Monday, August 31, 2009

Jax David : 3 months

Time is flying by and my sweet second son is already 3 months old. I can't believe it has been that long since he was born. I remember thinking how tiny he was and now he is just growing and getting chubbier and sweeter by the day! I am so blessed to be a mommy to two fun loving little boys and am looking forward to raising them together. Jax is a pretty mellow little guy, he does not cry much and when he does it is usually because he is hungry or his tummy hurts. I have not figured it out yet but something that I eat upsets his little tummy. At first I thought it was coffee but I eliminated that and it did not get better. Now I am thinking it might be dairy products. Most the time if I just make sure to keep him upright after he eats for 30 minutes or so then the problem is not so bad but he has the worst gas in the world so I know he can't be feeling that great. He must be a tough guy like his dad and is not letting a little tummyache bother him too much! Jax is also the biggest talker, when you talk to him he just smiles and coos back forever and ever. It is so much fun, I know Colt never talked this much when he was little. Maybe Jax will be an early talker as he gets older (though Colt is a pretty decent talker for his age). The only complaint I have about my sweet boy is his sleeping schedule, he is still waking up at nights. Some nights is just once but other nights it will be 2 or even 3 times. On top of that Colt who has slept 12 hours or more since he was 5 weeks old has now started to wake up during the night too!! Which leaves me feeling completely exhausted all day every day. I can not even think about going back to work right now, I just pray that both boys find a better schedule by the time I go back in November. Jax is already wearing 6 month clothing and he now has 3 chins. At the rate he is growing he may even weigh more than Colt did at his 4 month check-up. He loves to nurse though he is a much quicker eater than his brother was. Usually during the day he eats every 3-4 hours for about 20 minutes, in the evenings he will eat a bit longer than that (so you would think he would sleep longer too). I will probably start to introduce rice cereal to him around 5 months because I have to go back to work when he is 5.5 months old and that will give him something else besides milk to get calories from and hopefully in turn I will not have to pump as much milk for him during the day. Having 2 kids has been a huge adjustment for both Dave and I but we are enjoying every minute of it (even the long sleepless nights are worth it). Jax has been a wonderful addition to our family and I can not imagine my life without him in it!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our sons

Matthew 19:14 - Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Colt Mires : 2 years and 2 months

Thought I should do a little update on Colt.
  • This guy keeps me on my toes, he is constantly moving, running, yelling, throwing things and saying the funniest, cutest things ever! He is definitely a 2 year old in that he has started yelling "NO" and has also done his fair share of hitting lately. We have been explaining to him that saying "no" to people is not nice and its much nicer to say "no thank you." So then the other day he was playing with some of Dave's fly-fishing stuff and Dave told him to put it down and Colt looks over at him and says "no thank you daddy" and walks away with it. Dave and I both had to laugh at that one (but quietly so he would not hear).
  • He loves to play with Byson, the two of them play all day with the bats and the balls lying around the house. Usually they spend most the time chasing each other depending on who has the ball at that time. Colt can get a little rough with Byson so we are working on that but it is so funny to watch the two of them play together.
  • We took a family trip to Couer'dlane, Idaho and Colt wanted to spend basically the entire time swimming. He loves the water and has no problem going under all by himself, the funny thing is that he doesn't just duck his head under the water he stays under the water for a good 5-8 seconds before coming back up. Then he just laughs and says "adin (again)" and does it all over again. I am going to put him in swimming lessons next summer for sure!
  • He is the best big brother to Jax, it is so much fun to watch how nice he is to him. He loves to kiss him, hug him and wants to hold him all the time. He has rarely shown many signs of jealousy towards him and generally wants to make sure that his brother is okay. I drove to Kennewick one day with the boys and Colt was giving me a running commentary the entire way. It went something like this: "Mommy, Jaxer (he calls him Jaxer now)awake!", "Mommy, Jaxer spit up.", "Uh-oh Jaxer binkyfell out.", "Jaxer smile mommy." "Oh Jaxer sad now, Jaxer crying, don't be sad Jaxer.", "Jaxer asleep now Mommy, Jaxer tired." That continued on and off for the hour drive to Kennewick.
  • Dave bought him his very first football, its a real one too so it is pretty hard but he loves to play catch with it and he has also taken to sleeping with it. That's right it has been his sleeping buddy every night since he got it. We will have to see how long that lasts, everytime we go somewhere he asks me "football tome too?".
  • He still has troubles saying the letter "c" everything comes out with a "t" sound so when you ask him what his name his he replies "Tolt".
  • He can count to 10 and is starting to pick up some of the letters as well.
  • Every night after we tuck him in, read a book and say his prayers we always sing the song "Goodnight sweetheart" to him. For awhile he would put up with me singing it but now before I can even start he always says "Daddy sing it pease" so even if I am the one tucking him in he still expects Dave to come in and sing it. Apparently Dave's version is much cooler than mine!:) When I was walking through the grocery store one day with Colt in the cart he starts singing the song to himself and he is pretty good at it too!
  • I am having so much fun being Colt's mommy and I love this little boy sooooo very much. Colt said to me the other day "Mommy I love you mucho" it was the first time he had ever said it with no prompting and of course it made me so very happy.

Playing at the Park

Before we had all this hot weather we had been spending a lot of time at the park. Colt loves to run around from toy to toy and not really play on anything but just run and yell. He has also found a new found joy in hanging on things as you can see.
He loves the slide and needs no prompting to go down it by himself anymore.
Of course he has to inspect every little thing he finds. This kid loves to pick up bugs, dirt, garbage, etc. anything he finds on the ground he has to pick up and look at!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Something to make you smile!!

