Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

We stayed the night at Dave's parents that night and woke up Christmas morning to stockings filled with small presents for Colt and Jax. The boys opened up their stockings and we all slowly woke up and had some coffee. It was a nice way to start the morning, fairly relaxing and the boys were all so happy.

Memah and Case playing with the doggies.

 I told Dave when I took this picture it was going on the blog and he chose to give me this look. Randee looks cute though, ahh to be 19 again!
Jax got a new superhero shirt and he immediately wanted to wear it. The kid is obsessed with all things superhero! I'm pretty sure on most days both my boys think that they are superheros.

Case didn't get many presents (being the third boy he doesn't need many at this age!), but he did not care. He was happy with playing with the boys toys and loving all the bows and wrapping paper.
Poppi put together Jax's spiderman skateboard. We gave Colt one for his birthday last year and Jax rides it all the time and has been asking for his one. Colt has a blue one and we found this black on for Jax, he was thrilled!

 Merry Christmas!
We had the traditional bread dough pudding for breakfast and spent most the morning opening all the presents. The rest of the day was very nice and relaxed, I loved it! I got to go on a run by myself, the weather was beautiful and it felt great to get outside and have an hour to my thoughts. The boys played a lot with all their new toys, and we just sat around and talked. Dinner was very yuuummmmmy; prime rib, crab legs, baked potatoes, salad and rolls. Considering we had 5 kids under 5 at the dinner table it was a pretty relaxing and a relatively quiet meal. Andy and Taylor both had to work and Katie & Travis spent Christmas in Virginia with Trav's family, we missed all of them a lot! I love the holidays and as my boys get bigger (and our family grows) it has become even more fun and exciting.

Merry Christmas

The Pemberton's
Dave, Carolyn, Colt, Jax & Case

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve: The reason for the season

After we got done opening a few presents Memah brought out the costumes she had ordered for the play. Dave had often told me that when they were younger they would act out the Christmas Story every Christmas Eve. Dave's mom decided this year we would start that tradition again and she ordered costumes for everyone! It was so much fun and a great reminder of why we really celebrate Christmas.
Joseph and Mary.

 Dave was the reader as well as a donkey.
 Case was baby Jesus and he was the best little baby Jesus ever! He basically just laid quietly in the manger with big eyes looking at all of us like we were crazy.

Christmas Eve : Opening Presents

The boys had fun opening a few presents on Christmas Eve. Case didn't get one present Christmas Eve but he didn't need any, he was perfectly happy with everyone else's leftover wrapping paper and bows.

 Kenzie got the boys superhero costumes. Colt wore this wolverine costume for the rest of Christmas Eve and most of Christmas Day.
 Camryn in her wolverine costume and her superhero cape.

Christmas Eve

This year we spent Christmas with Dave's side of the family. We drove over to Kennewick in the early afternoon on Christmas Eve.

 Colt and Cam : best buddies/cousins
 Memah had a bunch of fun little Christmas activities to keep the kids busy before church that evening. The first one was decorating a Christmas tree ornament.

 Then all the kids got to hang their ornament on the tree.
 Next was reading the story of the candy cane, she even had a candy cane for all the kids to eat while she read the story to them.
 Case and Poppi hanging out.
 Camryn ready for Christmas Eve church service.
After church we came back to the house and had a yummy spread of appetizers for dinner (Pemberton family Christmas Eve tradition). The kids were asking every two minutes to open presents so we ate quickly and then got ready to open a few presents. The cousins exchanged their gifts and everyone opened the traditional new pajamas for Christmas Eve.
 Toy Story pajamas for both boys.

Case's Christmas pajamas were the same ones that both Colt and Jax wore for their first Christmas.

Cousins: Camryn, Colt, Jax, Calvin & Case

I love this picture!