Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fun times!

Mommy had to go back to work for the entire week. This is her on the first day of school. Doesn't she look pretty!
Memah came to Walla Walla to babysit me and Aunt Kenzie and Camryn came too!!
I don't care what you say Memah and Aunt Kenzie she is not as cute as me! She's not, she's not, she's not!!!!!!!!!
I am going to be Camryn's big protective cousin even though she is 10 weeks older than me. I am already bigger than her right now. Mommy took me to the doctor for my 2 month check up and I weigh 13.5lbs and am 26 inches long!! Camryn is 14lbs and 23 inches long. I will watch over her like a big brother and beat up anyone who hurts her just like my daddy used to do for Aunt Kenzie.
I love her. I guess she is pretty cute after all:)

Aunt Marni came to see me!

Well my Aunt Marni came to see me this past weekend, it was great fun! She is wild and loud but so much fun. She could not believe how big I had gotten since the last time she saw me I was 4 days old.
This is Aunt Marni's new dog Hercules. He is a cutie, not as cute as Byson though!
Most the time when Papa holds me I try not to cry, however if I want my Di-Di or Mommy I just let out a little squeek and he is very quick to pass me along.
Did I mention Aunt Marni is wild and loud, she is also quite funny as you can see from this picture. I have to thank her for the clothes she bought me too, she took me on a shopping spree and went a little crazy but that's my Auntie for you. I miss you Aunt Marn come back soon!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

2 months

I am 2 months old today and I am kind of starting to try and talk back.
Working on my tummy time. Byson doesn't mind sitting by me and keeping me company while I do this. It is quite a tough workout and most the time I do not enjoy it!
Oh No!!!
Mommy just loves my cute little grin.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Memah making Colt laugh.
We took a mini-vacation to Kennewick and stayed with Papa Mike and Memah for a couple days. Colt did well and even continued sleeping through the night. The last 4 nights he has consistently slept from 8-5:30 or 6. Lets hope he keeps it up! Memah bought this bouncer for the kids, Colt is still too little for it strength wise but its perfect for his size. He liked it though but I did not keep him in it for very long as his neck is still a bit wobbly.
Auntie Dee and Colt just relaxing outside after dinner.
Cousin Camryn checking out Colt.
Look at that face!

Mommy's Love.....

and Daddy too!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Loving Life

Mommy was trying so hard to make me smile but I was just a little confused about what I was supposed to do.
However, Daddy sure makes me smile! He is a funny guy.
I am so happy happy happy!!

Garage Sale Day!

So Mommy and Daddy decided it was time to finally clean there garage. Here is what is looked like after 2 years of stuff had just kept piling up. Between moving into the house, building the office and then doing the buildouts on both sides of the building they had no time to ever unpack and they have lived here for 2 years now! So last Saturday we cleaned the garage ( well I watched most of it and when I was not watching I was sleeping) and got ready for the garage sale that we had yesterday.
I just hung out with my parents at the garage sale sitting on the couch that was for sale outside. Daddy put this sticker on me to see if anyone wanted to buy me. Of course he was kidding, Daddy would not sell me for any amount of money, but I thought it was pretty funny!
Then Daddy decided he would put both of us up for sale. I must be pretty special though because he put a $15.00 sticker on me and only a 25 cents sticker on him! Well the garage sale was a success and luckily they did not have to sell me to make any money. Then we went to my mommy's friend Jeni's house for a Salsa party. It was fun, Jeni and her boyfriend had made all types of homeade salsa from the veggies in her garden of course I stuck with milk. There were three other babies there but they were all girls. This is my mommy's friend Jill holding me and my mommy is holding Jill's little girl Emily. Emily is only 13 days younger than me, right now she weighs as much as I did when I was born! Mommy and Jill always laugh that I am going to have my pick of a girlfriend because all of my friends right now in Walla Walla are girls!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Growing and changing

Colt is just getting so big and its all happening much too fast. I love all the smiles we are getting from him but at times it makes me sad to think how fast he is growing. I am going back to work for the first week of teaching and then will be off until October, we go back August 27 and I am not looking forward to it at all. Someone asked me the other day what the hardest part of having Colt has been and since I have loved every minute of it I could not really say what it was until it hit me that I do have to go back to work. I know I am going to be one of those moms that drops her kid off at the babysitter and then gets teary all day thinking about him. Colt is the best little baby, he loves to cuddle and have people read to him and he is such a great sleeper. He is getting more of a personality every day and is smiling back at us more and more.

