Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Check out this article!

Back in August I wrote about my cousin Brent and his wife Melissa (Mo) who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. You can check them out by clicking on the Klumph Family link under Family and Friends. Mo, just finished her last chemo treatment on Monday and will start radiation treatments soon. The Oregonian did an article on her and her dad: Copy and paste into your browser, the story is very cool. Good Morning America has also contacted them so I will keep you posted if anything turns up there! Prayers as always are wonderful!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Beanie Boys.

Colt loves to put hats on these days and he also likes it when you also have one on

Monday, December 29, 2008

A Rainy Run

Yesterday was so warm here that I decided instead of going to the gym I would go running outside the next morning. That gave me a little more time in bed and I figured it would probably be warm enough to take Colt with me as well. I got him all bundled up in his new running clothes (courtesy of Grandma Di Di, last year she got him a blue warm running suit and this year it is red!), gave him a cup of milk and we were ready to go until I looked outside and noticed it was raining a bit. No problem, I just put the weather shield on over the stroller so he would not get wet!!
However, the light sprinkles turned into a downpour, I was soaked by the time I finally got home but Colt stayed warm and dry, he kept leaning forward and hitting the plastic while we were running, it was pretty funny.
Back from our run, now time for some toast and scrambled eggs.....YUM!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Floor Sleeping??

Marni and I were at my parents a little later the last night she was here and the boys (Dave, Nate and Taylor) had already come back to the house with Colt. When Marni and I walked into the house at 9:00 we see Colt sound asleep on the floor and the boys are all playing there new favorite game "Settlers of Cattaan."
Dave said he kept asking Colt if he was tired and Colt would shake his head no so he finally told him he needed to lay on the blanket if he wanted to stay up. He moved around so much trying to find a comfortable place and he finally passes out on the hardwood with his face smack on the pillow.
Of course his lovie bear was right there with him!
He was up bright and early (well not too early) the next morning helping Dave and Taylor with there snowboarding gear. The two of them went snowboarding, my parents drove Marni and Nate back to Boise and it was just Colt and I and a bunch of melting snow. We had a nice and quiet day until the boys returned about 2:00 complaining about how bad the snowboarding was and making me play Settlers of Cattaan with them the rest of the day (unfortunately for me you have to have at least 3 people to play) at least I won 2 of them (and Dave was not at all happy for me!!).

Friday, December 26, 2008

New Glasses???

My mom and Marni thought it was hilarious to put my Mom's glasses on Colt. I told him to say cheese not realizing he had a mouth full of cheese crackers!!
He looks like a little professor.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

We headed over to my parents house around 9:30 on Christmas and stayed there there the rest of the day. We had a breakfast casserole and opened up some more presents.
Colt got a new set of sport balls which he of course loves. He understands too that you throw the football and basketball and kick the soccer ball:)
My mom made him the cutest blanket, it has pictures of all types of little boy things all over it like a dog, ball, truck, chair, and it says the word next to the picture. Colt likes to point to it and say "ball" or "tuck." He has been really into sitting on blankets lately and playing, eating, drinking etc so he really liked the blanket. If I try and use it he comes over and says "mine!"
His Aunt Marni got him his very own bag with his initials on it which is perfect for out of town feels like we are always going somewhere!!
My dad and two of my sisters both graduated from the University of Idaho. My dad played football there so when he went to a game this year he got him a shirt and sweatshirt.
Colt helping Dave open his brand new coffee pot which we all love (now that I no longer have an aversion to coffee I enjoy it too!!!!).
We spent the rest of the day talking, playing games, reading books and relaxing. We had a yummy dinner of prime rib, potatoes, stuffing, strawberry pretzel salad, apple walnut salad, rolls and sparkling cider. Then we came back to my house and my parents stayed with Colt (they swore they did not want to go to the movie:)) and the four of us went to the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" it was really long but it was a good movie. It was a super special and fun Christmas. I can't wait until next year:)

