Sunday, November 30, 2008

Helping Papa

Colt loves going out to my parents house and playing outside. His favorite thing to do is to go and see Jordan my dad's dog.
The minute I get him out of the car he walks over to the kennel to say hi to the "doggi."
My parents live in an old farm house out in the country and they have HUGE trees that are like 100 years old. They have SOOOO many leaves and my dad always complains that the minute he rakes them all up he turns around and more have fallen on the ground again.
Apparently Colt wanted to help Papa and raked some of his own leaves for him.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving!! I have so much to be thankful for this year. We started off the day right by waking up and running the annual 5k turkey trot here in Kennewick. It was not quite the same without Katie here but we had fun anyway. Dave and I both ran and we ended up leaving Colt with his grandparents since it was sooo cold out! We came back to Dave's parents place and had our traditional bread dough pudding (it is soooo amazing, I had never had anything like it in my life until I started spending holidays with Dave's family) and now we are just lounging around, watching football and waiting for the yummy turkey dinner! Thanksgiving is Dave's favorite holiday, he even likes it better than Christmas!! Hope your all enjoying the holiday with family and friends. Here is what I am thankful for this year!

1. A relationship with Jesus and the peace I feel knowing that he is always in control.

2. Dave: he is a wonderful husband and father and he works so hard to provide for us. He also is one of the best cooks I know and he always knows what to say when I am feeling sad.

3a. Colt: is the best little boy God could have given me. He is so loving and happy most all the time and he has always been the best little sleeper which makes me a much better mommy.

3b. Baby #2: I am so excited to meet this new little one in June.

4. Our families. We are both so blessed to have such loving families whom we get to spend the holidays with. The hardest part is having to split who we spend holidays with every year but we always feel loved no matter who we are with!

5. The joy of getting to see life the past 17 months through the eyes of a child. I told Dave I never want this stage in our life to end. I always want our children to be healthy, happy and toddlers/babies:)

6. A job that still allows me the time to spend weekends, evenings and holidays with my husband and son.

7. A cozy home and a family to come home to every night.

8. My friends close by and far away that I can always count on no matter how long its been since we last talked.

9. My 3 sisters who remind me that even though we may have the same parent it doesn't mean that we are all going to think exactly alike but we learn to accept each others differences and love each other anyway.

10.For all God has blessed me with in my lifetime.....loving family, good education, caring husband, children and a place with Him someday in Heaven.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fun with the Klumph's

My cousin Jerrad, his wife Jen and there three boys Drew, Tanner and Conner stopped by Walla Walla on there way to SunRiver for Thanksgiving. Since Walla Walla is about half way for them they always stay with my parents for a night. I had to work but Dave took Colt over to my parents so he could play with the boys. From what I heard they had a great time doing boy things!
Conner and Colt playing with there popcorn pushers. Good thing my mom has two of them!
Colt got his very own ice cream cone.......
.............and as you can see he loved it!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

17 months

Today Colt is 17 months old, it seems like the days, weeks and months just fly by. I feel like just yesterday I was pregnant with him and now he is no longer a baby (well he will always be my baby). He is growing and changing everyday, it is amazing to see all the milestones that kids encounter through there first couple years of life. Lately, he has really gotten better at repeating what we say, he can repeat most things we say to him. He is really good at saying please, he says it pretty much anytime he asks for something. In the morning when he wakes up I walk in to his room and he says "nana ease" which means "bananna please." He can also say thank you (tank tu) but I have to prompt him to say that. He is really into his shoes and socks lately and can say both those words, he is constantly wanting to take our shoes and socks off and then put them back on. He also likes to try and wear our shoes, which is hilarious because he usually ends up falling on his face when he tries to walk in them. He really seems to like books and loves to run to his bookshelf when we get home, pull a couple books off the shelf and sit down and look through them. He is really good at entertaining and playing by himself, which makes it easy for me to get dinner ready and the house picked up before Dave gets home. He is still fascinated by dogs, he loves to feed the dogs every morning and after the big dogs are fed he grabs a small handful of dog food himself and brings it to Byson. He then squats down next to Byson and waits for him to eat his food. He loves, loves, loves to give kisses. He kisses anyone and everything, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins (though I don't think Camryn is too fond of the attention), friends, dogs, the scar on my leg (I will be standing somewhere with my shorts on and he just will come up and kiss it, he thinks its an owie from when I had stiches), the wall (yes he will kiss the wall, one night he took his bat and hit the wall, after we got mad at him he went over and kissed the wall!). He is such a lover, his newest thing is giving hugs and he gives the best hugs. He lays his head down on your shoulder and just holds on so tight. It is the best feeling in the world. He can be naughty but is a good listener for the most part, when he does get in trouble we make him sit in a time-out area, he will usually cry for a couple minutes and we tell him when he stops crying he can get up. It usually doesn't last long but the minute he is done crying he will come over and give us a hug, it like he is saying "I'm sorry for being naughty." However, it makes me feel awful for punishing him in the first place! He has had a couple times of throwing himself on the floor and just screaming, most of them are at the babysitters house when I am trying to get him to sit down to take off his shoes and socks....lovely..... but at least I know the babysitter. I don't know what I am going to do when he does that in a public place, probably run for the car and drive home!! Overall I would say he is probably a typical 17 month old, I mean no kid is perfect.....right?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Can you Guess??

November 2006

November 2008

**Turn up the volume so you can hear the song. Dave's mom Julie gave me this song when Colt was born and I still can't listen to it without crying but I believe in the message behind it!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nothing like reading a good book....

with daddy!!!
But he told the story all wrong so I took over and told him how the story should go!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Feeding Byson

I had to laugh when I saw the pictures on the camera this evening. One of Colt's FAVORITE things to do is to help Dave feed the dogs. If Dave leaves without him he stands at the window and cries:( Dave must have taken these pictures last weekend after feeding the dogs.
Colt loves Byson and Byson really loves Colt too. These two do everything together around the house.
Colt has the biggest grin on his face in this picture. It is amazing to me how much he loves dogs, when I go and get him in the morning he has 3 requests: Milk, Banana, and Byson (and not always in that order).