Sunday, July 31, 2016

Summer Fun : July

July has been filled with odd weather and hot days have been a rarity around here. Usually July means 100 degree days but most of our July was filled with temps in the 80's or lower. On a few of the warmer days we spent time at the Milton Freewater pool with friends.

Jax and his best buddy Joel.
Jax's highlight of the month was getting to go to the drive-in with his buddy Joel and then his first sleepover!
We hiked the Whitman Mission one day.
My dad took all the kids to ice cream and a movie while I worked at State Farm one afternoon.
My mama and I.
Checking out the new road at our property! We have spent the last 7 months planning and gettin permits to finally have the road and bridge put in out at our property. I am excited to see the finished project and then start on our house hopefully in the spring!
These kiddos make summer more fun!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Lake Jubilee Camping

 With Dave being gone all summer I was missing not doing as much with the kids. I asked my parents if they wanted to take an overnight camping trip with us to Lake Jubilee and they agreed so off we went.
 My dad and I setting up our tents.
 Getting ready to go fish.

My parents brought both their pontoon boats and these were a big hit with the kids. They spent a lot of time rowing around in them and Colt got good at rowing it himself.
Case and Colbi with DiDi.

After a day of swimming and fishing we headed back to camp for dinner. We had hotdogs and then roasted marshmallows.

The next morning we took a hike around the lake. They had a rope swing that all the boys and I did together which was fun. Colt got really brave on it and was going so high and waiting to drop until he was all the way out into the lake.

We headed home late that afternoon in time for Colt to play in his football game that night. It was a quick trip but nice to get out of the heat of Walla Walla and just enjoy time together.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Fire Academy graduation

For the last 3 months Dave has been in North Bend, WA going through the firefighter academy. We have missed him but have been so proud of how hard he has worked to achieve a dream and goal that he started working towards 5 years ago. On April 12 he started his dream job with the City of Richland Fire Department. In the last 5 years he has gone back to school to earn his Fire Science degree, volunteered for 2 years at District 4 here in Walla Walla, became certified as an EMT, and received certification in Firefighter I, Firefighter II and Hazmat Operations. He has spent countless hours working towards this dream and as his wife I have been amazed and so very proud at how hard he has worked to make this happen.
The kids and I got to go up to North Bend for family day and watch him in action.

Today he graduated from the academy and will go back to Richland to start working as a firefighter.
Dave's parents, my parents and all of us came to support him.

I got the honor of pinning him.
We are so proud of him!