Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jax : 10 months

Jax is on the move, its just not the mode of moving I thought it would be. He is pretty much able to get where  he wants by scooting, army crawling or doing the worm. He still is NOT crawling on all fours and I thought he would be by now, he has been getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth, he can do a bridge probably longer than Dave can and he can go from laying on his tummy to sitting all by himself but the minute he puts his arm in front of him like he is going to crawl he goes to his tummy and starts worming his way across the room again. I guess I need to stop comparing him to Colt (who was crawling before 8 months) and just know he will do things when he is good and ready to do them. Jax does have a good arm and is in LOVE with any type of ball. He squeals when he sees them and will squeal until he gets it in his hand. He also understands the whole idea of playing catch, he throws it to me (and he has a pretty good throw for a 10 month old) and then waits until I throw it back and then it continues. Colt was really into trucks and trains at this age, Jax is interested in any type of ball, both very boyish but different. I am liking that I can finally start to see some differences between the two of them. I have felt  for so long that they had similar personality because they were both so laid back and easy going babies but as Jax has gotten a little older I have started to notice differences which is fun. He smiles all the time, eats ALOT and loves to be held (preferably by his mommy or maybe it's just his mommy that prefers that). He is still very much my baby and I am going to keep pushing that until he chooses not to be (or until Dave says that's enough). He loves bananas (much like his big brother) and can eat an entire banana by himself, he also likes pretty much anything you put on his tray but is pretty tired of baby food. I cannot believe how fast the last 10 months have gone!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Chase Family Visits!

Our good friends Dale and Jessica and their two boys Wyatt and Gavin drove from Olympia to spend a couple days with us. Dale is a teacher as well and it was the start of his spring break so they stayed until Monday. It was a fun time, the boys played great (and when I say boys I mean ALL 6 of them!) and Jess and I got some "girl" time too.
On Saturday Jess had a wedding in Kennewick so I went with her and we took Gavin and Jax while Dave, Dale, Colt and Wyatt took the boat and went fishing. The boys had a great time and even caught some fish!
 Wyatt reeling in his first catch.
Wyatt's first fish!
Colt had to go to the bathroom and he has become a pro at peeing anywhere, so he just dropped his pants and started peeing in the lake. Wyatt was pretty curious as to what he was doing....
Poor Wyatt. After spending all day in the sun his face and eyes were so red!
The big boys had a fabulous time together running, wrestling, fishing, playing with blocks, puzzles and balls, reading books and watching movies. They did really well together and got along great. Colt tried to ruin the friendship by taking a golf club to Wyatt's chest and leaving a nice red mark but Wyatt forgave him and they were buddies again within the hour.
This picture cracked me up, Jax looks like he is ready to be a big brother and he is still a baby himself! There is 5.5 months between Jax and Gavin but once they are both 2 the age difference will not be so obvious. Hopefully they will be best buds like their brothers are.
Dave spent some time reading books to the kiddos. Both these boys love to read and learn.
The entire 3 days were so much fun, I wish they lived closer! Dave did awesome making breakfast every morning which was nice for me to get to relax a little bit in the mornings with the kids (though Jess and I did do all the cleaning up). Sunday, Dave and Dale went golfing then out to dinner and to do some gambling so Jess and I had the kids and we just played around the house, made a yummy dinner, and did some talking. Its amazing how much we didn't get to talk even though we were in the same house for over 24 hours, with having 4 little guys around they kept us busy and moving all over the place. It was nice to get to spend some time with friends, I feel like that is something I never get to do anymore so it was great to catch up with a good friend.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Random Ramblings

On the way to work this morning Colt says to me " Mom I think you should have another baby and I think it should be a boy (pause) but first you need to teach Jax to walk." I definitely I agree with him but I want to wait a few more years......

