Monday, April 23, 2012

Case : 11 months

Where has the last 11 months gone?
Case is standing on his own now and walking while holding our hands pretty steadily. I know it won't be long before he takes his first steps and while I do look forward to seeing him do it part of me wants him to keep crawling for just awhile longer. There is something about when a baby starts walking that takes away that feeling of them being a baby anymore. Jax was 15 months old before he started to walk and I can remember how he felt like a baby to me so much longer than Colt did. I loved it and why I am so thankful that he is meeting new milestones and growing well it also makes me sad and wishful for more time with him as a baby.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Summer Weather

 We got a taste of summer weather these past few days. It's a little early for it to be this hot already for me but the boys were loving it. I can already tell that summer is going to mean lots of time outside, swimsuits, sunscreen and dirty boys at the end of the day.

 Colt and Jax have really been loving shooting their bows again with Dave. Jax is still just learning but Colt is really getting good. It is fun to see Jax start to enjoy it as much as Colt does.

 Of course with the nice weather I made sure to enjoy a  few outdoor runs and get some small hikes in with the boys. They love to find sticks and pretend they are fishing poles.
 Then they find a stream and fish with their sticks. It accounts for what could be hours of excitement!
 All Case wants to do is get into everything so I usually try and keep him in the stroller and keep walking while the boys are "fishing". Most the time he is pretty happy in the stroller.
 My parents were in Boston all last week watching my little sister Marni run the marathon so we watched my dad's dog Jordan (on the left). The boys had fun chasing her around the yard and then she would change direction and chase them.

I am finally getting comfortable with Case crawling around the play yard. He always wants down when the boys are playing because he wants to be with them but then he was constantly putting the rocks in his mouth which was so annoying. He is getting better about it and doesn't do it as often now. He loves crawling around through the rocks and playing with all the toys and just being one of the boys.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Turkey Hunt

Turkey season opened today, Dave got up at 4 this morning and hunted until about 10. He came home so we could go to church together then this afternoon he took Colt back out. It didn't take long and within about 20 minutes of setting up Dave had killed a turkey. The minute he hit the turkey Colt jumped up and yelled "Dad you smoked him!". Colt called me right after they killed it and was talking so fast I could barely understand him, I have never heard him that excited about anything.
The boys so proud of their kill.
Jax wanted to go but Dave told him he had to be potty-trained before he can go turkey hunting. Now whenever someone talks about turkey hunting Jax says " I can't go turkey hunting until I'm potty-trained." You would think if he can say that sentence he should be potty-trained!
What a man!
 Right before I snapped the picture I told him it was definitely going on the blog and he started to laugh.
The funniest part was watching the two of them cutting the turkey up. Colt kept making all these faces and then laughing. I know this is just the beginning of lots of hunting adventures with Dave and the boys.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Case : 10 months

 Mr. Case squealing from excitement.
I think we may have our hands full with this one, he is a non-stop mover, loves to climb and is into EVERYTHING. Keeps us all on our toes. It is so fun to see his personality really start to come out, our three boys definitely all have different personalities but that just makes this journey so much more fun & interesting.

He is starting to say more words, of course my favorite is mama and he saves it just for me. A lot of his other words sound like dada but sometimes that means dog or didi (my mom). We are also pretty sure he says "Jax" it doesn't really sound like it but its the only thing he yells every time he sees Jax so we are guessing that's what he means. Case and Jax already have a funny relationship, Jax likes to smother Case with kisses, constantly touches his head and pokes him non-stop. In turn Case has started crawling all over Jax, hitting him in the head with this toys and yelling his name every time he sees him. These two are going to be hilarious together next year while Colt is at preschool. He is cruising around furniture and walks around on his knees all the time. He can stand by himself so I guess that means the next step is walking......AGH!! He still has NO teeth, so he gums lots of bananas, cheerios, bread, avocado & sweet potatoes. I still feed him baby food of veggies and fruit since he can not subsist off those 5 things alone. He also likes to sit in the play yard while the older boys play and eat rocks. I find rocks in his diaper all the time, I always hope those rocks are from him just playing in them and not actually going through him. I adore this little boy, he is my baby and that is not going to change any time soon!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

