Saturday, December 29, 2007

Home Renovations

Since Dave had not had enough projects for the month of December last Monday (the 17th) he came home from work and said that someone was coming that night to measure for the new carpet in our entire house. We needed new carpet I just did not realize how soon we were going to get it. Needless to say I was very excited. Then Tuesday he comes home and says " we should redo the kitchen counters and put marble tile down" (they were originally formica). So the fun began. Here is the before picture of our counters.
Dave laying out the new counter to see what it will look like.
Since we had to tear out all the carpet on our own (Dave does not like to pay for anything that he can do himself) we also had to move all the furniture into our bonus room because it is the only room upstairs with no carpet. That was a lot of work and so Colt's crib got moved into the hallway for the entire week he slept in the hallway with the light on while we worked around him. There was so much noise and activity going on because we could only work on it once he went to sleep and he slept through ALL of it!!
After staying up all week until after midnight by Saturday (the 22nd) the project was completed and it looks great. Dave did such a nice job and I feel like I have a new kitchen!
During the month of December Dave (and with a little help from me) tiled my parents entire kitchen floor, painted my parents kitchen, tiled his Dad's new office building floors and counters, painted our upstairs hallway and Colt's room, tore out all the carpet in our house (though we did pay someone to put the new carpet down) and put new counters in our kitchen. I tell you the guy is amazing and so handy! I told him it was the best Christmas gift I could have asked for. I have now decided that all I want for my birthday and Christmas is new projects done in our house. I think for my birthday in February I would like to redo our master bathroom:)


The Price Family said...

Dave--awesome job!!! My husband definitley needs to pick up some tips from you. You should have your own side business :)

Those pictures of the two boys is so cute, and Colt definitley has your eyes Care, soooo tute!

Lil' Jay & Family said...

Wow....that's great. What a handy man you have on your hands! Colt has the cutest eyes. They look just like yours. I hope we can get together soon before Lake Chelan. Next time you guys come to the "west" side of the mountains, let us know and maybe we all can get the kids and us together. Take Care

Jason & Mari McPherson said...

Looks awaesome!!!! You can over aytime and redo our counters. COlt is getting cutier and cutier. Have a very blessed and proporous new year! Love youguys and can't wait to see you.

Rachel & Sean said...

That is amazing and nuts. I hope you got some kind of a brake on you Christmas vacation. It looks awesome though. Sean and I would not even know where to begin on anything like that. Hopefully we will see you soon. Love ya!!

Conlin Family said...

Looks really good!! You guys have been busy! We are thinking about also doing a new countertop, so I may have questions in the near future.

Anonymous said...

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