Monday, March 29, 2010

Chase Family Visits!

Our good friends Dale and Jessica and their two boys Wyatt and Gavin drove from Olympia to spend a couple days with us. Dale is a teacher as well and it was the start of his spring break so they stayed until Monday. It was a fun time, the boys played great (and when I say boys I mean ALL 6 of them!) and Jess and I got some "girl" time too.
On Saturday Jess had a wedding in Kennewick so I went with her and we took Gavin and Jax while Dave, Dale, Colt and Wyatt took the boat and went fishing. The boys had a great time and even caught some fish!
 Wyatt reeling in his first catch.
Wyatt's first fish!
Colt had to go to the bathroom and he has become a pro at peeing anywhere, so he just dropped his pants and started peeing in the lake. Wyatt was pretty curious as to what he was doing....
Poor Wyatt. After spending all day in the sun his face and eyes were so red!
The big boys had a fabulous time together running, wrestling, fishing, playing with blocks, puzzles and balls, reading books and watching movies. They did really well together and got along great. Colt tried to ruin the friendship by taking a golf club to Wyatt's chest and leaving a nice red mark but Wyatt forgave him and they were buddies again within the hour.
This picture cracked me up, Jax looks like he is ready to be a big brother and he is still a baby himself! There is 5.5 months between Jax and Gavin but once they are both 2 the age difference will not be so obvious. Hopefully they will be best buds like their brothers are.
Dave spent some time reading books to the kiddos. Both these boys love to read and learn.
The entire 3 days were so much fun, I wish they lived closer! Dave did awesome making breakfast every morning which was nice for me to get to relax a little bit in the mornings with the kids (though Jess and I did do all the cleaning up). Sunday, Dave and Dale went golfing then out to dinner and to do some gambling so Jess and I had the kids and we just played around the house, made a yummy dinner, and did some talking. Its amazing how much we didn't get to talk even though we were in the same house for over 24 hours, with having 4 little guys around they kept us busy and moving all over the place. It was nice to get to spend some time with friends, I feel like that is something I never get to do anymore so it was great to catch up with a good friend.


The Price Family said...

What a FUN weekend! I am so jealous that the Price Family couldn't join in. Although it might have made Dave talk more about having a vasectomy again, I guess my kids bring that out in him.
Love all of you guys, and your BOYS too.

Zach said...
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