Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring time, 32 weeks and baby stuff.

Wow! I can't believe that it's almost April. Spring is definitely here, though sometimes it feels more like winter for the most part the weather has been mild besides the constant rain we have been having. The boys and I have been playing outside a lot, we have even gotten lucky and have been able to eat lunch outside on occasion. We FINALLY got patio furniture, I have been waiting since we got married to have outdoor furniture and after looking at many different types in the stores and not wanting to spend $500+ Dave found an awesome one on craigslist for a great deal. I can't wait to have bbq's and birthday parties this summer. It will be nice to have a place for people to sit.
Colt got this little table from my parents for his 2nd birthday but unfortunately it broke so we are on the lookout for a new one. The boys think its such a treat to have a "picnic" outside. I am looking forward to summer and letting them run around outside more.
This past weekend was my first weekend with no track since we started 4 weeks ago and it was nice to have no agenda and just hang out. Dave took Colt to the archery range for a bit on Saturday and Jax and I went out to my parents to pick up all the baby stuff. I had been storing it at my parents in their basement because we have no storage space at our house. I spent the rest of Saturday washing, organizing and cleaning like crazy, basically I spent the entire day nesting. The nursery is ready, the newborn and 0-3 month baby boy clothes are washed, bumper and sheets are washed, carseat is ready, blankets clean, one pack of newborn diapers bought (I only bought one for now because my babies usually don't need them for that long since they are pretty good size and I hate spending money unless I know I will definitely use them), and 4 binkies picked out by Colt in neutral colors.
Colt and Jax playing with the baby's lovies in the crib.
He/She has two, one from my mom and sister and one from my friend Julie. Both my boys are obsessed with their lovies so I am assuming this baby may be too.
I put the newborn clothes in the dresser for now. I did buy 2 newborn girl onesies, a cute pair of pants and a hat so I have something for the baby to wear home from the hospital if we have a girl. I have tons of boy stuff so I need nothing if we have a boy. My sister and sister-in-law have both already said I can borrow all their girl clothes if we do have a girl so I know either way I am going to have plenty of clothes for this babe. 
Here is the baby at 32 weeks.
I am feeling pretty good, having quite a few contractions throughout the day still and the nausea has set in. I will be honestly really surprised if this baby doesn't come a little early. These are all the same symptoms I had a couple weeks before I went into labor with Jax and he was 3 weeks early.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

3rd Trimester

I am now in my final trimester of my third pregnancy. This pregnancy has gone by so fast and now that I have just about 2 months left I am starting to remember why I don't love the third trimester. I have been so positive this pregnancy about my body changing and not stressing over gaining weight but as I am starting to become just a little uncomfortable I find that negativity starting to creep its way back in. I am really starting to get big, the baby is moving alot and I can feel body parts pushing against my stomach at different times. I love that part of the third trimester, its so fun to try and guess whether its the baby's hand, foot, butt, knee, etc. pushing against me. I know I will miss being pregnant when the baby is born so I am trying to keep that attitude about it and enjoy each and every second of what is left of this pregnancy. I am still working out daily either speed walking, light jogging, swimming, spin classes, cross training and lifting weights. I started coaching track this week, it is awesome! I love being out there and coaching something that I used to love doing. I know this will be my last year coaching track, with three little ones I just don't think it will work out next year. I am still having pretty constant braxton hicks, some are a little more intense than others. They are annoying but I can live with them for these last couple months so long as this baby stays put for at least another 7-8 weeks. Our list of names keeps growing longer for both sexes, we are no where near deciding on a name for either a boy or a girl. I thought we had our girl name but now we are both wavering after finding a couple other ones that we both like. It just may be a birth day decision after all.

One last thing, look what this soon to be mom of three got today.....
.....that is my new (to me) Ford Excursion. I am pretty much in love with it!
Dave does all the work when it comes to making big purchases and I think he did a great job picking out this one!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just the Four of Us!

