Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Play Day

Guess who got to stay home from the babysitter today? Yep ME!!! Sadly my babysitters dad passed away last night so mommy got a substitute for her kids and stayed home with me. She gave me some fun toys to play with.
Quick smile for the camera and....
back to reading!

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The Chases said...

Hi Lady!!! I love all the pictures that you post. We have been on overload this week trying to get things ready at the house. We start move tomorrow. Good luck with your remodeling! I have a whole new respect for that now! I really do enjoy tiling. Well I like to see the end result but I also think it is fun. Wish we could help you guys! I got your parents' Christmas card. The picture is adorable. I bet they are so proud to have such beautiful grandbabies! Tell them hello for me. Love you, Jess