Sunday, April 26, 2009

Portland Zoo

We took a trip to Portland with Dave's sisters and their husbands and the kiddos. We did some shopping, went to a fun Sushi dinner (I had to settle for rice and chicken teriyaki:( and I love SUSHI!!), did some shopping at IKEA and then on Sunday we went to the zoo. It was so much fun, I can't remember the last time I have been to a zoo. We got there around 8:30 that morning and left around 2:00 that afternoon. I was sooooo tired by the time we finally left, we walked the entire day from animal to animal but the kids loved it so it was all worth it!
Camryn ready for a fun day!
We are off to see our first animals of the day.........
........the Elephants! The baby elephant was just born last fall.
Colt and Andy (ANNI as Colt says it) checking out the elephants. Colt has found a new best friend in Andy, everytime he was not around he would walk around yelling "Anni, Anni."
Colt and Camryn got front row seats for the elephant show.
These two are so cute!! Checking out the monkeys together.
Time for a snack break, I think they ate there way through the zoo. Good thing Aunt Kenzie packed them lots of yummy snacks!
I know what your thinking........ I am bigger than the polar bear!
This is me trying to take out Colt with my stomach....just kidding we were feeding the birds.
Camryn enjoying??? herself.
The other children that we brought to the zoo.
Colt petting the goats for the first time. He loved it.
Until the goats tried to take out his feet, they kept head-butting his shoes and he was not too happy about that.
I think this was the kids favorite part, Andy put a coin in this and the kids could have sat there all afternoon watching it go round and round.
Aunt Katie makes a pretty good looking bear.
If you don't know Travis and Katie you have a pretty good idea of who they are after seeing this picture. They had this huge eagles nest and the two of them wanted pictures in it posing as birds!
As we were leaving the zoo I look down and see Colt has fallen asleep into his snack tray. He was so tired, he didn't even move when we transferred him to his carseat. We can't wait to go back!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baby "Pizza"

Thought I should give an update on Baby "Pizza" this is what Colt calls the baby, in fact he refuses to refer to it as anything other than "pizza." You ask him what we should name it and he says "pizza" or if you ask him what's in mommy's tummy he says "pizza." Dave asked him the other day if we should name the baby "Dave" if its a boy and Colt looks at him all confused and says "No, PIZZA!!" So we have taken to calling this baby Pizza for the time being. Anyway, I had another doctor appointment yesterday because I have been having some weird stuff going on lately. Last Monday Dave got the flu and was throwing up pretty much all night and spent all day Tuesday in bed, on Tuesday I started throwing up at work around lunchtime and I spent all Wed. in bed. During this time I started having some contractions, not just the little braxton hicks contractions, these were in my back. Once I got over the flu and kept liquids down it got better but I would still get them sporadically. Also, since getting the flu I have been really nauseated and having really bad heartburn all day long. At track practice on Monday afternoon I had like 4 contractions in about 30 minutes so I ended up having to leave practice early and go home and get my feet up. So, I finally called yesterday morning feeling kind of stupid like maybe I was just worrying too much about all this but my dr. wanted me to come in and just get checked out. Overall, the appointment went well. She checked me and I am not dilated at all, she did the fetal-fibronectin test (which basically lets you know if you are going to go into labor in the next 14 days) which turned up negative and then she sent me over to the OB floor at the hospital to run a non-stress test. When she was listening to the baby's heartbeat on the doppler it was staying pretty steady at about 140 and not rising above that at any time so she wanted to just check and make sure all was well there. I layed in the hospital bed and read a book for an hour while they did the test, once the baby started moving the heartrate started changing and I was cleared to go home. The only concern right now is that my cervix has softened, its still a little early for it to be softening so I am going back next week for my normal appointment and she will check again to be sure nothing has changed. Until then she put me on Zantac to try and relieve the constant nausea that I have been dealing with and told me to take it easy. Stay off my feet and don't push the exercise too much. Though she did say it was all right if I wanted to continue walking as long as it was not causing anymore contractions. I still have about another 4 weeks left of track but if I can get through those 4 weeks I will be at 36 weeks and ready to roll. My students are telling me that they don't think I will make it to the end of the school year, I think that's there polite way of telling me I look HUGE!!:)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Feels like Summer!

We had a beautiful weekend over here in Eastern Washington, it was 70 degrees all weekend and then is supposed to be in the 80's this coming week. It feels like summer already. On Saturday we went over to Tri-Cities for the Pasco Invite track meet. I had to be there all day coaching so Dave and Colt dropped me off at the track and then went and spent the day with Dave's parents. Dave picked me up that evening after it was over and we went back to his parents for dinner. They had been working outside all day long and washing cars, someone gave Colt the water gun and he figured out very quickly how to use it.
He was spraying everyone that came even close to him with the water and then laughing hysterically!
We came home Saturday night and then Sunday was another gorgeous day. Colt and I started the day with a nice long walk, went to church, then came home and did some playing outside while Dave mowed the yard.
He loves picking up rocks and looking for bugs underneath them. Most the time he picks up the bugs and brings them to you.
Of course we had to get some dog time in too, he loves ALL DOGS!! He calls our dogs "By" for Byson, "Saaam" for Sam, and "Kote" for Lakota. Every morning when we go downstairs to get his banana and milk he runs over to the window and points to the dog kennel and goes "Mommy, poop." I don't know why he feels he has to tell me that the dogs poop but he always does!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

