Sunday, March 7, 2010

Yakima with friends

We headed to Yakima this weekend to meet up with some friends. We met up with the Price's and stayed in a hotel right next to Bob's Burger and Brew. Julie's brother and his wife just opened up a restraunt there in Yakima and it was yummy!! If you are in Yakima, stop there and eat. Its right off the freeway and very good food! It was such a fun weekend and so much fun to see good friends. Our room and the Price's was right next door to each other and Crew, Colt and Brody had a great time playing together. Good thing we all have boys because they are a rough group. We got to watch Shane's basketball team play at the state tournament and got to meet baby Kendall for the first time too! We also met up with the Butorac's and Andaya's for dinner Saturday night. It was a super fun weekend, not relaxing at all but very fun!
Friday night eating dinner at Bob's. Colt chowed his plate right down!
Part of the Price family - Julie, Crew and Chris.
Brody Price and Jax.
The boys at Shane's basketball game. It was soooo hot in there, we were all sweating and of course the little ones running around were even hotter.
Court with Kendall and me with Jax. Kendall is so cute and tiny and seems like a very easy going baby! Court is the most laid back mom ever, Kendall was only 10 days old and she had driven down to Yakima with her to support her hubby!
The boys had lots of fun together!
Playing in the back of Dave's truck.....
....chasing each other around with the balloons that Julie bought (they kept hitting each other with them and we tried to tell them "no hitting" but for the most part they thought it was funny!).....
...finally we got them to sit still!
Actually on Saturday night after dinner at Bob's we were supposed to go to Shane's basketball game (his team was playing for the championship) but the younger boys just wanted to play so Dave and Chris got to go and that left us mama's to entertain the boys. Julie and I were both exhausted from little sleep the night before and running around all day but we figured if we kept them busy then it wouldn't get too crazy. We started by walking across the street to Target and got them all a treat, then we walked back to the hotel and put there pajamas on and turned on a movie. This kept them still for probably about 15 minutes, once they were done with their treats they were off and running again!

As usual Jax was a real problem!:)
It will not be long before he will be running with the rest of them but for now he was the calm in the middle of our "storm."
I wish we lived closer to these friends, we always have so much fun together but I am pretty sure Dave and Chris would go crazy if Julie and I lived any closer because we would be at each others house constantly! Dave is going to kill me but I have to include this story because Julie and I are still laughing about it. Saturday afternoon Colt and Crew are playing in our hotel room and they kept messing with the cover to the temperature control. They had broke it off a couple different times but Dave had been able to fix it and he kept telling them to stop playing with it. Well of course the minute the two of them get into our room they start messing with it again, so Dave says "Hey, stop playing with that. Hey, I said no more, Stop your going to brea....." and it broke. Dave yells " AGH I want a vasectomy!!!" So thanks to the Price's we are no longer having any more children...HAHA Jules.:)


The Keatts Family said...

I'm glad you guys had such a great trip! Sounds like a lot of fun :)

The Price Family said...

Hahahahaha! I am glad you added that story. I think I might take a hysterectomy (sp) at this point too! :) Jk. Anyway it was such a good but fast weekend. Never a boring moment, and I am glad we got to see each other and the boys had fun too.
Love ya Cur!