Sunday, July 22, 2012

Visiting Marni : Boise, Idaho

We drove to Boise on Friday to spend a longer weekend with my little sister Marni. My mom came with me and was such a huge help with the kids on the drive there, while we were there and the drive home. We had the BEST time, I only wish we could have stayed longer!
Friday night we went swimming in the pool at Marni's place for a couple hours and then had Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner. We sat around and talked and finally went to bed around 11. The next morning Marni and I worked out in her basement "gym" together and then all of us walked downtown for breakfast at the cutest little coffeehouse called "Java". I love breakfast places in Boise but this one is my all time favorite!
After breakfast it was more swimming! Colt is pretty much done swimming with his water wings, he wants to swim by himself and for the most part is pretty good. His favorite thing to do is jump into the deep end then swim to the side. If he had his way we would have never gotten out of the pool all weekend. Jax is getting much more independent and comfortable in the pool, especially after being in swim lessons the last 2 weeks and then getting to swim so much this weekend. Marni lives in a 700 square foot apartment and my mom, me, Marni and all 3 boys stayed there all weekend. It was nice to have the pool to escape too especially because it was 100 degrees outside.
Case loves the pool but as usual wants to be independent and do everything himself. He obviously can not swim but that does not stop him from trying to walk into the pool every chance he got.

My mom was right in the pool with all of us playing around and...... Colt rides on her shoulders.
We swam for 2.5 hours that morning then came back inside for lunch and a nap for Case. My mom stayed with Case while he napped and Marni, the boys and I went to Lululemon and got a few fun things then the grocery store for food. Funny story : Colt had opened up the refrigerator at Marni's place soon after we got there and yells at me "Mom...., Mom......., MOM!!" I finally looked over at him and he points to the fridge with a look of amazement and says "she has NOTHING in her fridge". He was right besides a stick of butter and some homemade jam there was nothing in her fridge. So we loaded up on lots of fruit, milk for the boys, string cheese, bread, eggs and coffee creamer. It was nice to be able to not have to go out for every meal and just be able to relax and talk in her apartment (and we talked & laughed ALOT!)
After Case woke up we headed to the park for some play time before dinner.

Then to Costa Vida in downtown Boise for dinner and after that fro-yo! We walked to Aspen Leaf after dinner and it was so yummy.
Walking back to the car the boys saw the fountains and wanted to play so we took off their shirts and shoes and let them run.
Case was having the best time, as soon as we let him go he was running through the fountains and sticking his head in them. He had no fear, the older two were not too sure at first and just kind of watched Case be a crazy man. I finally grabbed him because he was being so crazy and I was worried he was really going to hurt himself.
After Case went wild the older two decided it was pretty fun after all and did not want to leave.
Case wanting in on more water action with the boys. My mom was so great this trip always staying back or sitting out to help with Case so Marni and I could have fun with the older boys. After the fountains we went back to Marni's and went swimming one more time before bed.
Sunday morning Marni and I woke up early and went on an awesome long run in the foothills in Boise. I seriously love Boise, there is so much to do but still has that small town feel to it as well. There are so many trails in the foothills to run, bike or hike. I look forward to running there every time we go. We got home and the boys woke up shortly after. They had their chocolate milk and banana out on Marni's patio overlooking the pool. We all sat out on the patio enjoying the morning and drinking coffee. Marni made us egg sandwiches for breakfast and we had a perfect, lazy morning. We spent the rest of the day Sunday swimming and then spent a little time at the mall.
For dinner we went to Red Robin and met up with Marni's boyfriend Chris. The boys had fun playing with the games and loved their dinners.
Checking out a video that Chris was showing them on his phone.
Crazy Case!
After dinner my mom took Case back to Marni's so he could go to bed and Marni and I took the boys to Ice Age 4 in 3D. It was so fun, the boys loved every minute of it and laughed through a lot of the movie.
Getting ready to watch the movie.
They were very excited with their popcorn, rootbeer and licorice thanks to Aunt Marni.
After the movie in front of the fountain.
My beautiful little sister.
We stayed one more night and then went home on Monday after Marni left for work. Marni and I got up at 5 to get one last run in the foothills together before I had to leave. It was a perfect end to a perfect weekend. We had such a GREAT weekend, lots of fun times and fun memories were made. I wish we could do this more often and really wish we could see Marni more. Thanks so much Marni for a fantastic weekend. We all love you!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More Brownlee Pictures

 Mads and Papa
 Lucy and Papa
 Lu and Case
 Me and my gorgeous (inside and out) nieces

 My beautiful mama
 Colt and Elena tubing
 Colt and Perry ready to tube.
 After many wipeouts I finally made it up on one ski.

