Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jax : 10 months

Jax is on the move, its just not the mode of moving I thought it would be. He is pretty much able to get where  he wants by scooting, army crawling or doing the worm. He still is NOT crawling on all fours and I thought he would be by now, he has been getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth, he can do a bridge probably longer than Dave can and he can go from laying on his tummy to sitting all by himself but the minute he puts his arm in front of him like he is going to crawl he goes to his tummy and starts worming his way across the room again. I guess I need to stop comparing him to Colt (who was crawling before 8 months) and just know he will do things when he is good and ready to do them. Jax does have a good arm and is in LOVE with any type of ball. He squeals when he sees them and will squeal until he gets it in his hand. He also understands the whole idea of playing catch, he throws it to me (and he has a pretty good throw for a 10 month old) and then waits until I throw it back and then it continues. Colt was really into trucks and trains at this age, Jax is interested in any type of ball, both very boyish but different. I am liking that I can finally start to see some differences between the two of them. I have felt  for so long that they had similar personality because they were both so laid back and easy going babies but as Jax has gotten a little older I have started to notice differences which is fun. He smiles all the time, eats ALOT and loves to be held (preferably by his mommy or maybe it's just his mommy that prefers that). He is still very much my baby and I am going to keep pushing that until he chooses not to be (or until Dave says that's enough). He loves bananas (much like his big brother) and can eat an entire banana by himself, he also likes pretty much anything you put on his tray but is pretty tired of baby food. I cannot believe how fast the last 10 months have gone!!

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