Monday, January 26, 2009

Busy Week

Well the last week has been a busy one. We had Katie's wedding last weekend and then Dave left on Tuesday for Lake Tahoe with his cousin and some friends. Colt and I had a usual work week with me teaching and him going to daycare and then we spent the evenings cuddling, reading books, playing hide and seek, coloring and doing some more cuddling ( I am loving all the cuddling he is giving me lately.) After he went to bed every night I would curl up on the couch with a couple pieces of Dove chocolate ( I can't get enough of that stuff right now, I keep it in my freezer so its nice and cold when I eat it....if you haven't tried it you should its amazing!), blog, check out facebook, look for double baby joggers and then fall fast asleep around 9. However, this was the week when Colt decided to wake up every night Dave was gone and cry for his daddy for hours until I finally went in and got him. He slept with me every night Dave was gone so you can imagine how much sleep I did not get (he moves way too much in his sleep and wakes up if he is not touching me!).
Colt finally had his 18 month check-up last Friday even though he is now 19 months old! He weighed 26.5 lbs and was 34.5 inches long. He was 60% in weight and 95% in height. Not much has changed there. He has not gained any weight from his 15 month appointment but he was sick for 2 weeks straight and he is just now starting to catch back up.
My sister Ann and her twin girls Perry and Reese came and stayed the weekend with us. It was fun but kind of rough, Reese was pretty sick and Ann finally took her to the doctor only to find out she had an ear infection and then Perry woke up on Sunday morning and threw up all over the place. We had planned to have my mom watch the kids while we went to a movie but that never happened. We were both so exhausted from the weekend we just decided to watch tv and turn in early.
Dave got back home at 2am Monday morning and we are back to another week of normal around here. I am pretty much feeling exhausted ALL THE TIME!! It is so frustrating to never feel like I have the energy to want to do things. I am still working out, still making it to work everyday, still trying to keep the house clean and play with Colt but I just go to bed every night wishing I could just sleep until this feeling goes away. This baby is kicking my butt, but it will all be worth it in June. I am excited to meet this new little person though I must admit I hate to wish for time to go too fast because that means Colt will be almost 2 and as fun as he is I don't want him to get too big!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Coloring Time

Colt got a coloring book and crayons for Christmas from his Memah and Papa. He loves them. He is always asking to "cowo" but he usually asks for a "pin" instead of the crayons. Its so funny listening to him say words so much. His favorite color must be "yewwo" because everytime I ask him what color something is he says "yewwo" and every once in awhile if it is actually a blue object he will say "bue" but most everything is "yewwo" these days. He usually lays on his tummy to color but I missed the tummy picture when I took this.
Its so hard to get him to smile anymore for the camera, he is usually so distracted by what is going on. He always says "cheese" now though when I do take his picture.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Finally.....we're HEALTHY!!!

Just wanting to cuddle and get over this nasty sickness!!
This picture pretty much sums up what Colt has done for the last 2 weeks. He has been soooo sick. He threw up for 10 days straight, had diarehea, a cold, cough and overall just very quiet and cuddly. I missed 4.5 days of school and my mom missed 3.5 days staying home and taking care of him. It was stressful trying to juggle everything and even harder because I never thought he was going to feel better. The doctor finally decided to do a blood test and x-ray on his tummy last Friday just to rule out anything serious. All the results came back fine and they ended up giving him some medicine to calm his stomach down so he could keep food down. He is finally starting to seem like his normal self again and I am so relieved!! Its nice to have my smiley, happy boy back even though I did love all the cuddling I got while he was sick. He also seems to have a real liking for the word "no" lately. He says "no" to almost anything I ask him to do which is a big change for me as he used to always do what I asked him too. Most the time it seems like he does it just to be silly and once he realizes I am serious he usually listens. Dave is really good about disciplining him and he listens sooo well to him!! Isn't that always the way.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Travis and Katie Park (wedding)

Dave's sister got married today and we were all there to celebrate and take part in the excitement. The wedding was amazing, Katie looked beautiful and everything went perfect. Here are the 3 sisters (Randee, Katie, Kenzie) its amazing how much they look alike!!
Colt was the ring bearer, it was a tough day for him being sick and all but once he got to the aisle he did his job and did a great job at it. He grabbed his pillow and started walking down the aisle and tripped on the carpet that had gotten all bunched up and fell. However, he just got back up and kept walking. Once he saw me at the front he brought me the pillow with the biggest smile on his face and then Dave took him back out. Apparently he cried the rest of the ceremony and my parents eventually just took him back to Kenzie and Andy's place because he was not feeling well and crying so much.
My cute (but sick) little boy.
Camryn and Colt. Flower girl and ring bearer.
I was a bridesmaid in the wedding, Colt was the ring bearer and Dave was just a brother for the night.It worked out well that not all of us were in the wedding though because Dave basically spent the day taking care of Colt so I could do girl stuff.
Daddy and Colt.
Dave has a picture when he was about this age in a cute suit with his hair parted to the side like Colt's. They look almost identical, Dave was a blondy when he was younger.
Checking out Aunt Katie's bouquet.
It was freezing out and we had just gotten done taking pictures outside so Katie had her jacket on. The wedding was so fun, it was at the Red Lion Hotel in Kennewick. We had dinner and dancing until after midnight and a lot of Dave's family was there so it was fun to see all his aunts, uncles and cousins and visit with all of them.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


