Saturday, December 15, 2007

Then and Now with Great Grandma Milly

Here I am one month old when my Great Grandma Milly first came to meet me.
Welcome back Grandma Milly!!
She could not believe how much I had grown or how heavy I am becoming to pack around.
My grandma's and myself. We are so happy to be together!!!


The Chases said...

Looks like a fun weekend. Colt looks so little in his one month picture - he is growing fast! Hope you are getting ready for Christmas...just one more week!

Rachel & Sean said...

Hey girly Im so glad you got to spen some time with your mom and gma. Sean and I were just in Seattle for 4 days visting family so we're home now and have to do all our Christmas shopping. I've procrastenated this year because of Mae but I really have to get it done now. Colt is looking so big his hat actually fits now. I love that hes trying to open the presents. Well stay tuned I will be blogging soon.