Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chelan 2009 - Lake Fun

Since our house was practically right on the lake we spent a lot of time there! The boys even did some fishing (but they had there own style for sure!!).
Colt and I walking down the dock to see the fish.
Dave in his scuba gear swimming down to look at the fish. There were thousands of fish swimming out by the dock.
Shane got his fish!!
All the boys had a competition to see who could get the most fish. They were using croquet sticks and tied fishing line to them with a worm attached and then when the fish would go to grab the worm they would catch the fish with there hands. But don't worry no fish were harmed by them doing this!
Dave touching his fish with his tongue.
He tried to get Colt to kiss it but he wanted nothing to do with it!
Dale showing Wyatt how it's done.
Tyler and Jaymin with there "big catch".
Court and Shane brought a boat so we did some fun boat rides and even got to do some tubing. Court and I went out and laughed the entire time on the tube. I wish we could have done more of it!
Our camera takes underwater pictures so Dave had fun taking pictures of them all fishing and looking at the fish.
Check out all those fish!
Fishing underwater! The boys have to make EVERYTHING a competition. They literally keep track of points and announce a loser at the end of every night (though they say there competition kind of got spoiled this year with having to watch the kids at times so us girls could get a break, next year they all want nannies:)).

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