Monday, March 23, 2009

27 week ultrasound

We had another ultrasound today. It was fun to look at the baby again. The little bug moved the entire time I was in there so they got lots of great shots of his/her face. It's still a surprise, Dave wanted to know so badly this time but we got out of there without anyone spilling the beans. The suspense is killing him but it doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I think it is kind of fun not knowing the gender! The baby is measuring 2 weeks ahead just like at the last ultrasound. The head is measuring even bigger than that, Colt had a big head at all his ultrasounds and when he was born so I guess this one may resemble big brother a little bit. Hopefully, I don't have such a hard time pushing this one out. I have a dr. appt next week and then I am going every 2 weeks after that, its going sooo fast. I am starting to nest a little bit, last night I found myself frantically cleaning my bathroom and pulling all the stuff out of our bathroom drawers (Colt's bathroom too) and reorganizing everything. Then I went into Colt's bedroom and did the same with his closet and his clothes and then I started going through some baby stuff. I am actually getting anxious to put Colt in his big boy bed and get his room all set up so I can start getting the baby's room set up (even though there is not much to do since we are basically leaving it the same). Spring Break is next week, I wonder if Dave knows what I have planned for him:)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

3rd Trimester....ALREADY???

This morning I opened up one of my pregnancy books that I have not read since week 11 and the first thing it says is "Congratulations you are now officially in your 3rd trimester of pregnancy." I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. With Colt it felt like I was pregnant forever and while 40 weeks is still a long time to be pregnant this one just feels like time is passing so fast!! I am sure working, chasing after Colt and coaching track are helping because I stay so busy that most the time I can’t even remember exactly what week I am in. Last week someone asked me and I had to finally go and look at the ticker on my blog to figure it out. I am feeling good for the most part but I am getting BIG!!! Someone asked me recently if I had much longer left, I hate it when people ask me that it just makes me think "man, I must really be turning into a whale." Especially when I still have another 13 weeks to go!! My biggest complaint right now is finding something to wear to work everyday. I have lots of tops to wear but am very limited in my selection of pants and it’s still too cold to wear my skirts yet (I am looking forward to some warmer weather for that reason). I am still wearing 3 pairs of my normal pants and I do have one very cute pair of designer maternity jeans that my mom and dad got me for my birthday. I could wear those everyday but I think my students would probably notice and I can’t wear jeans everyday to work!!
This little baby is moving ALOT!! He/she is quite the kicker, it makes it look like an alien is living in my stomach when the baby moves around. I remember all this with my first but it’s happening much earlier this time around. We have an ultrasound on Monday to check some stuff out so I will post after that and let you know if the baby is still measuring big. At my 20 week appointment the baby was measuring 2 weeks ahead and was one pound. I am thinking right now he/she is probably around 2.5 -3 pounds. I have been having really bad heartburn lately and not much of an appetite. I feel like I ate a lot during my 1st trimester just to help with the nausea and now nothing really sounds that good. My favorite foods right now are yogurt with fruit and granola, iced decaf white mocha americano's (is that a food??), tart apples, cheese and crackers. Pretty boring but that's about what sounds good, it seems if I deviate too far from that list I get heartburn anyways so its just not worth it!
Dave and I are still working on names for the baby. When I have the lists narrowed I will put up a poll on the side of the blog. I think we have mainly agreed on a girl name but are no where near agreeing on a boy name. With Colt it was so easy, we just knew that was his name. This time around its much harder and we have to come up with both a boy and a girl name this time too.
We are also in the process of rearranging our bonus room and Colt’s nursery. The plan is to move Colt into the bonus room (which first has to be cleaned out) and put two twin size beds in there and his dresser and all his toys. The baby will go in Colt’s nursery (we are going to leave everything the same regardless if it’s a boy or girl the wall colors are already neutral anyway) and then when this baby is ready for a big bed we will move them in together and convert the nursery into an office (that is if we don’t have another baby coming yet at that point☺). It does not really matter to us if this baby is a girl and then her and Colt share a room, when they are little I think its fun for kids to share rooms and I don’t feel they have to be the same gender in order to do that. All right well I think I have rambled on enough for one post. I know I am going to be getting some flack from Dave for writing this much but it may be a blog for others to read but its also a memory for me so you don’t have to read it if you don’t want too.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My cool little man!

Colt found Dave's sunglasses before church on Sunday and with Dave's help got them on his head straight.
Running wild....its all he does these days!
He did give me a sweet but cheesy grin after I got him buckled into his car seat.
He is so much fun and has so much personality!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fun times with the Chases

Jess and Dale came for a weekend and we had so much fun with them and there cute little man Wyatt. Colt and Wyatt had a great time and I am happy to say that Colt never hit Wyatt or made him cry once (he has been going through this hitting stage so I was very glad that he was on his best behavior while they were here!!). Jess and I went on a long walk with the kids and eventually ended up at the children's museum.
Colt climbing up on a chair to color.
Coloring away. He still does not know how to hold a crayon properly.:)
Jess, Wyatt and Colt playing in the sand.
Colt loved getting dirty!
The boys playing with the noodles. Notice the big chunk in Wyatt's hand, everytime Jess would take one away from him he would grab a new one and take a chunk out of it. It was hilarious!!
Playing in the "italian eatery."
We had such a great time with the Chases. Jess and I got some quality alone time and went to a fun chick movie together. Dave and Dale spent the time bowling, playing golf and video games and we all just hung out together in the evenings. On Saturday Dave went all out with dinner and we had fresh salmon (that he had caught a couple months back), king crab legs, salad and breadsticks. It was soooo good and so fun to spend time with friends!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Favorite Picture.

This is my new favorite photo of my little man.

Some cute Colt pictures.