This little boy just makes me happy, both my boys do! I just wish they could figure out a better sleeping schedule for mommy. She would sure appreciate it!:) It has really been harder for ne lately with having two and even though I love every second of it this is not an easy job. I am so thankful that I do not have to be back to work until November. I would be a mess if I had to go back next week! I have also had some problems with feeding Jax lately. This was new to me as I had no problems with Colt. I was trying to just tough it out and deal with the pain but it got so bad that I decided to call my doctor. She gave me some antibiotics and told me to keep doing what I had already been doing. She said the meds should really start to work by day 4 so hopefully soon I will have some relief. I tried pumping for a few days to see if that would help clear things up but it made it worse and Jax wanted nothing to do with his mommy giving him a bottle! I feel pretty overwhelmed right now (I am sure lack of sleep is partly to blame) so I am just trying to take one day at a time and not think about going back to work. Hopefully by then we will all be more rested and Jax will be on some sort of a schedule! At any rate I love spending all this time with my kids and am trying to cherish every minute of it!!!

Sweet smile!

Snuggling up to watch a movie!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chelan 2009 - Bugs

Colt and Wyatt found the biggest bug ever out on the back patio and spent a good 30 minutes looking at it, pointing, smashing it, and finally holding it!
They are both such BOYS!!!

Chelan 2009 - Kids

Crew Charles Price (3 years 3 months)
Jaymin James Kerlee (2 years 11 months)
Colt Mires Pemberton (2 years 1 month)
Wyatt Scott Chase (18 months)
Brody Jeffery Price (14 months)
Rilyn Leigh Kerlee (9 months)
Jax David Pemberton (2 months)
These are all the kids in order of age that were with us this year in Chelan. Next year we will have 3 new kids as Julie, Jess and Court are all pregnant. Julie and Jess will both be having boys but we will not find out what Court is having until October. I think its a boy but we could sure use another girl around here! Rilyn is going to love all these vacations as she gets older if she continues to be the only girl.....though I don't think her parents are too excited about that.

Chelan 2009 - Lake Fun

Since our house was practically right on the lake we spent a lot of time there! The boys even did some fishing (but they had there own style for sure!!).
Colt and I walking down the dock to see the fish.
Dave in his scuba gear swimming down to look at the fish. There were thousands of fish swimming out by the dock.
Shane got his fish!!
All the boys had a competition to see who could get the most fish. They were using croquet sticks and tied fishing line to them with a worm attached and then when the fish would go to grab the worm they would catch the fish with there hands. But don't worry no fish were harmed by them doing this!
Dave touching his fish with his tongue.
He tried to get Colt to kiss it but he wanted nothing to do with it!
Dale showing Wyatt how it's done.
Tyler and Jaymin with there "big catch".
Court and Shane brought a boat so we did some fun boat rides and even got to do some tubing. Court and I went out and laughed the entire time on the tube. I wish we could have done more of it!
Our camera takes underwater pictures so Dave had fun taking pictures of them all fishing and looking at the fish.
Check out all those fish!
Fishing underwater! The boys have to make EVERYTHING a competition. They literally keep track of points and announce a loser at the end of every night (though they say there competition kind of got spoiled this year with having to watch the kids at times so us girls could get a break, next year they all want nannies:)).

Chelan 2009 - Recap

We spent the 1st week of August and took our yearly vacation to Chelan with the Price's, Stacy's, Chase's and Kerlee Family. All of us girls played volleyball together at Central and most of us were roomates at one time. We have kept in touch and try to get together a couple times a year but its hard when we all live in different places! We take turns cooking each night and on Sunday (Dave and I's anniversary) it was our turn. We made chicken, pineapple, onion skewers and steak, mushroom, pepper, onion skewers as well as strawberry pretzel salad and fresh bread. It turned out yummy!
The down side of the trip was that a nasty flu bug went through the entire house and about half of us ended up getting it!! Colt and Dave both got it and were throwing up and sick for an entire day. I had a lesser version of the flu but still did not feel great and of course sleep was almost non-existant when you are taking care of sick kids and you have a newborn that still wakes up at night so I tried to get snoozes when I could. Lucky for us Jax was spared from getting it!!
Colt took a huge liking to Brody for some reason. He would walk around the house with his arm around him or constantly trying to hold his hand. It was pretty funny and cute but I don't think Brody enjoyed it that much!
Colt and Wyatt getting into the cooler.
It seemed like we spent all week telling the kids to stop doing something. We had 5 very active boys running around as well as 2 babies (Jax and Rilyn-who is the only girl of the bunch). They were constantly getting into something or running out the doors away from us!!
Jess was as usual a kid favorite. She always had fun activities to do with them. One night she made ice cream cake and let all the kids help her. Colt was completely in love with her all weekend!!
Before the flu hit too badly we made a trip to the waterslides (I stayed home with Jax). Apparently Dave started right off on taking Colt down the really big slides (no baby slides for him) but he didn't cry.
So proud of himself after going down a big slide!
Jess would take Colt and Wyatt out every morning to feed the ducks. Actually I think it started by her taking them the first morning and then every morning after that Colt would come downstairs in the morning and say to her "feed ducks??" she never did say no:)
Our house was right on the lake which was perfect for all the kids. They had a little beach spot to play in the sand and shallow water to play in the water.
Dave and I by the fire one night.
We only had a fire one night this year because it was soooo hot. By the end of the week it cooled down one evening enough to have one but most of the time was spent trying to stay cool.
Dave and Dale playing cards.
These two should be married! We always joke that if anything happened to Jess and I, Dave and Dale would move in together and raise the kids:)
The boys at our last night in Chelan.
The day before we left all the boys went golfing. They wanted to do it earlier in the week but someone was always sick, finally on Friday they were all healthy so they got there golf game in!