We have all had a yucky case of the flu around this house. Colt started throwing up Tuesday night while my parents were here taking care of him (Dave and I were at growth group) he continued to throw up about every 15 minutes until somewhere around midnight and then we finally got him to sleep. When I went to get him the next morning he had thrown up in his crib and this continued for 3 days, I kept thinking he would get over it. His dr. finally wanted to see him to check for dehydration which he was borderline on but just encouraged us to have him keep drinking lots of pedialyte and watch for wet diapers. He also started getting diarrhea on Wed. so that was not helping his hydration either. I have never seen Colt that sick, he literally did nothing for 3 days but lay in Dave or I's arms and sleep or lay quietly. It was so sad to see but also so comforting just to hold him and cuddle with him like that with no resistance. He seems to be doing much better this morning, he has started to play again with his toys a little bit and his eyes also look a bit brighter. My mom and I both came down with the flu on Thursday, lucky for us we did not have the throwing up but did have the other end of it and my dad came down with it on Friday. I think it hits little kids harder than adults, my mom and I are both feeling pretty good today and I was finally able to eat some toast yesterday after not eating all day on Thursday. Hopefully we are all on the mend and will be back to normal by Monday. 5 out of the 6 kids at Colt's daycare all came down with it and the dr. told us its been lasting about 4 days. The funny thing is that half those kids had the flu shot and half did not (Colt being one of them) so I am still wondering how exactly that flu shot works:) Let's hope the rest of the school year goes better, I am quickly running out of sick days for this school year!!

17 weeks!

I'm at 17 weeks now and I feel like these pictures don't even begin to show how I really look. I feel so much bigger than this if you can believe it!

I have been feeling this baby flutter since around 13 weeks but within in the last 2 weeks I can really feel the movement and the kicks. With Colt I started feeling it around 19 weeks so either this baby is already really big or my due date is off:). Actually my doctor told me its pretty normal to feel everything earlier the 2nd time around. I have a doctor appointment on Monday and will schedule my ultrasound then, I am excited to see the baby and see how he/she is growing. Colt was measuring 2 weeks big at my 20 week appt. so it will be interesting to see how this baby is measuring. I don't anticipate having a small baby.:) I feel pretty good but I am a lot more tired with this baby than I was with Colt, it must have something to do with running after an 18 month old all day long. I just feel worn out at the end of the day and I still have my days where I feel a bit off ( I guess that is the best way to describe it). I am going to coach track again this spring, Dave and I went back and forth debating about me coaching especially since I am going to be in my last trimester of pregnancy but I did it while pregnant with Colt and my parents are great about taking care of Colt so we decided to go ahead and do it. To be honest I really do enjoy coaching and it seems to make the spring go so much faster, I guess staying busy will do that. Track starts March 2nd and goes until the very end of May and about 2 weeks after that is my due date! It seems so far away but it will be here before I know it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Texas Football

Dave was watching a Texas football game not long after we had found out I was pregnant, at that time Colt McCoy was just a freshman and when Dave heard the name he looked at me and said "What about Colt?" I loved it and we never went back to looking after that. Since then we have followed Texas football and Colt McCoy, he is a great example of an athlete who shows what is means to be a true competitor and a good person at the same time. My parents came over for dinner on Monday night we had fish tacos and of course watched the Texas vs Ohio State game. It was such a great game and we were all happy when Colt came up big in the 4th quarter and led Texas to a win. My parents got Colt a Texas jersey for Christmas so I sent Colt to daycare the next day wearing it.
Its hard to get a good picture these days, this boy is always on the move. That moving slowed down a bit on Tuesday night.....Dave and I had growth group so my parents came over to watch Colt. When we got home my mom said he had been throwing up while we were gone but that he had finally gone to bed. I went up and checked on him and he had thrown up all over his bed and he continued to do so for the rest of the evening. Today he is no longer throwing up but now its coming out the other end. No fun, the poor little guy has wanted to do nothing all day but just snuggle on my lap. Even when he is sleeping he wants me to be holding him. He keeps saying "mommy" "i love you" and giving me kisses. Its really sweet but I feel bad that he feels so crummy, he has not eaten at all today and will not drink much either. Hopefully he starts feeling better tomorrow so I can go back to work.