My little man on Easter. Colt and Camryn had there own kids table to eat at. Colt ate sooo much, he wanted to try everything. I am pretty sure he got way too many sweets though because he was asking everyone for food and of course no one could tell him no!
It was raining but we did an Easter egg hunt anyway. We had Colt do his own little easter egg hunt first.
Tradition is when we go to Dave's parents for Easter that we all participate in the Easter egg hunt. Its a fun time though and even though we are all 17 or older we still run around like crazy trying to find the eggs first. Dave got a very full basket and even made some money out of it!
Uncle Taylor did not get as many eggs this year because he was too busy helping Colt find eggs. What a great uncle!!
Looking for eggs with his Uncle Tay Tay.
I found all these sport eggs but Colt kept ignoring them because he thought they were really balls and of course he only wanted the eggs because they have candy in them! It was a fun day, we spent the night at Kenzie and Andy's on Saturday and woke up and had strawberries and french toast which Colt inhaled! We went to church and then back to Dave's parents place for lunch of ham, potatoes, salads, ceviche, fruit and yummy desserts. We all left complaining of how full we were.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dyeing Easter Eggs

We went over to Kennewick this weekend for Easter and on Saturday night the boys of course had to play a game of Settlers of Cattaan!!
The girls (and Colt) got to dye some Easter eggs. This was Colt's first time doing it and he had a lot of fun.
Aunt Katie was there to help him the entire time and Colt was really into it!
Camryn could pretty much do it by herself, she was so good at picking the egg up with a spoon and then putting it in a different color. She was very proud of herself too!
Memah showing Camryn how it's done.
Colt coloring his egg his favorite color "lello."

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Colt's Travel Companion

We drove to Boise over Spring Break for a couple days to see family. We brought Byson along and of course his favorite place to sit when he is not in his cage is on Colt's lap. Colt loves it when Byson sits on his lap, they both ended up falling asleep like this when I was driving them around Boise one afternoon.
Colt no longer gives me many sweet smiles for the camera, most of them are very cheesy these days because he is always saying "CHEESE" everytime I get the camera out. We had lots of fun in Boise, we stayed with Marni while we were there and then went to Madelyn, Elena, and Lucy's soccer games, met up with Dave's cousins (Tammy and Will) and his Aunt and Uncle (Tom and Scotty) for dinner one night, had pizza at Marni's place one night and relaxed. I was still feeling pretty crummy for most of the trip from this nasty cold/cough I had over the break so I never even took a picture while we were there except these two of Colt. How bad am I! I wish I could of gotten one of Colt and his cousins, they had so much fun playing with him and are so good with him. He loved them!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy 29th Birthday Dave!

We went over to Kennewick on Thursday so I could get my hair done by Dave's sister (thanks Kenz!!) and we could celebrate Dave's birthday with his family. We had barbequed hamburgers, beans, chips and funfetti cake and ice cream (Dave's favorite).
Look at all those candles! Next year is the big 3-0!!
Singing Happy Birthday to Dave. Camryn was so cute she would sing "Happy to you, Happy to you, Happy David." She always would forget to say the birthday part.
Colt helped Daddy blow out the candles.
Then Daddy let him have some of the good stuff afterwards.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Byson's haircut

Dave convinced me that he could cut Byson's hair just as well and save us money by not having to take him every 6 weeks to the groomers. So he bought a pair of clippers and has been cutting Byson's hair for about the last 8 months.
Colt loves to be in on the action and "help out."
I must say he does a good job too!!

Sometimes the best of plans....

.......don't always work out!!
I am on spring break from work this week, I had these fabulous plans of things I wanted to get done, pictures I was going to take, blog posts I was going to make and then I came down with this rotten, nasty, yucky cold/cough and have not felt up to doing much other than what I have to do. Colt and I have played around the house but the weather has been so miserable that we have not gotten to go to the park or play outside like I had planned. He did get to spend the night at his Papa and Di Di's house last night, Dave and I had growth group and then I had track practice this morning so he just stayed there last night and I am sure was spoiled rotten the entire time. It sure looked and sounded like he had a great time.
I had a doctor appointment on Monday, got to do the fun drink test (for some reason this time I thought I was going to puke after drinking it!!), got my blood drawn, had to get a shot in my rear for my RH negative blood type and I am now measuring a wonderful 2 weeks ahead of where I am actually at. I feel like a whale and I still have at least another 11 weeks to go. My doctor said that we could talk about inducing at 39 weeks if I wanted. I am pretty sure I will be begging for it at that point, I am starting to feel uncomfortable and very big!! New belly pictures will be coming soon! You will not believe the difference from the last ones I posted. Baby is still not head down either, that's not a big concern at this point but I would still appreciate prayer that he/she will turn here in the next couple weeks. I have a feeling that this baby is going to be too big to move around by the time I am 35 weeks pregnant.
In other news, Dave and I have put our house up for sale! We have been thinking about doing it for awhile now and even thought its not a great time to sell it is a great time to buy especially with the low interest rates. We are hoping to set it up so that after next year I can take some time off from work and stay home with the kids. We have been looking at houses around here and have found some we like but are going to wait until our house sells before we decide what to do. Ideally, I would love it if our house sells and we are in our new house before this baby comes but I realize how unlikely that is to happen, it never hurts to pray about it though.
I promise my next post will have lots of pictures and not so much writing!!