Saturday, December 29, 2007

Colt and Harrison

Dave's cousin Tim and his wife Karen along with there kids Trey(6), Addison (4) and Harrison (6 months) stopped through and stayed the night with us on there way home from Christmas vacation. They live in Boise and Dave and Tim always had a good time together growing up. They have the nicest kids. Trey and Addison wanted to spend all weekend playing the new WII that Dave got for Christmas and Colt and Harrison were happy just playing with there toys. Harrison is just 2 weeks younger than Colt and such a happy baby!
They both happened to have the same hat so we had to get a picture of them together in there hat. I should have taken those keys away from Colt because he refused to look at me for the picture.

Home Renovations

Since Dave had not had enough projects for the month of December last Monday (the 17th) he came home from work and said that someone was coming that night to measure for the new carpet in our entire house. We needed new carpet I just did not realize how soon we were going to get it. Needless to say I was very excited. Then Tuesday he comes home and says " we should redo the kitchen counters and put marble tile down" (they were originally formica). So the fun began. Here is the before picture of our counters.
Dave laying out the new counter to see what it will look like.
Since we had to tear out all the carpet on our own (Dave does not like to pay for anything that he can do himself) we also had to move all the furniture into our bonus room because it is the only room upstairs with no carpet. That was a lot of work and so Colt's crib got moved into the hallway for the entire week he slept in the hallway with the light on while we worked around him. There was so much noise and activity going on because we could only work on it once he went to sleep and he slept through ALL of it!!
After staying up all week until after midnight by Saturday (the 22nd) the project was completed and it looks great. Dave did such a nice job and I feel like I have a new kitchen!
During the month of December Dave (and with a little help from me) tiled my parents entire kitchen floor, painted my parents kitchen, tiled his Dad's new office building floors and counters, painted our upstairs hallway and Colt's room, tore out all the carpet in our house (though we did pay someone to put the new carpet down) and put new counters in our kitchen. I tell you the guy is amazing and so handy! I told him it was the best Christmas gift I could have asked for. I have now decided that all I want for my birthday and Christmas is new projects done in our house. I think for my birthday in February I would like to redo our master bathroom:)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.
Luke 2:11

Christmas Day

Well Christmas morning finally arrived. I was so excited for my first christmas ever. I had heard so many wonderful things about it. I slept really good and when we got over to Popyee's and Memah's I even got a yummy breakfast of oatmeal and strawberries. It was so yummy and Popyee fed it to me which made it all the more special.
Then we opened up our stocking. I got this great book and many other wonderful things. Popyee helped me open all of them and showed me how to use the toys.
Finally we went to the living room where the christmas tree was and started opening the real presents.
I got my very first tool set from Memah and Popyee. It is so cool and just right for biting on!
I loved the wrapping paper more than anything else.
Check out all my neat bows!!
We had such a great Christmas this year. It was so fun to get to spend time with both our families. Dave and I always trade holidays with our families and this year we had Thanksgiving with mine and Christmas with his. Next year we will switch. Since his parents are only an hour away we were able to celebrate with my parents right before Christmas and then we went to Kennewick until the 26th. Kenzie, Katie, Randee and I got up at 5am the day after Christmas and went shopping. We found some great deals and its always fun to hang out with just the girls. Dave's mom bought the game "Rock Band" for the entire family. It hooks up to the XBOX 360 and you have a drummer, guitar player and a singer. The entire Christmas day was spent playing that game, it was fun and the boys had a great time. By the end of the day all of the girls were making fun of them because they were taking it so seriously, they had even named there band and were starting to talk about setting up the game in the garage and selling tickets:) Whatever!! Colt had a lot of fun with the family and his cousin Camryn (who is crawling everywhere and soooo cute, she is also half the size of Colt). He really loved ripping the wrapping paper and just playing with the paper. He also turned 6 months old on Christmas day, I am hoping to get his 6 months photos taken very soon. I do not have to go back to work until the 7th of January so maybe sometime next week I can get them done.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

After brunch we made the trip to Tri-Cities to see Popyee and Memah. Memah bought Camryn and I santa suits. I really liked mine a lot!
Everyone decided that I should go to Christmas Eve church service in my santa suit. Mommy was kind of sad because she had a really nice outfit for me but everyone wanted me to be santa so she let me wear it. I got a lot of comments from people at church. When we got home from church I was super tired so I went to bed but everyone else stayed up and had snacks and opened up some presents.

