Friday, August 15, 2008

McCall Idaho - Long Road Trip

We left Thursday August 7 for McCall Idaho. Dave's parents have a timeshare so they got two condos for all of the family to stay in. There were 12 people total now with the two kids and Katie's FIANCEE (more to come later). We left Walla Walla about noon on Thursday and met up with everyone else in Dayton for lunch. The trip is supposed to take about 4.5 hours but it took us over 9!! We stopped so many times, with so many people needing to use the bathroom, eat, etc. It was still really fun though and the drive was beautiful. Colt was awesome in the car, it did not bother him at all that he was in the car for that long. He was happy the entire way there!
We stopped about an hour from McCall at a rest stop and below the rest stop was the Salmon River. We took a break from driving and went and played in the river.
Colt loved putting his feet in the water, the coldness did not even faze him.
Colt and Camryn both loved to grab the rocks and throw them back in the river.

Colt's clothes were getting all wet so we went ahead and stripped him down and let him run through the water naked (with Memah's help). Afterwards Dave carried him back up to the car and I went to grab him some clothes and he peed all over Dave. Colt thought it was so funny, he had the biggest smile on his face. So in the end both Dave and Colt had to change clothes.

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