Christmas Morning

We woke up Christmas morning a little after 8 and took Colt downstairs to open stockings and presents. We did not buy him much this year just a dragon towel and a few books. He got a couple more little things in his stocking such as socks, a shirt, flashlight, whistle, ball, stickers, and playdoh. He loved the flashlight most of all though!
Helping Daddy open his presents. Dave got Carheart sweatshirt and overalls, as well as new underwear, Colt's t-shirt and beanie and a coffee card!
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

We had Christmas Eve at our house this year, this was our first year ever hosting Christmas Eve. It was really fun. It snowed so hard that evening and it was beautiful out. We had a bunch of snacks for dinner (that was Dave's Christmas Eve tradition growing up and he wants to do that with our kids). Dave and I spent about 3 hours putting all the food together. We had fruit with a homemade orange fruit dip, a special bean dish Dave style (I say special because it had things in it I could never imagine putting in bean dish but it was unbelievably good, it took him almost an hour to make with all the cutting he had to do), meat and cheese tray with a bunch of yummy dips that Dave also put together, coconut shrimp, tortilla pinwheels, tortilla chips and queso dip and homemade cookies for dessert. I was bummed because our church did not have a Christmas Eve service this year, one of my favorite things to do on Christmas Eve is to go to church but we still had fun. We ate snacks, opened some gifts (either sleepwear or games) and played games until 1am!
Colt playing on his slide waiting to open presents.
Helping Daddy open his present (Settlers of Cattaan game, we have probably played this 3 times already and if you know the game you know it takes like 1-2 hours to play!!)
Di Di got a new pair of pajamas!
Checking things out with Aunt Marni. I love the way he has hit hands in his pocket. Marni got him this outfit from GAP this year, he is so cute in it!
Aunt Marni was his best friend because she kept giving him chocolate!!
Reading a new book with Daddy...Colt's two favorite things, book and DADDY!!
Ready for bed and giving Aunt Marni's dog Hercules some love. Colt went to bed around 8:00 and we got the games out each couple had gotten a new game. My dad got the game Sports Scene It with Dan Patrick we played that first and Dave and I won! Then we played the game that Marni and Nate had got I can't remember what it was called but it was fun however we had to stop it early because it was 11:00 and my parents were ready to go home (they were tired). We then played the Settlers of Cattaan game, Dave was the only one who had ever played it and its pretty complicated and requires ALOT of strategy, it took over an hour to play that game and I won so it was worth it!! We finally went to bed a little after 1am.

Monday, December 22, 2008

14 weeks 2 days!

Thought I would add a new belly pic. I would say I am pretty big for only 14 weeks!
Dave got me a new camera for Christmas, our older one is really nice but its big and bulky and really much better for a fancy photographer. It takes great pictures but its just another bag that I have to carry around with me. This camera fits in my new purse (thanks Mike and Julie!) and I love it!! I am working this week in Dave's office, he gave his staff the week off for the holiday (he is such a caring boss) so I agreed to help out and I am glad I did because at work this morning he gave me my early Christmas present. He said he thought I would want to know how it works before Christmas Eve so I can take lots of pictures of Colt opening gifts! Plus it will be really nice to have this summer when we go to Walt Disney World in July!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas with Pemberton's

Since we have two families we have to split the holidays, since we have been married we have always done Thanksgiving with one family and then Christmas with the other. However, the last 2 Christmas's we have spent with Dave's family and so it almost feels weird not spending it with them this year! We did an early celebration and got together at Kenzie and Andy's house, we had a yummy dinner, opened presents and enjoyed being together. Katie was stuck in Spokane so she was not able to make it. We missed her:(