It is very rare that we ever take a trip with just the four of us, in fact I can't honestly remember a time when we have ever done it. For Christmas this year Dave's parents gave us a gift card to Triple Play Waterpark in Hayden, Idaho (right next to Coeur'dlane). Triple Play is an indoor waterpark, complete with bowling, miniture golf, arcade games, rock climbing and a children's play area. We had been trying to schedule a weekend to go since the beginning of January but we always seemed to have something going on. Track started last Monday and this past weekend was one of my only free weekends so I called the week before and booked the last room they had available. The hotel we stayed at was connected to the waterpark so it made it very convenient to go back and forth between our room and the park.  We left around 7 Friday night after I got done with track practice and made it to the hotel around 10. We all fell asleep right away, we had two queen beds so Jax and I slept in one and Colt and Dave in the other, the boys woke us up around 6:30 the next morning. You could see the slides out our bedroom window and Colt and Jax talked all morning long about the slides and constantly asking when they could go. They had a great breakfast at the hotel that was included in the price so we had breakfast and then had to wait around until 10 when the waterpark opened.
Once we got inside the waterpark the excitement wore off and both the boys were a little weary about their surroundings. Colt was happy in the water but he wasn't real interested in going on the big slides. Dave even walked all the way up the stairs with him and then had to turn around and come all the way back because Colt told him he was scared to go down.
He loved swimming around in the water with his life jacket on and by the evening we couldn't even stop him from coming down the big slides. They must have gone down the slides 15 times in a 2 hour span. Colt was loving it by that point and Dave was too!
 Swimming with daddy.
Jax prefferred to sit in the chair with his lovey bear and towel and just people watch. He wanted nothing to do with the water or the slides. They had a really nice children's play area for kids under 2 that was awesome but he just cried and cried so I finally gave up and sat with him.
After he got over the crying he was all smiles as long as he could sit in his chair with his bear.
Dave and Jax got some cuddles in while Colt and I swam. Since I am 7 months pregnant I didn't even attempt to go down any of the big water slides. I let Dave do all the fun stuff and I would usually just stay with Jax while Colt and Dave played.
We took a break from the water around lunch time to go try some bowling. The bowling was really fun, it was not crowded at all and we got the kids their own lane with the bumper guards and then Dave and I got a lane next to them. We all got to bowl for about an hour and Colt was a maniac. He basically bowled all 2 games himself because Jax kept running over the line and falling/crying so we finally got him a basket of fries and sat him at the table so the rest of us could enjoy ourselves. Great parenting I know!
Enjoying some french fries!
Keeping Jax happy so everyone can enjoy themselves!
After bowling we played miniature golf and spent some time in the arcade area playing games.
Colt is at the perfect age for this type of stuff, he was so much fun most the weekend and loved every minute of it. Jax was much harder but he did love the games with balls in the arcade area. We decided after the arcade to get in the car and head to Cabelas in Post Falls. Both the boys fell asleep on our way there so Dave went in and I stayed in the car while the boys slept. They awoke after about an hour and we all went inside, the boys loved all the animals, guns, fish and had a really fun time looking around at everything. Colt kept wanting to try hunting gear on, he had on all sorts of orange hats, vests, camo. He so wants to be just like his daddy. We spent about 2 hours at Cabelas and then went back for a little more swim time, Colt went crazy on the water slide that evening and after that we all went out to Mackenzie River Pizza for dinner. The pizza was amazing and the boys were naughty. Dave and I were eating as fast as we could to get out of their without losing it. It was really our fault, they were both tired and it was already 8:00 and neither of them wanted to listen. We were all asleep in our hotel room by 9 and the boys didn't wake up until 7 the next morning. That was a huge treat!
We went back to the waterpark Sunday morning for a couple hours. This time Jax was so much more comfortable and even had fun playing in the water and going down the little kid slides.

Dave brought him over to the kids play area right away and started getting him comfortable with the water.
Both the boys had fun laughing and splashing around in the water and going down the smaller slides for about a couple hours.
 We had to check-out of our hotel by noon so we headed back to our room to change and pack up and then met up with my sister Ann and family. We headed to a place called Capones in Coeur'dlane that had awesome food! Colt and Perry (I didn't get a picture of Reese) and fun playing with Perry's Leapster during lunch.
It was so fun to see the twins, we had not seen them since summer but Colt and the girls just picked up like they always see each other and were running all over the place laughing and giggling. It was pretty cute to watch.
We headed home after lunch and both the boys were asleep within the first 20 minutes. They slept all the way to Kennewick where we stopped to see Dave's parents and have dinner. It was nice to break the trip up a little bit and get to have a nice dinner with his family. Camryn and Colt had a great time playing together as always and we got home around 8. It was a fun trip but both Dave and I agreed it was a lot of work. We are definitely not taking the kids to Disneyland until our youngest child is at least 5!! It was so fun to get to spend time just the four of us though, we really need to do trips like that more often. So often most of our vacations are planned with my family or Dave's family or even our friends (and they are always a lot of fun too) but this was a good reminder that its important for us to have our private family time too. I am sure as the kids get older we will do this more often.