Spring break is just a few hours away. I can't wait!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Calvin Jay Sabin

Finally after waiting all afternoon we got to meet the newest cousin in the family.
Calvin Jay Sabin was born on March 19, 2010 at 8:45 am. He was 6lbs 3 oz and 19 inches long. Camryn is now surrounded by all boys, mabye Dave and I will have to work on evening things out a bit.
Holding my first nephew! After 6 nieces I finally got a nephew.
Camryn was so excited to hold. She has called him "Cowboy" since she found out she was getting a brother and she still says his name is Cowboy.
He is adorable, so tiny and sweet with very dark hair (and lots of it!). He looks kind of like Camryn did when she was little though I can already see differences between them. I am looking forward to going over there again soon and holding him some more. I just love newborns, nothing more wonderful that snuggling a perfect little gift from God.


The kids and I went to church Sunday morning and when we got home Dave had returned. We drove over to Kennewick in hopes that we could see the newest member of the family (Colt and Jax's new cousin). Since he was still in the hospital we spent some time playing at Dave's parents house. Randee, as always, was a fabulous aunt and spent most of the time playing with the boys.
Memah was talking on the phone to Kenzie seeing when they were coming home. Jax and Colt had both come down with colds over the weekend and neither of them were feeling that great. Jax was especially sad, poor baby.
While we were waiting Poppi took Colt to Ranch and Home to buy him a new bow and arrow. Colt was beyond excited. He spent the rest of the afternoon shooting arrows (with Poppi's help). This arrow is for 6 and up and he had no trouble shooting it. This kid is going to be just like his dad!
"Like this Poppi?"
Bulls eye....well maybe not quite but close. 
Colt is OBSESSED with all things hunting and fishing, that is all he talks about these days.
After dinner we heard Colt and Camryn making a bunch of noise in the living room so Dave walked in there and Colt was playing the drums and Camryn had the microphone and was looking at the television singing (and the tv was not even on). They have obviously watched the big kids play Rock Band way too much!
These two had alot of fun together.
They play well for the most part but love to get wild and chase each other around the house. It was good entertainment while we were waiting for baby Sabin to come home.....

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A day at Papa and Di Di's

This picture makes me want to go back in time and be a little girl again, that time when I was that age and that was MY daddy holding MY hand. I don't think you ever outgrow being "Daddy's little girl" but to see MY child holding MY Daddy's hand....where did all those years go?? I love you Daddy, I know it has been years since I have called you that but no matter how old I am I hope you know that I will always be your little girl!
 Dave was out of town at an archery shoot this weekend so on Saturday the boys and I spent the day with my parents. It was fabulous and so much fun, even though we live in the same town I feel like I hardly really get to spend quality time with them. Most the time it seems we are just passing the boys back and forth and saying "hi" and "bye" in the midst of all that chaos. My parents have been taking the boys everyday after school and watching them until I am done with track every night, its been great and I could not do this if I didn't have them helping me out! However, this Saturday we actually got to spend some time talking, playing, baking and relaxing. We met up early Saturday morning at Rooks Park and my parents pushed the kids in the stroller while I went on a fabulous run all by myself around Bennington Lake. It was 6 miles of beautiful sunny skies, cool temperatures,rolling hills and me and my thoughts. I loved every minute of it. We spent most the day out at my parents house doing some baking for my new nephew (more on that later), playing outside and just enjoying each other's company.
Colt loves my parents house, he likes to go down to the creek and throw rocks in it over and over again. He will stand out there forever doing that until we make him come in. He also loves to throw a ball (or in this case a shoe) for my Dad's dog Jordan. He loves playing fetch with her.
When did he get so big?
Di Di and Jax enjoying the nice weather. Check out Jax's legs....maybe he shouldn't be wearing shorts.:)
My fabulous boys. I love these two so much!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Letting go of control.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.- Matthew 6:34

I have mentioned before about the devotional book that my friend Julie gave me awhile back called "Jesus Calling." This book is truly amazing, I feel like it is changing the way I view life and my attitude towards it. Every morning before the kids wake up I try to have my own quiet time, its hard having to wake up at 5:15 every morning to do this and I almost always want that extra sleep but I know that I will go about my day feeling much better with a lighter heart if I take the time to do it. Most mornings that means I groggily walk downstairs, pour myself a cup of coffee and collapse on our love seat. The first thing I do is close my eyes and pray and as I do this I can feel my body slowly start to wake up, feeling God's presence as I talk to Him and pray. Then I open up my devotional book and find myself amazed over and over again that this book knows me so well, it knows just what I need to hear to keep me going each and every day. Taking one day at a time and living in the moment, in the present and leaving everything in His control.

