Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bath Time

Getting ready for his bath. Looks at those cute buns!
He loves to turn the shower on, luckily I had turned the water off just in time.
Quick smile for the camera.
All clean and rocking Hank the Tank in his chair.
Every night before bed we do the same routine. He gets a bath around 6:00 and then around 6:30 I get him a warm cup of milk and we sit in this chair and rock and read a book before bed. He is usually asleep by 7:00. His favorite books are the ones with animals in it. He has gotten very good at saying the animals names and then telling me the sound they make. He can say: dog-woof, kitty (titty)-meow, monkey (can't say it but can make the sound) - ahahah, cow-moo, horse-neigh, and duck. He is also starting to get really good at imitating what we say and he is still using his sign language quite a bit but is getting a lot more verbal. He has started to say Mama a lot lately and I love hearing him say it, he only says it directly to me which makes me so happy!! He loves to give hugs and blow kisses to EVERYONE he sees. He also has started to pucker his mouth when he gives kisses, Dave is glad because he hated all those open mouth kisses with all that slobber:)


Dave taught Colt to wink about 2 months ago and I finally got a picture of it. Don't mind his dirty face he had just had dinner and we were giving him a bath but he was winking so much that I wanted to catch a picture. He winks better than me and he will do it on command. Its pretty cute!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

South Fork bike ride

Colt spent the night with my mom and dad last night, they really missed him since they had not seen him in 2 weeks. Dave and I had the night to ourselves, which was so relaxing for both of us. We watched the Olympics, went to DQ for freezes and went to bed late knowing we would not have to wake up early. This morning we decided to go mountain biking on the South Fork of the Walla Walla. We have been hiking there many times and Dave has rode his bike on the trail but I never had. It was fun but it was also some serious mountain biking. Lots of rocks, very narrow trails and lots of hills. Here's the order of the events: 1. Bike riding up hill we see a rattle snake and sneak past quickly 2. Continue riding and slam on breaks as a HUGE rattlesnake was laying across the path (at this point I was thinking we should just turn around) it slithered away so we continue on. 3.Dave is going down a VERY steep hill with nothing but a cliff next to him, his bike gets caught on a rock and goes over the edge along with Dave. Lucky for Dave there was a big tree in his way so he grabbed onto that and was able to pull himself back up to the trail. The bike was fine and so was Dave (he does have quite a few scrapes and bruises ALL OVER his body though). 4. Now its my turn to fall, I am going up and down these hills with all these rocks and my pedal catches on one and down I go. I fell right on top of my right shin and my entire shin is scraped up and has a huge bruise on it that is pretty swollen. 5. We continue on and then right in front of me is a freshly dead rabbit. I scream and Dave mentions something about maybe a cougar killed it. 6. We turn around and head back to the car.
We made it back in one piece and it really was a fun way to get out of the house and exercise. Next time I think I just want to stick to the roadways though!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Please Pray

Growing up I was very close with many of my cousins from my mom's side of the family. My closest cousin age wise was Brent and we spent many holidays sneaking into my grandma's closet and eating christmas cookies hoping no one was watching! As we grew older we spent less time together as our families expanded, we got married, had kids and life grew busy. However, all of my cousins are still close to my heart. Tonight I ask you all to pray for Brent's wife Melissa(Mo). Mo was diagnosed with breast cancer this past June and today she underwent surgery for a double masectomy. Please pray for her and her family as they go through this together. Brent and Mo have two young boys, Max is 2 and Cannon was just born this past January. Keep them all in your thoughts and prayers! You can follow there story here.

McCall Idaho - Long Road Trip

We left Thursday August 7 for McCall Idaho. Dave's parents have a timeshare so they got two condos for all of the family to stay in. There were 12 people total now with the two kids and Katie's FIANCEE (more to come later). We left Walla Walla about noon on Thursday and met up with everyone else in Dayton for lunch. The trip is supposed to take about 4.5 hours but it took us over 9!! We stopped so many times, with so many people needing to use the bathroom, eat, etc. It was still really fun though and the drive was beautiful. Colt was awesome in the car, it did not bother him at all that he was in the car for that long. He was happy the entire way there!
We stopped about an hour from McCall at a rest stop and below the rest stop was the Salmon River. We took a break from driving and went and played in the river.
Colt loved putting his feet in the water, the coldness did not even faze him.
Colt and Camryn both loved to grab the rocks and throw them back in the river.

Colt's clothes were getting all wet so we went ahead and stripped him down and let him run through the water naked (with Memah's help). Afterwards Dave carried him back up to the car and I went to grab him some clothes and he peed all over Dave. Colt thought it was so funny, he had the biggest smile on his face. So in the end both Dave and Colt had to change clothes.

Katie's ENGAGED!!

Dave's little sister Katie is getting married. Travis proposed to her on August 6th. They will be married January 17th in Kennewick. We are all excited for the wedding and Travis is a great guy. It was fun to hang out with him for a week and really get to know him better, he is very easy going and fun to be around. I should have taken a picture of her ring, its gorgeous (and HUGE)!!!!

Girls Day Out

The boys all went golfing one afternoon so all of the girls walked into town and looked around at the shops, got some coffee and tooks the kids to play down by the beach.
Colt loved the sand on his feet (not really, he hated it but he was smiling for the picture).
Camryn really did like the sand and loved to play in the water.
Kenzie had put snacks in Camryn's tray and Colt kept wanting to steal them from her.
He succeeded and I think she was a little mad.
Colt...... they even look related???