Colt was really into opening the presents this year, even more so than on his birthday in June. Camryn loved to help him and they both loved to play with the toys. Aunt Kenzie, Uncle Andy and Camryn got Colt one of those fun matching magnets that go on the fridge and make music. Colt loves it, he spends a good 20 minutes a day in front of our fridge now playing with it.
Papa Mike got Colt his very first gun (much to Memah's dismay). He thought it was pretty cool!
Playing with his new toy, I finally took it and hid it from him because he kept wanting to go around shooting people and he would swing it around, I was sure he was going to whack someone with it!
He also got some new John Deere tractors and trucks....
...he had a lot of fun playing with all his new toys. He got so many nice things from Mike and Julie. I am not real big on buying him toys so I know Colt loves the fact that his grandparents buy him fun and educational things. He also got lots of clothes, a coloring book and crayons, magnet letters for the fridge and of course some new books!!
With Aunt Kenzie and Uncle Andy...oh and he is playing with Aunt Randee's socks (I think either him or Camryn pulled them off her feet).
Kenzie found Colt these super cute Batman pajamas. I love this picture! Camryn in her pretty princess pj's and Colt in Batman!!
We tried really hard to get a cute picture with both kids in front of the tree and smiling at the camera. Camryn listened much better than Colt!
BATMAN! He even has a cape!!
The boys. They are playing there FAVORITE game called Settlers of Cattaan. Katie's fiance Travis brought it to our family vacation this summer in McCall and ever since all the boys are hooked on it. Only the boys ever play it (though Katie has been known to give it a try too). Of course the girls were behind the camera taking all the pictures or watching the kids while the boys played. Isn't that always the way??
**BTW: Colt still LOVES his daddy, he is all he wants its always "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!!"

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fun times sledding.

Dave has been wanting to take Colt sledding since we have all this snow, since we do not have a sled he got out our cooler and tried that out. Here they are getting ready to go down the driveway. Dave had been keeping up on shoveling it so it doesn't look like there's much snow but it worked!
Colt loved it, he would yell "Weeee" all the way down and then say "more more" when he stopped.
My happy little boy.
You can't get much cuter than this picture!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Colt and Papa

Colt and his Papa.
He loves his Papa, he can say his name really well and he always recognizes him when he comes over to play. His favorite thing to do with Papa is to play fetch with the dogs, my dad lets him throw it and then has the dog bring it back. Colt get the biggest kick out of it and he always remembers every time he sees him because he immediately asks to see the dogs when he sees his Papa. I am sure it helps that the feeling is mutual, my dad adores Colt and even though he still refuses to babysit by himself because he does not "do diapers" he still loves to play with him non-stop!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Its a Blizzard outside!!

I love this weather, it puts me in the holiday spirit even more. There is nothing like a white Christmas and I think we are going to get it! Its supposed to snow all next week too!! We got about 5 inches of snow last Sunday and Monday and then got a break until early this morning. Dave went outside and measured it at lunch today and we now have 14 inches and it is still snowing like crazy!! They finally canceled school at 9:00 this morning, by that time I was just pulling up in front of Colt's babysitters house to drop him off because I figured we were going to just be a on a 2 hour delay even though it was a complete white-out and none of the roads had even been plowed yet. But they canceled it and so Colt and I turned around and came back home. I could barely get up my street, since we live in a culdesac they don't usually plow our street! Dave came home at lunch and shoveled our sidewalk and driveway but I don't think my car could get down our street now. Dave gave me strict instructions to stay home and not to go anywhere as he was going back to work this afternoon:)
I took this picture about 2 hours ago and we have probably had 4 new inches fall since then. I can't remember the last time we got this much snow in Walla Walla and especially this early. Most of our snow usually comes in late January or February!
Colt loves the snow he has been running to the windows yelling "SNOW!"

Present Thief

I finally went ahead and put some presents under the tree, I figured he had done a pretty good job of not messing with the ornaments that I would see how he did around the presents. Notice the little ornament he is holding, he made that at daycare:)
I let him experiment with them for a little while, he mainly just wants to pick them up and carry them around the house.
Trying to pick up a present for Daddy.
Almost got it!
Success!! Now where should I put it?
He ended up putting it right back under the tree. I can't wait till Christmas morning to see his reaction to opening presents. He seems a lot more interested in them than he even did on his birthday in June!