I posted about Aunt Katie's wedding back in January when her and Travis got married. They got the pictures back from there photographer and I had to post some of these of Colt. He just is too cute not to share:) Here he is with his daddy and his ring bearer pillow.
Eating before the wedding, we had taken off his shirt so he would not get it dirty.
He can get so dirty sooo quickly.
I thought this was such a sweet photo, he was giving his cousin Camryn a kiss!
Checking out a little movie on the phone with Papa Mike.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hawaii Family Pics!

We made it back, as some as you already knew we took a family vacation to Hawaii for 5 days. It was wonderful and Dave and I both wish we were still there relaxing in the sun, sleeping and playing at the beach. Dave had qualified for this trip through work so all the expenses were on them which made the trip even better. Neither of us really wanted to leave Colt at home so we brought him with us and he sat on our laps on the plane. It really wasn't too bad either. There was about a 10 minute screaming fit when he was trying to fall asleep on the way to Hawaii but besides that it was smooth flying! I took so many pictures and had a hard time deciding which ones to post. So scroll down and check them all out but it may take me awhile so you might want to keep coming back and checking in:)
Colt and I at one of the awesome dinners we had while we were there.
We did even get a few family pictures on this trip. People were often asking if we wanted to have our picture taken together.
Colt and Daddy on the beach in front of our hotel.
Our first night in Hawaii, we all got "leid" as soon as we arrived at the hotel. This picture is from the balcony of our hotel, it looked right out to the ocean. The ocean was literally directly below our hotel window.

Moana Surfrider Hotel

The hotel we stayed at was AMAZING!! I have never stayed at a hotel that nice ever. The beach was literally our backyard and even though we were staying in downtown Honolulu we had a private beach right out of the back of our hotel. It was nice not to have to fight all the people everyday to go to the beach or go swimming. Colt had so much fun just running around everywhere.
As you can see he had no problem being seperated from Dave and I, we both had to take turns watching him he would run from place to place so fast. It was nice though that we could just let him run around the hotel area and not have to worry too much about him bothering anyone. There were birds all over the courtyard/eating area of the hotel and Colt spent everyday chasing them around.
Looking for the birdie under the seat.
I want to say he was doing something he wasn't supposed to in this picture and then Dave caught him and he gave him this look:) Did I mention that Colt slept really well during this trip. He would crash everyday for his nap and bedtime!
This is the view we had everyday when you walked out the back of the hotel. Dave and I spent a little time everyday sitting in these chairs and just letting Colt run! It was so relaxing. Oh and the coffee there was so yummy!! They had an espresso bar called the Honolulu Coffee Company right there at our hotel and it was delicious. Much better than Starbucks!

Dinner in Honolulu

Part of the trip included breakfast every morning and dinner every night. The dinners were so nice and super yummy food as well. Each night we had dinner outside on the lawn at the hotel. The lawn faced the beach and it was gorgeous.
We sat with Dave's old boss from his early days son Phil Kensler and his wife and there 3 kids. There youngest Keaton is 3 and he loved Colt, he was so nice to him and always sharing with him. Colt loved the corn on the cob, he ate 4 pieces all by himself.
They had some fun things for the kids to do at the dinners. One of them was a little tattoo area where kids could pick out whatever fake tattoo they wanted and they would paint it on. Colt got two of them. The first time we went he said he wanted a car so the lady goes " would you like a green car, black car or blue car." Colt looks at her and goes "PINK!" so he got a pink car:) Then he wanted one for his other arm so we went back and he got a much more manly tattoo (according to Dave that is)....
he got a football with flames. He kept pointing them out to everyone all night long.
The last night the dinner was much more formal. They put up a huge tent out on the lawn with these huge chandieliers hanging from it and had a live band playing music. I told Dave it reminded me of a movie stars wedding reception. The food that night was again amazing and there were a lot of really healthy choices to choose from so it didn't feel like we were just stuffing ourselves.
Colt eating dinner during our last night in Hawaii!

Swim Time

We spent time everyday down by the pool at the hotel. It was perfect for Colt though the water was a little chilly even for me! The weather was high 70's low 80's everyday while we were there, it also rained every day usually in the morning but that didn't keep us inside anymore than usual.
Colt preffered to be on top of Dave's shoulders most of the time.
Surprisingly Colt actually preffered the ocean to the pool. He is still asking about the "ocean" even now that we are back at home!

Wakiki Beach

We also spent time each day on the beach. Colt was not too sure about the sand at first, we never could get him to walk in it but we eventually did get him to at least play in it a little bit.
He had fun throwing sand in Daddy's face!
Dave took him out to the ocean almost everyday so he could swim around.
Dave would stick him in his crab floaty and Colt was so happy in it. He would smile and laugh the entire time. When Dave would finally bring him in he would be shivering because he was so cold but he wouldn't want to leave either.
Trying to get Colt to walk in the sand, he wanted nothing to do with it. In fact when we would start walking in the sand he would hold on to us so tight as if we were going to put him down.

Pearl Harbor

Dave really wanted to see Pearl Harbor and I had only been there once before when I went to Hawaii with my family in college so we spent a morning and visited Pearl Harbor.
There was a lot of room to run around and explore outside so Dave and I would trade off and one of us would go through the museum and the other would take Colt outside so he could run around and then we would switch.
We got headphones so we could listen to all the information and Colt of course was really interested in playing with them.
He even tried them on but soon got bored.
You could take a boat ride out the ships and look around, we did not get to do this because it was getting close to Colt's nap time and we didn't want him having a melt down on the boat!
Looking out over the ocean. Its so pretty there!
Colt running after Dave.
This was a fun place to spend a couple hours, it was perfect for all of us and there was a lot of space for Colt to explore and run around. Dave loves history so he was all about listening and reading every little thing.