Swim Time

The condos that we stayed at had an indoor and outdoor pool. We would go swimming almost everyday. Colt had so much fun in the water, especially at the outdoor pool. He loved to play on the steps and kept wanting me to let go of him so he could walk in himself. I finally let him do it and he went under, I picked him up and he sputtered for a minute and then wanted to do it again. That is something that his dad would do!!
Floating with Papa Mike.
Family fun in the water.

Fun at the Lake

We went out to the lake a couple different times while we were there. The water was too cold for the kids to swim in but we found a nice park on the lake for them to play at.
Colt and Papa Mike hanging out at the park.
Colt loved to play in the dirt and rocks and even tried eating some of it.
I am guessing that he did not like it!
But I am sure he will try it again someday soon.
I love this picture, he looks so much like a little boy and no longer a baby.
We also went out on the boat for a little bit. Colt loved to pretend to drive.
Dave and Camryn.
Dave was our boat driver for the week. Mike and Julie had bought a wakeboard so Travis, Katie and I did that. I had never wakeboarded before and had no idea what I was doing. Dave gave me pretty good instructions because I got up right away. I was so sore the next day though, I felt like I had gotten in a car accident. I had some pretty hard wipeouts while I was wakeboarding but it was a lot of fun!

Last Day

Mike and Julie had gotten these blocks for the kids to play with. I think everyone else enjoyed them more than the kids. Colt loved it when someone was building something because he wanted to knock it right down!
Pemberton Family pic on the deck of our condo.
Pemberton Family Pic on the rocks.
Dave, Colt and Me.

Home we go!

We headed home on August 14th, it took us just under 5 hours to get back. We had such a great time and it was so much fun to get to spend an entire week with Dave's parents and siblings. Dave and I both have fallen in love with McCall, we want to have our own cabin there or at least return very soon. There is so much to do and see. We also brought our bikes and went on some long bike rides with Colt in his bike trailer. Colt loves to go with us anywhere and does not mind sitting as long we are going. Dave and I also took a day to ourselves and went on a kayaking trip on the Payette River, it was gorgeous (however I was too scared to bring my camera for fear that we would flip the kayak, but we didn't) and then went out for a really fun lunch after that at Bistro 45. They had this thing called beer in a bucket and for 10 bucks they would put 6 of these mini coronas with limes into a bucket on ice. I am sad that the trip is already over and can't wait to return!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

5 years!

Dave and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary August 2nd. 5 years has gone by soooo fast!!!! I pulled out all the photos of our engagement, wedding and honeymoon as it seemed like it was just yesterday. It is amazing how young we look and yet it does not seem like hardly any time has passed at all. We have done a lot in our 5 years of marriage. Here's a recap.................
Aug 2, 2003-04: Got married, went on two honeymoons (though the second one was partly work related for Dave), moved into a brand new "starter" home ( I say starter in quotations because we moved into a brand new 3600 square foot house that had never been lived in, Dave tells me it was my wedding present. My thought at the time was "how are we ever going to afford this" but Dave being the business man he was got it at a really good price and the plan was to sell it within 5 years and make some money on it....he was RIGHT!!), and I started my first teaching job at Southridge High School (where Dave graduated from in 1999). We were so happy and in love having so much fun finally getting to live together and be a family. Our house may have been big but we had no furniture, for the first 6 months all we had was a card table and a bed. We spent a lot of our time on the bed:)
Aug 2, 2004-05: Dave's 1st anniversary gift to me was a brand new Subaru Impreza, I was shocked when he pulled into the driveway with my new wheels. We both still had the same job and we were enjoying decorating our house (finally filled with some furniture) and hanging out with friends and each other. We also expanded our family with the addition of two dogs Sam and Lakota.
Aug 2 2005-06: Dave and I decided to start his own business in Walla Walla, I found a teaching job at the high school (where I graduated from in 1999), we sold our house, bought a house in Walla Walla, and then used the money we made from the house to buy some land and build Dave's new business. We also expanded our family once more by adding one more small dog to the mix (Byson was my 25th birthday present). This was a tough year for us, we went through so many changes and there was a lot of stress involved in all of it.
Aug 2 2006-07: Dave opened his business on October 1st and we found out we were expecting on October 27! Colt was born on June 25, 2007. This was probably one of our best years of marriage yet, though it was very stressful with Dave's new business we were both so excited about having a child. I can not think of one time we argued the entire time I was pregnant with Colt:)
Aug 2, 2007-08: I took some time off and did not go back to work until October so I could stay home a little longer with Colt, we had so much fun with him and it was fun to watch Dave interact with his son.
Aug 2, 2008: Today we have been married 5 years. My parents came over to watch Colt and Dave and I had a date night. This is something we have only done probably twice since Colt was born, we really should do it more! We went to dinner and then to the movie the Dark Knight. I look forward to every year that Dave and I spend together. Being married is so wonderful and so much better than dating (for various reasons:))!!
Here are some pics of our early years........
December 26, 2002- Dave asks me to be his wife while we vacationed with my family in Hawaii!!
Enjoying the sun and planning our wedding in Hawaii.
Our honeymoon in Sun Valley, Idaho.
Our "2nd" honeymoon at the Cardinals game in St. Louis Missouri.
1st official Christmas picture.