Friday, March 12, 2010

Pajama Night!!

Friday night it was pouring down rain. I had spent the last 2 hours outside coaching track in it and by the time I got home I was miserable, cold and very very wet! I came home to a super clean house, a nice hot bath and a cup of hot chocolate waiting for me. Dave always seems to know what I need! I sat in the bath for a fabulous 10 kid free minutes in the silence and just relaxed, then Colt came in and started splashing me and wanted to get in with me....oh well the 10 minutes were pure wonderful! Dave had dinner ready and after dinner we decided to do a PAJAMA NIGHT!! We started doing pajama nights with Colt about 6 months ago, Dave remembers doing them as a kid and he loved them so we started the tradition with our boys. Usually it involves all of us putting our pajamas on while running around the house screaming "pajama night, pajama night" over and over again. Then we do something fun and special and usually let the boys stay up a little later. Tonight we went to my favorite little candy store Brights. It is one of my favorite parts about Walla Walla, it is this little cute candy shop with an old town feel. They have the most incredible hand made chocolate, lots of yummy candies, cute little gifts and ice cream. We got there and Colt got jelly beans, I had a mint chocolate ice cream cone and Dave got a root beer float. We all sat down to enjoy our treats and Dave was giving little bites to Jax, Dave turned to grab a napkin and in those 2 seconds Jax managed to grab the root beer float and pull it down spilling the entire contents all over Dave and the floor. Pajama night over! We apologized over and over, tried to help clean up and then left. We did stop on the way home for a movie for Dave and I and Colt had a fabulous time so I guess it wasn't a complete bust. Oh the memories!!

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The Price Family said...

What a great idea! Love it! Although I don't think I need to give Crew anything more to run around and yell about... We kind of had pajama night in Yakima too! So fun. Well hope this week goes well with track and Dave I am sure will keep doing super nice things for his busy super mom wifey!