Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

After brunch we made the trip to Tri-Cities to see Popyee and Memah. Memah bought Camryn and I santa suits. I really liked mine a lot!
Everyone decided that I should go to Christmas Eve church service in my santa suit. Mommy was kind of sad because she had a really nice outfit for me but everyone wanted me to be santa so she let me wear it. I got a lot of comments from people at church. When we got home from church I was super tired so I went to bed but everyone else stayed up and had snacks and opened up some presents.


Brittsan's said...

This is one of my favorite pictures you've ever posted. He is absolutely adorable. I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted for Christmas Colt!

Rachel & Sean said...

That is amazing!!!

The Price Family said...

How stinkin cute!! I miss Crew being so smiley on command or tickle :) Colt is just so cute, you need to enter those pictures in some sort of contest, he is a real cutie patutie.