Sunday, March 21, 2010


The kids and I went to church Sunday morning and when we got home Dave had returned. We drove over to Kennewick in hopes that we could see the newest member of the family (Colt and Jax's new cousin). Since he was still in the hospital we spent some time playing at Dave's parents house. Randee, as always, was a fabulous aunt and spent most of the time playing with the boys.
Memah was talking on the phone to Kenzie seeing when they were coming home. Jax and Colt had both come down with colds over the weekend and neither of them were feeling that great. Jax was especially sad, poor baby.
While we were waiting Poppi took Colt to Ranch and Home to buy him a new bow and arrow. Colt was beyond excited. He spent the rest of the afternoon shooting arrows (with Poppi's help). This arrow is for 6 and up and he had no trouble shooting it. This kid is going to be just like his dad!
"Like this Poppi?"
Bulls eye....well maybe not quite but close. 
Colt is OBSESSED with all things hunting and fishing, that is all he talks about these days.
After dinner we heard Colt and Camryn making a bunch of noise in the living room so Dave walked in there and Colt was playing the drums and Camryn had the microphone and was looking at the television singing (and the tv was not even on). They have obviously watched the big kids play Rock Band way too much!
These two had alot of fun together.
They play well for the most part but love to get wild and chase each other around the house. It was good entertainment while we were waiting for baby Sabin to come home.....

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