Sunday, April 27, 2008

My twin cousins!!

My cousins came to Walla Walla this weekend for a visit! It was so great to see them though I was not so sure about Grandma Di Di holding them. I prefer it when she gives me all her attention, my mommy thinks I need another brother or sister soon so I do not get too spoiled:)
We played outside a lot on the grass, we all had our sippy cups and....
some apples to eat!
Reese and Perry had never had apples before, they really liked them!
Perry and I had a great time playing at Di Di and Papa's house.
Miss Perry Ann!!
Before they left we had to get a couple wagon rides in...
Di Di pulled us all around the yard and we never cried, in fact we had a lot of fun as long as I did not turn around and try to kiss Perry.
They really wanted us all to smile at the camera. I think Reese was a little camera shy!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Busy boy...

Daddy gave me some ice cream this weekend, I think he was trying to make up for always being so busy. My parents finally decided to be parents and spend an entire weekend with me without shipping me off to the grandparents or babysitters for the day!!
I sure enjoyed it, my mommy says it does not matter what it is I will eat ANYTHING!!
I didn't stay sitting there very long though, it was such a nice day out I thought I would go and see what was going on through the door....
and the window!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

10 months old!

I have a 10 month old today!!! How is it that the 10 months I was pregnant with him were the longest of my life and now the last 10 months have gone faster than ever. Colt is great, we are really seeing more of his personality coming out the older he gets. He has really started to notice a lot more and is unsure when we take him somewhere where he does not know anyone. He is happy most of the time but of course has his moments where he is upset, I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that he can understand what he wants but he can not communicate that to us yet. He has started pointing at things that he wants so that helps a lot! He loves to give kisses, wiggle his tongue, wave "hi" and "bye", pull up on our pant legs, pick his hands up above his head when he wants up, walk all around our tables and furniture, stand on his own for a couple of seconds, open drawers and pull EVERYTHING in his sight out of them and onto the floor (I am still working on getting him to put the stuff back in the drawer), play with trucks, rip apart paper, go up the stairs and of course EAT!! His new favorite food is grapes, I think he could eat them all day and never stop. He is really good at understanding when we tell him not to do something and he will usually stop when we tell him no and if he does do it anyway and gets in trouble he cries! He was playing with one of the cords on our lamps the other day and I told him no and he did not stop so I went over to him, grabbed his hand and kind of just hit it with my one finger and said "NO" and he looks up at me and just starts wailing. He made me feel bad but I think he was just scared of my tone more than anything. I have loved having a little baby because they can really do no wrong, I am getting more nervous as he approaches his first birthday because I know that we are going to have to start disciplining him for some things. I think I might let Dave be the bad guy:)

Track is winding down, this is our last week with all of our kids then next week we will have varsity kids only and then the group gets smaller every week as kids advance or do not advance to regionals and state. State is in 4 weeks and then school gets out in 7 weeks. I can hardly wait for the summer! Dave and I have decided that I am going to work full time again next year, we had toyed with the idea of maybe working part time but we love Colt's babysitter and part time would not have worked there next year. The other thing about part time is that I would still have to teach everyday either in the morning or afternoon so we would still need a babysitter everyday. We just decided it was not worth it, Colt has loved going to Joyce's everyday and has really enjoyed all the other kids there. I honestly feel like it has been good for him to be around all those other kids everyday. We have lots of fun stuff planned for the summer starting with a camping trip right after school gets out. It should be interesting camping wtih an 11 month old! We are meeting a bunch of Dave's cousins and there families and a couple of them have babies under 1 so we will not be the only ones! I will try and be better with my posting but if not I can promise that when summer gets here I will post a lot more!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


We took advantage of the nice weather and went on our first bike ride of the year! It was beautiful today.
Colt was so happy in his bike carrier, he loved to sit up and look around and take everything in. He is noticing so many things these days and it is so fun to watch him grow!
We decided to stop at Starbucks on our way home and get a little coffee and breakfast after a good ride. We sat outside and Colt enjoyed being in the sunshine. I think Dave had to work a lot harder than me though, on the way home from Starbucks we traded bikes and I pulled Colt, it makes a big difference pulling him behind you than riding a bike by yourself. My legs were so much more tired!!
Birthday Girl!!! Then we headed to Tri-Cities for my cousin Camryn's 1st birthday party. My other cousins Reese and Perry's 1st birthday party was also today but it was in Spokane so we missed it. Papa and Di Di went though and said they had a great time!!
Camryn got this great playground set for her birthday, we had fun playing in it together. That is until I fell face first against the door and cut my gums open. I bled and cried a little bit and then wanted to play again!
When Cam opened all her presents I decided to make sure they were fun toys. It was so hot and I get kind of cranky when I am hot so mommy took my shirt off so I could enjoy the party. Memah says daddy always liked his shirt off when he was little too so I am just like him in many ways!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring break over :(

Well my mommy's Spring Break is over and we are headed back to work tomorrow. Mommy is back to teaching and coaching, daddy is back to work (he did not get a spring break) and I am headed back to Joyce's. I sure will miss spending so much time with mommy but I am pretty excited about seeing all my friends at daycare tomorrow. Hope you all enjoyed the posting my mommy has done this past week, you probably will not see another one until next weekend. I am off to bed! Good night!!
P.S. I got another tooth yesterday (daddy's birthday). That makes two teeth for me and mommy can see my top ones trying to break through as well. Lucky for her I have not been too fussy yet!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Daddy's birthday

We had daddy's birthday party today and we all had so much fun! Camryn and I got busy playing right away.
She liked pushing me in my truck and I was happy to just go along for the ride.
We had a yummy dinner of steak and chicken tacos that mommy made and then some delicious apple pie (daddy's favorite....mine too!!) that Di Di made. After all the eating we decided to relax and visit for awhile.
Mommy had to get a quick picture of Camryn, she is toooo cute!!
Then daddy opened up all of his presents. Camryn wanted to play with all the paper and string and I of course just wanted to eat:)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Walking with my truck.

I have started to figure out what this truck is actually help me walk!!! I have just started taking small steps with it, before long I will be cruising everywhere with my truck.

Climbing stairs.

These days my favorite thing to do is to climb on things. I love to climb up the stairs.
Mommy always tries to catch me but I am too quick for her I race up them as fast as I can go.
I could do this all day long if mommy would let me!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


An apple a day...

keeps the doctor away!!
"Byson want a lick??"
Colt loves apples, he has gotten really good at gumming on them and also getting little bits of apple in return. He can sit in his high chair for a long time and just eat on them.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Big Boy Food!

Colt has been throwing fits lately when I try and feed him his baby food, he either wants what we are eating or he wants to feed himself. I told the doctor this and she told me to start letting him eat more table food. The good thing is he will eat anything, the bad thing is that he is usually covered in food by the time he is done with his meal. I have been cutting up grapes, bananas, pasta, english muffins, string cheese, cooked carrots, etc. and just putting it on his tray. He loves it, he thinks its so great to feed himself. I made macaroni and cheese for dinner and I added his baby food squash to it and fed it to him, he ate A LOT and loved every bite. Little did he know about the veggies that I added to make it more nutritious:) He ate so much that he did not even want a bottle before bed that night! He also finds it hilarious to feed Byson part of his food, I think he likes the way that Byson licks his fingers, it must tickle.
The nice thing is that whatever drops on the floor Byson eats up which saves me from having to sweep the floors myself!