Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

For my very first Halloween my Aunt Marni gave me this Winnie the Pooh costume.
We met all my friends downtown to go trick or treating in the afternoon. There was a rooster, monkey, me and a bear. It was loads of fun, you will have to excuse my face in this picture I was a bit hungry by this point!
By the time we went home I was exhausted and I did not get even one piece of candy. Mom says maybe next year.
But I soon woke up because Papa and Di Di came over to have dinner with us.
Di Di made us her homeade chili, it was delicious and so much fun!
Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

4 months old!

Colt had his 4 month appointment yesterday. He is a growing growing boy. He now weighs 17lbs (90th percentile) and is 27.5 inches long (100+ percentile meaning he is not even on the charts). The doctor also mentioned that his head is in the 95th%...hahaha we all know Colt has a big head. Its kind of a joke now at the doctors office because of all the trauma his poor head went through when he was born. His shots went well he does not really cry much for them. However last night something was bothering him, he went to bed at 7 and then was up from 11:30-3:30. Needless to say we are all very tired in this house today. Tomorrow is Halloween and Colt and I are going "trick or treating" downtown with some of his baby friends. I will post pics tomorrow. I am loving all your comments and seeing all of your guys blogs. It helps from not missing you as much when I feel like I get to see your kids every week (Julie I miss Crew's face!)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Family pictures

Pics with the Pemberton family

Camryn wanted to wear my hat. Doesn't she look cute!
Miss Camryn
Aunt Kenzie, Uncle Andy and Camryn
Aunt Katie, Uncle Taylor and Aunt Randee
My Memah and Aunt Katie. Doesn't my Memah look sooooo young! She is so good looking for a grandma.

Swinging away

Now that I am getting bigger Daddy let me swing in a big boy swing! We went over to Memah's and Poppy Mike's today to take family photos and Daddy could not resist taking my picture in this swing.
I am really enjoying this, it goes much higher than my swing at home. Do you like my hat? Grandma Di Di gave it to me.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Since I am now 4 months old I get to eat real food, here I am trying some rice cereal. Mommy mixes it with some of her milk and it is yummy yummy yummmy!
I gobble it right up but then a lot of it usually comes back out.
This is what I mean, I can not quite figure out how to completely get it all the way down my throat everytime. I am getting better though.

I'm sitting up.

I almost have this sitting up thing figured out, now if only I could figure out how not to fall over when I want a toy....hmmm.

Look what I can do now mom!

Here I am very happy in the bouncer that I have enjoyed so much for the past 4 months. Check out my new toy, that's Evander the Elephant (my daddy named him). He was a gift from Memah and he is my favorite thing ever right now.
But look what I have learned to do when mommy's not looking.
" Mom help I am stuck!"

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My little boy is sick!

Sorry no pictures today but Colt is getting sick. My mom babysat him last night while Dave and I were at bible study and she noticed that he sounded kind of croupy. Well this morning he sounds even more croupy and his nose is starting to run a little bit. I am hoping its nothing and will just pass by without a trip to the doctor. On the other hand if it does not clear up over the weekend he has his 4 month appointment on Monday so the doctor can check him out then. I hate to see him sick. The good news is that he is not cranky just really wants to be loved. Tonight he wanted me to hold him the entire evening and would cry if I put him down. He was so content just laying with me on the couch. Thanks goodness because I am exhausted right now, working all day and being a mom and wife at night is hard work! It makes me appreciate all the mom's out there in a whole new way. Colt went to bed tonight at 6:45 and I am going to be following about 8:30. I will try to post some pictures this weekend. Good night!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

How time flies!

Colt 2 days old.
Colt (almost) 4 months old.

Colt will be 4 months old on Thursday, time really has flown by! He is growing and changing so much and it is so fun to watch him. He is really starting to smile ALOT now, he has figured out the social smile and will smile at anyone who smiles at him first. Its fun to take him out and about and watch him interact with other people. His grin is so funny, he is starting to do this new thing with his tongue where he sticks it from side to side when he smiles. He has started to really talk and babble and on occasion he will laugh. Dave loves his laugh, he thinks it is the funniest thing! He is reminding me more of myself the older he gets though I am sure his dad would not agree:) He has rolled over but not consistently and he is getting better at sitting up but still needs some support. He has really started to become interested in toys and has started to grab at them, its funny to watch his motor skills develop.

Going back to work last week was so hard, I think I cried most the day on Monday. The week got better as it went along but that guilty feeling in the pit of my stomach never does go away. The good thing is that I do enjoy my job, I have good classes that I am teaching this year and my kids seem really great. The problem is that I don't want to spend the day with 150 kids I want to spend the day with just one kid and that is Colt. I know a lot of women do it so I am sure I will eventually start to adjust but in the mean time its hard.

Colt was crying tonight when he was trying to go to sleep, most the time I just let him cry and he usually falls asleep after a couple minutes.....tonight I went into his room, picked him up and rocked and sang to him as he fell asleep. He loves it when I tickle his face as he falls to sleep and right before he drifted off he opened his eyes and gave me a big smile then snuggled back into my arms and fell asleep. It may sound stupid but I started crying, he is so special to me and I am so grateful and blessed to have him in my life. My life has been changed by this little person who a year ago was just a tiny bean inside my belly and today is a wonderful and happy little boy.

Growing so big!

Daddy loves this picture!
I am changing so much! I have kind of figured out funny things to do with my tongue when I smile.
My legs are getting so strong, I can stand on them while holding on to stuff and I love looking around!
See all my chubbs!

Time with my mommy

My mommy went back to work this week and I had to go to the daycare. It was really really hard for her, she cried alot!!! So once the weekend came we spent lots of time together.
Here we are playing in the yard, she kept lifting me up and making me laugh. I forgot to mention that I can laugh now, my daddy thinks it is the cutest sound.
I love to cuddle with my mommy. Every morning when I get up she comes and get me and brings me back to her bed, I get to eat then we fall back asleep together until she has to get up. Then I snuggle with daddy:) This morning I woke up at 6:30 ate and then we fell back asleep in mommy and daddy's bed until 9:30! I think we were all a bit tired after the weekend activities.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Awake and Sleeping

Colt 2 minutes ago.
Colt right now.

Camryn says "shoes taste yummy"

Camryn and I sat down to play this weekend and she looked at my shoes and
started eating them! She kept saying "mmmm mmmm" everytime she would put them in her mouth. She must have done this for 10 minutes. Mommy said there probably clean since I don't really run around outside too much,

Deer Hunting Season is open!

Papa Mike came to Walla Walla this weekend to go deer hunting with Daddy.
Don't I look studly in his hat?
Mommy made them pose for a picture, so far they have had no luck killing any deer.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

My lovie

I love my lovey, I have two of them and everytime mommy gives them to me I put them to my face and rub my face in them. They feel so good.
I am sooooo excited!!

I see you mommy!

Jump in Go Time!

Look at me go! I am not real sure how to jump around in this thing yet but I like playing with the toy because when I touch it sounds comes out. I also like spinning around so I can see what is going on in each room.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hey Dad!

Check me out I look just like Hank the Tank!
Mommy bought me this hat and mittens today and its a good thing too because it was cold and rainy on our walk today.
These mittens just do not taste as good as my hands!