Saturday, April 12, 2008


We took advantage of the nice weather and went on our first bike ride of the year! It was beautiful today.
Colt was so happy in his bike carrier, he loved to sit up and look around and take everything in. He is noticing so many things these days and it is so fun to watch him grow!
We decided to stop at Starbucks on our way home and get a little coffee and breakfast after a good ride. We sat outside and Colt enjoyed being in the sunshine. I think Dave had to work a lot harder than me though, on the way home from Starbucks we traded bikes and I pulled Colt, it makes a big difference pulling him behind you than riding a bike by yourself. My legs were so much more tired!!


Rachel & Sean said...

Isn't this weather amazing!!! So fun to go on a bike ride Sean and I took Mae on a long walk today it was awesome. I can't believe the first birthdays are begining. Hey are you going to do Bloomsday?

Amanda said...

Colt has a tooth! Congrats!

All of us said...

You guys all look great. Enjoy the time you get together!!! Miss you guys,

april said...

i can't wait to take jovie on a bike ride---it looks like so much fun!