Friday, July 13, 2012

Pictures from the week.

 It got HOT this week. We spent some time in the kiddie pool to cool off and the boys had swimming lessons all week as well. Colt loves swimming and is able to somewhat swim by himself now (though he tells me "mom I can still drown so you have to watch me"). Jax is pretty timid and unsure but tries hard and gives me lots of smiles and waves during his lesson.
 As usual Colt was up early one morning when I was getting ready to run and asked to go with me. We stopped at the end and hiked around a bit.
 I love that he still asks to go with me. I have been pushing him in the jogger since he was 2 weeks old and I don't think he has ever once complained about it.
 We got up at 5:30 in the morning on Thursday and picked blueberries. My dad and mom picked us up and we drove out to Milton Freewater (Dave stayed home since Case was still asleep) to pick some berries. The boys did great and picked some but mainly ate most of what they picked. Then they started finding lady bugs and after that it was their mission to find as many as possible.

Colt had basketball camp all week at the Y so the boys and I went on walks and played a little basketball ourselves while waiting for him.

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Tabaitha said...

I so wish that we lived close to each other so our families could hang out and the kids could play together. Everyone would have so much fun! Hope y'all have a fun weekend!