 The Rebholtz girls ready to tube.
 Fishing with help from Mads.
Going on a boat ride.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Brownlee Reservoir

We spent the weekend at my older sister Amy's cabin in Huntington on Brownlee Reservoir. We got there just as it was getting dark on Friday and the boys wanted to fish so bad but had to wait until the next morning. The entire weekend was so much fun, probably one of our best weekends yet this summer. All 5 of the boys cousins were there; Madelyn (15), Elena (13), Lucy (10) and the twins Reese and Perry (5). I felt like I had 3 amazing nanny's all weekend. The older girls were so willing to help out with the boys anyway they could, they played with them, helped them fish, swam in the water, put together Scavenger hunts (Elena), painted rocks and let the boys jump all over them.The best part is that all three of them are so responsible and careful with watching them and making sure all the little kids had life jackets and were safe at all times. It made the trip so much more relaxing and fun. They also all took turns entertaining Case, feeding him and even playing with him in the water.
Morning at the view.
 I have been coming to this cabin since I was 6 months old but haven't been back since before Colt was born. I did not realize just how much I missed it. It is such a great place, very laid back and relaxing. It is about an hour to the nearest town and their is no television so there is really no distractions and you can just enjoy being together swimming, water skiing, tubing, fishing, eating, running and of course lots of talking.
The cabin is only 2 rooms and since there were 16 of us we had a camp out on the deck. Dave and I stayed in one of the bedrooms with Jax and Case (since he was in a crib still) but the rest of the cousins and my mom and dad slept on the deck. Next year I am planning on camping right out there with them!
Perry and Colt stayed up till past midnight but were still up with the sun rising. This is not a place where you sleep in, I think everyone was up by 6:30.
DiDi and Reese.
The boys waste no time to get their fishing stuff ready and hit the water.
Papa and Andy helping Colt fish.
The 5 year olds : Reese, Colt and Perry.
Di Di and Case on the dock.
Some early morning rock painting.

Amy, Me, Mads and Elena.
If you know my family then you know a lot of activity always takes place when we are together. We got up both mornings and went running. It is such a great place to run, we had so many dogs at the cabin between the three families and we always had 2-3 dogs running with us. We ran 8 miles on Saturday and 6 on Sunday. Elena is training for a half marathon at the end of August so she had to get some miles in and Amy & I were glad to help her out. I can't believe how great both Mads and Elena did on the run, I know there was no way I could have run that far at their ages.
Colt finally got to fish, he does a pretty good job and can do most of it himself.
Jax still needs a little more help (but loves it just as much or more than Colt) so Mads of course was right there helping him.

We took lots of boat rides, the kids loved this!
The tube was a favorite to play on. Amy even got Colt and Perry to go tubing on Sunday and they loved it! Colt didn't want to get off. Leave it to Amy to get the kids to do it.
Fun in the water. It helps that the reservoir is so warm, the temps were in the 90's and it was perfect swimming weather.
Lucy taking care of Case feeding him lunch.
Di Di and Mads.
Elena had a blast playing with Case.

Oldest and youngest. Mads and Case.

Lucy put Case in this little tube and spun him around and around for probably 30 minutes, he just laid there very relaxed and a couple of times I thought he was going to fall asleep.

On Sunday the water was perfect for skiing so Amy put the boat in the water and we all went out and water skiied. I have not been up on one ski since before Colt was born so it was a learning curve for me but once I got up it was awesome. Amy and Andy were so patient and understanding helping me figure it out again. All of Amy's girls are incredible skiiers and Perry said she wanted to try so Amy got her skis all set up and then Mads and Elena stayed with her in the water and Amy drove the boat and got her up. It was so cute to see her on those little skis.
Reese pulled Colt around on the board.

More fishing.
All 8 grandkids with their Papa and Di Di.
I am already looking forward to next year and coming back, as my boys get older doing stuff like this is so much more fun and a little less work. Having all the older girls around and my mom and Amy helps too because everyone is so helpful and willing to step in and help out. We missed Marni & Ann but I doubt they missed us ( they are in Fiji together!).