Thursday, August 30, 2007

Aunt Marni came to see me!

Well my Aunt Marni came to see me this past weekend, it was great fun! She is wild and loud but so much fun. She could not believe how big I had gotten since the last time she saw me I was 4 days old.
This is Aunt Marni's new dog Hercules. He is a cutie, not as cute as Byson though!
Most the time when Papa holds me I try not to cry, however if I want my Di-Di or Mommy I just let out a little squeek and he is very quick to pass me along.
Did I mention Aunt Marni is wild and loud, she is also quite funny as you can see from this picture. I have to thank her for the clothes she bought me too, she took me on a shopping spree and went a little crazy but that's my Auntie for you. I miss you Aunt Marn come back soon!

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rach said...

Marni looks so awesome! Tell her I said hi and I will agree she is loud and crazy!! But fun!