Monday, February 25, 2013


Well the past couple months have passed and I have barely gotten around to blogging or taking pictures. We have had a busy couple of months, along with me not feeling that great and Dave and I both working on college course work, it has been much crazier than I would have liked. But like everything else in life, I am beginning to realize that life is always going to be busy and we just need to choose to find time doing what is important to us and getting rid of the "stuff" that can clutter our days and nights that do not really matter.  Colt has preschool 2 afternoons a week, Colt and Jax have AWANA wednesday nights, Dave and I have our growth group/bible study Sunday afternoons, then of course there is work, church, school, homework and just the other odds and ends that make up our life and before I know it the last 2 months have passed and I have no clue what we have even done. I am thankful that I get to spend most of my days (with the exception of a couple hours every morning) at home with my boys. Here is a little picture recap of the last month.

 Jax and Case coloring. A righty and a lefty.
 Jax showing off the lululemon gift card that my sissy sent me.
We had a few nice days which meant we got to shoot bows which is always a favorite. Case is quickly learning everything his brothers know how to do.
 Walks and hikes are a family favorite during the day. Lots of sticks and rocks are always collected.
 A walking stick just like Papa always has.

 Happy Valentine's Day!
The boys woke up to decorations and strawberry muffins and pink milk for breakfast. They also each got a small valentine package from us (small because both our parents had already spoiled them with Valentine's packages!). Colt had his Valentine party at school in the afternoon and then I made chicken and dumpling soup for dinner (a family favorite) and we got DQ for dessert (thanks to gift cards from Memah and Poppi).
 We got outside again on another nice day for a scavenger hunt. Jax complained about it being too cold but once he saw all the fun Colt and Case were having he decided to join in as well. We walked 2 miles and Case never got in the stroller.
 I turned 32 on February 23rd. It is becoming tradition that the boys always get me a DQ ice cream cake for my birthday (really loving this tradition). Colt picked out the design and said to me "mommy you are the princess and daddy is the frog." My little sister was supposed to come to Walla Walla for my birthday but the weather was bad and the road ended up getting closed so she could not make it. We had plans to run 13.32  miles together for my 32nd birthday, so I woke up saturday morning on my birthday and hopped on my treadmill at home, ran 8.32 miles then had to drop Dave off for a run with Tim and took the boys to the Y playcare and ran another 5 at the YMCA. For a total of 13.32 miles, probably the last time I will run that distance for quite awhile.
We went out to brunch at the Maple Counter Cafe and then stopped by Brights before heading home. Marni had promised the boys she would take them to Brights while she was here but since she could not make it I made sure to take them. 
 My grandma Milly sent me this beautiful flower arrangement for my birthday but probably the best part of her birthday gift was getting to talk to her on the phone!!
 After brunch we headed home so Case could nap and I worked on homework. It was not too bad with my little side kick next to me playing superheros.
We had a low key but perfect afternoon at home and then went over to my parents house for dinner. My mom made an amazing dinner of hamburger sliders, sweet potato fries, apple-pomegranate salad and a texas sheet cake for dessert. I really missed Marni not being there but as always Dave and the boys did a great job of making my day special and my mom and dad gave me a wonderful dinner with friends.

Saturday, February 23, 2013