I will be the first to admit that I do not always follow His ways, I can be rude to my husband, selfish, talk behind people's backs, putting my children before my husband or others before my family. Right now I am struggling with trying to follow the plan God has for me and my family. I want my husband to know I love him but yet I don't always show him that. It is easy, with young kids to get so caught up in caring for them that you forget your spouse. You forget that he was here first, the reasons you married him, the reason you fell in love with him. It can be hard for me to always express to him what I am feeling, how I am feeling, issues I am dealing with. Whether it may be about the kids, him, my work, my thoughts, I tend to not always be able to tell him what I am feeling. In turn I become distant, angry and seem upset for reasons that are real to me but not understood by my husband because I have not talked to him about it. I struggle with the freedom he has with his job and the things he gets to do while I am "stuck" all day at work, my kids are at daycare and when I do get home I will still have no moments to myself. Then again I feel like I can't complain to him about this because as he always says "isn't this what you always wanted, you wanted the kids and you always say you want to spend all your time with them." Which is true, I do want to spend all my extra time with them and I hate leaving them and I would give anything to be home with them everyday but in giving myself to them so much I have nothing left to give anyone else. Not my friends, not the rest of my family and most importantly not my husband.
My husband has always been the stronger one in our relationship, his faith was always rock solid, his morals were (close to) perfect, he is level-headed and always knows what to do in any situation, he gives awesome advice, he is financially smart, always doing things for me for no reason other than to show me he cares and he makes me feel like I am the best looking girl around. All these qualities are what made me fall in love with him and why I continue to love him every day. I wish I knew what it was that doesn't allow me to show that to him and to express that to him every day. I want our marriage to be unbelievable, I want us to raise our kids together and enjoy every moment of it, I want to do things together and have fun with it, I want to go to church every Sunday like its a normal part of our wonderful life instead of always fighting about if we are going to go, I want to be able to put him first, I need to put him first, I just don't know how...........

God, Please help me to remember to show my husband the love I have for him. I must show him more, I know what that takes Lord.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Trout dinner

After all of Colt's hardwork fishing we couldn't just let it go to waste so tonight Dave (with Colt's help) cooked the trout.
Colt was pointing to his "big" fish!
Tasty meal coming right up!
Dave got right to work filleting the fish....
....while I cut up the peppers and onions.
We dipped the fish in egg and flour, layed it on top of the veggies, Dave seasoned it up and topped it with oranges and put it in the oven for 20 minutes. It was pretty darn tasty! Colt, after all that talk about wanting to eat his fish, decided he would rather have macaroni and cheese (after he saw that Jax was eating it). I don't even think he had a bite and Colt was a big fish eater last summer. I guess even mac n'cheese trumps fresh caught trout.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Colt's First Catch

Dave took Colt fishing this morning. I had track practice but I told them I could just take Jax with me (he slept the entire time anyway) so they could go and have some fun. Colt was SOOOOO excited. He could hardly wait. He kept running around yelling " I go fishing!!"
These boys are so funny together. Colt will do pretty much anything Dave wants him too.
 He loves his daddy!
They went to this little pond in Walla Walla which had just been stocked with fish. If you are under 13 you don't need a license to fish.
Dave gave Colt the pole and let him fish and took pictures the entire time. Dave said it was one of the funniest things he had ever seen!
Colt loved every minute of it.
Reeling in the fish.
Ohhh, he got one!
Showing off his catch.
He is one proud fisherman!
2 thumbs up, he caught 5 fish.  
All he talked about all weekend long was going fishing, Dave said that on the way home he kept saying to him " Dad I am going to go home and take a little nap then I want to eat my fish!"
Not too bad for his first time. I have a feeling this is just the beginning of many fishing trips, I can't wait to see what the future is going to be like with 2 boys and a dad who loves the outdoors!