He really does sleep like this:)
My sweet baby boy.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Growing so big!

Tonight Mommy put these pajamas on me that Grandma Di Di had bought for me. If you can't tell they say "I love Mom"on them. The crazy thing is that as she was putting my pajamas on she noticed my usual 0-3 months pj's were not buttoning at the bottom very well because I have gotten so tall, she decided to give the 3-6 months pajamas a try and they fit perfectly! I think she just liked what they said but they were cozy and I slept all night in them! Mommy and I have been taking care of Papa and Di Di's yard while they are in Grants Pass. Today she put me in this old wood chair outside while she watered all the flowers and then Byson decided it looked like a good place to lay down. I was so happy while she was watering I did not make a sound and just looked around and smiled the entire time. Of course I stopped smiling the minute she put a camera in my face.

Bumbo seat

Mommy has been working with me on sitting up. I really like this little seat, Mommy said she borrowed it from my friend Crew who is too big for it now. When I get a little older if I still fit in it she will feed me real food, for now I just get to sit here and look cute.
This is the way I spend every evening, relaxing on the couch with Daddy and Byson right before bed. When Daddy puts me to bed I don't even cry, I just lay there and look at him and entertain myself in the crib before dozing off to bed.

Brunch with the Pemberton's

Memah, Camryn, Aunt Katie and Colt
Dave's cousin Tammy and her husband Will came and stayed with us for a couple days. Dave and Tammy grew up together and always had so much fun together. We went over to Kennewick for brunch at Mike and Julie's house while they were here. We sat out on the deck and Colt's cousin Camryn was there. Colt has surpassed his cousin in height and weight even though she is 10 weeks older than him!
Camryn posing for the camera. She is 17 weeks old now and smiling all the time!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Remember when.....

Colt was 6 days old when this picture was taken. He looks so little!
Same outfit and hat at 6 weeks old and he's smiling!! What a big boy!
I had to put this one on here, I sat him in his boppy for a minute to get myself ready and when I went to pick him back up his hat had moved to the side of his head.

Busy Busy Busy!!

Sleeping on daddy.
Smiling at Daddy.
I have not been very good about posting lately, things have been very busy around here. We finally rented out the other suite at our office building to a Denture Clinic and they are planning on moving in next week. We have been frantically working on the buildout. Dave's parents spent the weekend here in Walla Walla helping us out, we have done all the framing, painting, tiling, baseboard, windows and doors. Its been a lot of work and that means that Colt has to be with a babysitter while we are working. It makes me so sad when I do not get to see him for more than a couple hours a day. My mom watched him on Saturday, then Dave's sister Randee watched him Sunday and my mom watched him again on Monday. I will be glad when this office building is done and I am sure Dave's family will be too!! They have been such a huge help to us with all these projects and we could not have got it done without them. I keep asking Dave how it is possible to ever repay them and I don't think we will ever be able to. Katie and Randee have been coming over and helping too. We really appreciate all the great help!

Playing Around

I have been trying to understand how this remote thing works. All I can figure out is that Daddy is the only one who ever gets to use it and he always turns the channel to sports or fishing. Today Daddy let me hold the remote. I am such a lucky boy!
Aunt Katie is trying to teach me to stand all ready. Its a pretty exhausting workout for me. I don't know how I am ever going to manage to do it on my own.
Do you like my new pajamas? My mommy's cousin Shannon sent them to me. Thank you Shannon they keep me nice and warm in my crib at night. That's right I have now moved from my parents room to my own room and a big boy crib! I am sleeping pretty well in there too, last night I slept from 9-6. Mommy is hoping this pattern continues.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

He's smiling!

Such a happy happy boy. He is getting so fun, his smile is so cute and he is doing it more and more.
Smiling at Memah.

A little bit of a smile and a giggle.