He is Risen!!!
We had a very fun Easter. I made Resurrection rolls for breakfast (this was one of Dave's family traditions growing up and they were yummy) and served them with strawberries and whip cream. The boys got a few goodies from the Easter bunny, my parents joined us for church (which the boys LOVED) and then we had lunch at my parents house and the boys got to do an Easter egg hunt. It was a full day and by the time we drove home at 3:00 all three boys were asleep.
Easter morning with their baskets, the Easter bunny brought them all new pajamas too.
 Colt enjoying breakfast.
Jax loves whip cream.
Colt was of course the first one up (6am) but it took him about another hour before he noticed the baskets on the table.

 This little truck basket was also the same basket that Colt and Jax got for their first Easter.
 Handsome goofy boys.

 This was the best I could get with all three of them.
 After lunch the boys headed outside for their Easter egg hunt. My mom and dad had spent part of the morning before church hiding eggs all over their yard. This was probably the highlight of the boys day. The weather was beautiful and a perfect day for hunting eggs.
 Jax did awesome this year, he was so into it and Colt was really wanting to make sure that they both got the same amount of eggs. For every egg that Colt would find he would yell at Jax where another one was. He stayed by Jax's side for most of the time as they searched for eggs.
 It was fun to see Jax loving it so much, he is kind of at that age where he can be pretty shy and unsure about a lot of things, he does not do well in big crowds either so it probably helped that it was just him and Colt.
 I loved the boys Easter outfits this year; gift from Memah.
 Mommy and baby watching the boys hunt. Next year Case will be in on the action too (I don't even want to think about that right now) though he had fun watching his brothers run around.
They got so much candy, I am pretty sure the majority of their calories came from candy and sugar today. We need more kids hunting eggs to spread out the candy, if there were 4 kiddos it wouldn't seem as much.:)
 Case crawled around the deck putting anything he could find in his mouth (such a fun stage!).
While my mom helped the boys sort their candy and toys. I am so bummed I didn't get a family picture, especially since we were all dressed up which rarely happens. After how long it took me to get everyone ready and looking nice their is a reason that we don't get super dressy for church every Sunday.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Dying Easter Eggs

My mom came over today and we dyed Easter eggs with the boys (Case was napping). It was so much fun to watch them come up with different designs on their eggs. Jax basically just wanted to put his eggs in every single color he could. He ended up with some pretty interesting colors. They are definitely getting older and doing these type of activities is a little more fun (rather than stressful). Colt really needed no help at all and I just stayed close to Jax so he wouldn't dump the color all over himself. Both these boys love doing craft activities, though it can be hard to find an activity that they can both do together.

Spring Break 2012

Even though I only teach part time I still really enjoy spring break. It means no 4:30 am wake-up calls and relaxed mornings drinking coffee and watching cartoons with the boys (that is if I didn't wake up at 5 to go to spin class or run). This past week was very relaxing and very fun. Dave has been VERY busy this spring and it will not really slow down until the end of May so for the most part its just me and the kids from morning to bedtime. We had weird weather, some days snow and other days sunny and 65 degrees so our day was built around the weather. We spent some time at my parents house playing and hanging out, drove to Kennewick for a day to see Dave's family and play at the park and do some Easter shopping, a few Easter crafts, some spring cleaning here at home, a few park dates and celebrated Dave's 32nd birthday. It was a very fun week and I am already looking forward to summer!
 Dave was able to take off a few hours on his actual birthday so we took the kids to the park to do a little fishing and play for a couple hours.
 Case loves the swings, my little baby is going to be 1 in less than 2 months!

 When did this kid get so big?