Monday, November 24, 2008

**Turn up the volume so you can hear the song. Dave's mom Julie gave me this song when Colt was born and I still can't listen to it without crying but I believe in the message behind it!


The Mac Attack said...

Super cute. Its amazing how much they change but also stay the same.
We have to see each other for sure around Thanksgiving so we need to talk and figure out when . Ill call you next week sometime and we can chat.

McP Family said...

Turns our I can't listen to that song too without crying. What an amazing expereince being a mom. What a humbling and empowering feeling that consumes us. What a true blessing from God. THanks for sharing.

Amanda said...

That is awesome. :) Thank you for sharing it, Carolyn! I'd never heard the song before. Very touching. Allison Krause's "Baby Mine" is the song that makes me cry when I hear it. I listened to it over and over again while I was decorating Johslyn's nursery.

Hope all is well!!! xoxo