Christmas Eve Morning

Christmas Eve morning we went over to Papa and Di Di's again for brunch. As usual Aunt Marni is always wanting to work with me on my skills. She is trying to show me how to crawl but I do not quite have it figured out.
Daddy made us a warm fire, it was so nice and cozy in the house!!
Then I got to open my presents. I loved the wrapping paper!
My new face, Papa taught it too me and I thought it would be funny to copy him. Now I like to do it all the time!
Check out my feet. These are the new mocassins that Grandma Di Di and Papa got for me.
Giving love to my favorite people!!
My new hat.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Eve Eve

The night before Christmas Eve Aunt Marni got into town. We went over to Papa and Di Di's for dinner and I got to open a present from Aunt Marni! It was the cutest ornament, a little boy with his lovie and it had my name Colt Mires on it.
Smiling for the camera.
This is Marni's boyfriend Nate, her dog Hercules, Aunt Marni and me. I am all ready for bed. My pajamas say "What happens at Grandma's stays at Grandma's"

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sitting Up!

Playing with my new's cell phone:)
Smiling for the camera....
Colt has been sitting up on his own since he was 5 months old but just in the past week he has gotten much more stable sitting there on his own. He can now sit and play with his toys for quite a while without falling over. He is growing way too fast!!!

Look what I'm doing now.

I have become very good at scooting around on the floor on my back. Here I have just gotten out of my boppy (on the right there) and now I am getting ready to go see mommy in the kitchen. I made it into the kitchen too, just ask mommy she was laughing so hard she had to run to the bathroom:)
Scootin over to the television to see what movie I want to watch tonight.
I also love to try and sit up, I do this constantly when I am laying on my back. Daddy says its because I am trying to work the babyfat off my tummy.
I have also gotten very good with my hands. Mommy has to be careful when she is eating because I am good at trying to pull her plate to the floor.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Play Day

Guess who got to stay home from the babysitter today? Yep ME!!! Sadly my babysitters dad passed away last night so mommy got a substitute for her kids and stayed home with me. She gave me some fun toys to play with.
Quick smile for the camera and....
back to reading!

Playing with Di Di

Mommy caught this huge smile on my face when I was watching Di Di dance for me. She had the christmas music on and was making me laugh and laugh and laugh!!! Look at how good I am getting at sitting up.
Then she brought Byson over to play with me. I just love him!!
Finally she helped me dance too! So much fun.

Oh Papa!!

Papa spent a lot of time playing with me this past weekend. As you can see I was very interested in his coffee drink. I would not even look at the camera.
Thanks Papa so yummy!!
(Mommy wants you to know that he did not really let me drink any of the granita I really just wanted to hold it)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Then and Now with Great Grandma Milly

Here I am one month old when my Great Grandma Milly first came to meet me.
Welcome back Grandma Milly!!
She could not believe how much I had grown or how heavy I am becoming to pack around.
My grandma's and myself. We are so happy to be together!!!

Playing at Papa and Di Di's

Mommy and I are staying the weekend over at Papa and Di Di's. Even though they live in the same town as us we thought it would be fun to have a christmas baking party and spend the night. Also my great grandma Milly is here so that way we get to spend more time with everyone. I was very interested in the presents under the tree.
I really just wanted to pull the wrapping paper off of them!
Just hanging out in the highchair while everyone bakes. I have been such a good boy today. Check out my super red cheeks mom is not sure if it is from the cold weather or if they are just really red because my teeth are getting close to coming in. I have been drooling EVERYWHERE!! Guess we will just have to wait and see mom.

Diane's kitchen....FINALLY!!

We spent the day at my mom's baking christmas treats and relaxing. It was a very fun day! Colt had fun helping her make a salad for dinner. He loves to play with the salad bags, when I take him grocery shopping we head straight for the produce isle grab a back of spinach and then finish the rest of my shopping, playing with the spinach bag keeps him entertained the entire time.
Some of you may not have seen my mom's kitchen before it was remodeled. It was pretty hideous but for those of you have seen it I will try and give you a rough idea of what it looked like before.
Along this wall is where the table used to be.
The laundry closet used to be where the sink is and the french doors used to be part of the back porch.
This is my mom's new desk area, this used to be a kitchen sink along with her stove, dishwasher and some old yucky looking cabinets.
This is what used to be the back porch, now its a sitting area and that door leads into a full size laundry room! So nice and cozy.
Full picture of the kitchen. How do you like Colt's hat on my mom?
Of course I could not leave out the man of the house also wearing Colt's hat!!