binky free. I felt bad taking it away from him but I always took the binky away from the older boys at 1 and it worked just fine. For the most part he does great without it but the car rides can still be a little tough when he gets fussy. He started taking small steps on his birthday and is now able to stand up from the floor by himself. He is starting to say a lot more words and loves to shriek when the older boys take something from him. He is constantly moving, crawling and climbing things. He sleeps 11-12 hours at night and takes one 2 hour nap each day.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Stacy's visit and Onion Man Triathlon

Our good friends Shane, Courtney and Kendall came from Lynden  for Memorial weekend. Colt is in Disneyland with his Memah and Poppi and without him around to wrestle with Jax it made for a pretty quiet weekend. Kendall is one of the most laid back not to mention cutest little girls I have ever been around. We had a great time enjoying our nice weather, talking and relaxing. On Sunday Dave and Shane did the Onion man Olympic triathlon here in Walla Walla.
On Saturday we went out to the lake so the boys could get in the water before the big race.
Jax and Kendall are about 9 months apart and they pretty much played alongside each other all weekend. I wouldn't say they played together but they were always side by side.
The men ready to swim in the cold water. It was at this point I was very glad I was not doing the triathlon the next day.
The kids for the weekend. It was a relatively low key and quiet weekend. It amazing how quiet it seems without Colt around, 2 kids seems so easy!
The day of the triathlon Court, the kids and I drove up to my parents house and watched the bike ride portion. Once Dave and Shane had both passed the house we got back in the car and drove to the finish line to watch them come in on the run. Shane finished first and we let the kids play around while we waited for Dave to finish.
Here he comes!
Dave grabbed Jax and crossed the finish line with him. Jax was slapping people's hands as they ran through the finishers chute.
To say Dave has been busy lately would be an understatement. He has been working from morning until 10-11 at night for the past couple months and he did not get to train nearly as much as he wanted too. I was so proud of him for finishing. He has already signed up for another one in September and he is trying to convince me to do it with him.
The Stacy's. 
We love this family and have such a great time with them. Court is due in September with a boy!
I see this picture and miss Colt. I wish he could have been there, he would have loved watching all the bikers and runners and seeing Dave finish.
Later that night we got a babysitter and went out to dinner and fro-yo. Perfect end to a great weekend! Looking forward to August and our friends vacation in Crescent Bar!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Case Michael

Case is 1! Hard to believe it has already been a year since he became the newest member of our family. It has been such a fun year and he is a fantastic addition to our brood of boys. I decorated the kitchen with balloons, a happy birthday sign, and fun decorations to let our little boy know it was his special day. I'm not sure Case noticed the decorations but I know his older brothers did and they were both so excited for him.
Jax was still sleeping (like always) so Colt made sure Case knew it was his birthday.

I made him coconut banana muffins for breakfast. They were gobbled up fast by all the boys.
Colt and Jax got him a dump truck, a shovel and a bucket. The boys were more excited to open Case's gifts than Case was. He had lots of help.
The birthday boy!
 My mom made him a birthday box and put a bunch of small gifts in it. He loved pulling everything out.
Dave couldn't be there on Case's birthday but my parents came over and we celebrated my dad's birthday as well (his is the next day). My mom brought over dinner from Tiki Teriyaki and then we opened presents and had cake! Colt was very excited to give Papa his Under Armour shorts and shirt (he is obsessed with Under Armour because Dave is always wearing it).
I think from now on Papa and Case's birthday will always get celebrated together.
The birthday boys with their cakes. I made Case a vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream frosting and my mom made my dad an oatmeal cake.
Papa, DiDi and their youngest grandson.
All the boys wanted to help blow out the candles.
First bite of cake. He was not real sure about it, he ate a little bit but mostly squished it between his fingers.
Happy Birthday my sweet baby boy. I have loved this last year and have enjoyed getting to spend so much of your first year with you. You were the only baby that I didn't have to leave at daycare and go back to work after being born. It has been so amazing getting to be home with you and your brothers and I have loved watching you grow into a little man. 
Your a mama's boy and I hope you stay that way...... I love you Case Michael Pemberton!