Sunday, September 23, 2007

Memah's birthday work day

We spent the day saturday helping Memah clean out her garage and staining the playyard. As you can see I was a BIG help! Camryn and I got a free ride all day long!
After a hard days work Memah stripped me down and tickled me silly.
Then she played with us, as you can see Camryn and I are really interested in this toy.
She even let me help her blow our her birthday candles. It was such a fun day. I hope you appreciated all my hard work Memah. I love you!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Toy time!

Grandma Di Di bought me this new exersaucer and I am really enjoying playing in it. Yesterday we went over to her house and mommy baked and I hung out in it, I am staring really hard at a picture of a cat right now.
Papa just got back from fishing and he got some HUGE steelhead!!! Look at this fish its bigger than me, I think it could eat me! So why Di Di buys me toys and books, Papa brings me fish and chukars. I am a lucky boy!

Bath Time

Look at my arm muscles, they are starting to look like my dad's do!
Relaxin on mommy's shoulder after my bath.
Daddy is so silly.
Whenever mommy is changing or dressing me he always comes in and talks to me and makes me smile and laugh. However, when it comes to changing my diaper he says he will only do it on Thursdays. What's the big deal dad?
I love chewing on my hand, it tastes sooooo good!

Sweet Pictures

I am getting so strong! Look at me hold my head up.
Sitting up on my parents bed. Of course the pillows were helping me sit up:)
I love this little dog, I am actually becoming more aware of him now and he makes me smile!
Mommy thinks I look so cute when I sleep in my bouncer.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Memah look at me.....

I am getting stronger and can stand up on my chubby legs now! Will you please tell Daddy to stop saying my legs look like mommy's...its just not nice!
I love playing with this toy, you put it in my diaper bag when you baby sat me last Tuesday and I am sure enjoying it. I will bring it back though don't worry.
Happy Birthday. Can't wait to see you this weekend! Love you.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Daddy went fishing!

Look at that fish, its bigger than me!!
Daddy and Papa went fishing this weekend and they each brought back 4 fish. Mommy is excited because she loves eating fish for dinner. She wants daddy to make it every night this week, hopefully it will agree with my tummy too! Daddy can't wait until I am old enough to go with him and Papa, he really missed me this weekend. I missed you too daddy!

Check out those eyes!

Could they be any bigger!! Whos eyes do you think Colt has....Mom's or Dad's?

Friday, September 14, 2007

What daddy does when I will not stop crying.....

he puts me in my bumbo and ......
makes me watch football. Go Eli!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Look what Papa got me.....

Idaho, Idaho, Go Go Go!
Papa went to his alma mater the University of Idaho for a football game this weekend and brought me back this sweatshirt. Don't I look cool? I really like it, Papa played quarterback at the U of I many many years ago. Maybe I will play football someday, for now I am just trying to learn to pick my head up and keep it there:)

Aunt Ann and the Twins

Cousins: Reese, Colt and Perry
Colt and I traveled to Spokane this weekend to see my sister Ann and her twin girls. It was so much fun but three babies is a lot for only two people. I don't know how Ann does it with twins. The girls are so happy, they rarely cry and are just a kick to be around. Perry is always smiling or laughing and Reese is just this little tiny thing but so cute!
Ann with the kids.
Ann took one look at Colt and said "you are such a mini Dave Pemberton" so she called him mini-Dave all weekend.
Perry wanting Colt to play with her.
Me, Reese and Perry.
Reese and Perry
Reese is such a snuggler, anytime I would put Colt next to her she would just snuggle up right next to him and try and hold his arm. She is so sweet! She looks so much like my little sister Marni did when she was little but Ann says she looks a lot like her and Amy did growing up too. Either way she is definitely a Mires and Colt is definitely a Pemberton!
Reese, Perry and Colt watching a Baby Einstein dvd.
Notice how long Colt is compared to them and they are 11 weeks older than him. Its a good thing he is a boy, because he is going to be BIG!
Perry and Colt.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Spending time with Dad and Mom

Playing under the Einstein gym with Daddy.
Back from our morning jog with mommy. Don't I look warm and happy!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Labor Day

Camryn and Colt working on tummy time.
You have no idea how hard it is to get two babies to smile at the same time and get the picture!
We spent Labor Day hanging out with the Pemberton's in Kennewick. It was fun and very relaxing. Here we are looking at pictures of Dave's grandma and grandpa Keith and Della Jane when they were younger.
Colt sleeping away in Memah's arms.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Daddy loves taking my picture.....


I walk into the living room this past Sunday after church and this is what I see, Dave and Colt watching Rambo. Of course Dave had to put Colt in the "Rambo mood."
It was a pretty cute costume though:)

What do you think?

Grandpa Mike or Hugh Hefner?
I will let you be the judge:)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My new friend

This is my new friend Madilyn. I met her for the first time this weekend, she was born on July 4th. She is my mommy's friend Mari's little girl. We had a fun playdate, we sat on our mom's laps in a swing most of the afternoon and I was really good and did not cry at all. See you soon Madi!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Just Pictures!

Smiling for Grandma Di Di
I am starting to learn what this rattle thing is all about!
Me and Byson getting ready for bed.