Saturday, February 28, 2009

24 weeks!

I'm growing, growing, a lot more places than just my belly:)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On the way.......

We are headed on a very fun trip. I will tell you the details soon!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Funny Boy!

Before bed one night last week Colt saw my camera and pointed to it so I took it out and had him make faces for the camera. These are what he came up with!
Dave hates it when he does this with his bottom teeth, it drives him crazy!!
Big Grin!
Showing us those pearly whites.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dinner conversation with Colt

Mommy: "Colt do you want some pizza for dinner" (he always wants pizza its one of his favorites!!). "Daddy is making homemade pizza for mommy's birthday."

Colt: "No, oatmeal"

Mommy: "Your sure you don't want pizza!"

Colt: "No mommy oatmeal!!"

He points to the pantry and goes over to the oatmeal box pulls out a packet of oatmeal, walks over to the dishwasher pulls out his bowl and then proceeds to open the silverware drawer and get out his spoon. He hands me the oatmeal and his bowl.


So he got oatmeal for dinner and he ate it all up!!

Mommy's Birthday.

We went over to my mom and dad's to celebrate my 28th birthday on Sunday evening. Colt wanted to ride his horse a little bit, he gets a bit braver every time he rides it and lasts a little longer each time. My mom named the horse Pepper so that is what we call him. I did not take any pictures besides this one so this is all your going to see about the evening. It was fun though, we had chicken fajitas, delicious mango salsa, tortilla chips, pineapple, chocolate and ice cream cake for dessert. I got some nice gifts too!!
For my actual birthday (today) my day started off with a torturous spinning class at the gym (but it was still fun), my dad brought me a soy latte at work, my colleagues brought me lunch and dessert (Dave came and ate with us) and then Dave made us homemade pizza for dinner and we spent time as a family. It was a great day and thank you to all of you who called or left me notes through email/facebook. It was a special day and you all made me feel loved! Oh yea, Dave got me an I-Pod for my birthday. Can you believe I have never had one, I love it and will probably use it almost everyday from here on out! No more boring runs on the treadmill!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Best Friends

These two love to play with each other. Colt can get a little rough but Byson is usually really good about putting up with it.
The first person (or should I say dog) that Colt asks for every morning is Byson. We walk into the room and he starts yelling "Bys!! Bys!!" Its fun to watch them play together.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bedtime routine

Colt and I before bedtime tonight. He saw my camera and pointed to it and said cheese so I asked him if he wanted to take a picture and he said yes. He was so funny posing for all these photos(I took a bunch but thought one would be enough on the blog). The kid cracks me up!
Usually around 7 or a little before we go and lay on my bed and read 3-4 books together, he is getting to where he actually is starting to listen to the story a little bit better and will just sit there while I read as long as I don't spend too much time on one page. His favorite books are ones with animals or trucks in them. Then I go and put him to bed, sometimes I will rock with him for a couple minutes just because its one of the few times he will sit and really cuddle with me. Most nights he goes to sleep between 7 and 8 and will go to bed pretty happily about it. There are of course nights when I have to let him cry a little bit but those nights are rare and it usually happens when his bedtime routine was switched up because of time or other factors. He wakes up most mornings between 7 and 8. During the week when I am up and moving around its sometimes earlier but if we are sleeping he will keep sleeping on the weekends which is really nice. Mornings are my favorite times with him, he is so happy and so cute!! I love my little boy!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

We had a super fun Valentine's Day. For us it was really just another day, Dave and I have never been big fans of celebrating the day so we just turned it into a fun day for all three of us! It started around 8am (that's what time Colt got me out of that kid!!) since Dave has been battling a yucky yucky sickness for over a week now we let him sleep in and Colt and I went running. The weather was beautiful and he was so excited to go. I packed him a small bag of yogurt burst strawberry cheerios and craisens (very appropriate colors for V-day!) and he ate that the entire way to the .................
He was so excited when I stopped running to let him out and play. He ran all over the playground equipment and then we went and checked out the.......
He was so in love with these animals and kept saying "QUACK QUACK" really loud everytime they would make noise. I was bummed that I did not bring any bread because he would have loved to feed them.
This was the best smile I could get out of him, he would not stop running around!!
After the park we went back home and had breakfast with Dave and then just hung out around home until Colt woke up from his nap around 3. Then we made a quick trip over to Tri-Cities to celebrate Katie and my birthday with Dave's family. Katie's birthday is on the 15th and mine is not until the 23rd but it worked out for all of us to celebrate tonight. It was a lot of fun and Dave's mom made us the yummiest ice cream cake for dessert. Colt was soooo excitd when he saw it.
He couldn't wait for his first bite:)
We ended up staying until 11:15 because all the boys were playing Settlers of Cattaan so it was a late night. Colt was up the entire time running everywhere and he crashed quickly when we got him in the car for the hour long car ride home. It was a fun day and so nice to spend it with family!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I think Colt has come down with a bad case of croup. Not sure if that's what it is or not but he wheezes very badly when he breathes and when he coughs it sounds kind of like a dog or seal barking. I got out my medical books and they said those are also the signs for croup. We have a humidifier going in his room at night why he sleeps (which really isn't much lately since he has a hard time breathing when he is laying down) and we have done the steam from the shower idea as well. He's been very teary this weekend and mainly just wanting to be held and even then that does not always console him. Dave said he would stay home with him tomorrow if he's still sick (I am all out of sick days at work!!) but hopefully he is feeling better by then. If you know of any good ideas to ease his discomfort feel free to post!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Di Di and baby cousins

My sister Ann came over a couple of weekends ago with her daughters Reese and Perry. Neither of them felt very well all weekend long so I did not take any pictures except for this one and I thought it was too cute not to post. They both have the cutest personalities (very different but very cute) and it was fun to watch Colt play with his cousins. They are exactly 11 weeks apart, the twins were born in April and Colt in June. This lucky little boy is surrounded by lots of girls!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

20 week belly pictures.

Well here I am at 20 weeks, well I guess its a little after 20 weeks but close enough. Still able to wear most of my pants (though its not always comfortable) but all of my shirts are too short now so I have moved into maternity shirts. I tried on a pair of my maternity pants from when I was pregnant with Colt and they are still way too big, they will not even stay up. This in between stage is kind of annoying!!
Baby Pemberton #2 at 20 weeks.
Baby Pemberton #1 (Colt) at 20 weeks.
I thought it would be fun to post a comparison picture. I feel like so far I am pretty much the same size as I was with Colt. A lot of people have commented about how you get so much bigger earlier with the 2nd one but I guess they don't remember how big I got early with Colt!! I hated it when people said to me "any day now right" and I still had 8 weeks left!!:) I am sure I will be getting the same comments this time around too.

Baby's 1st photo shoot.

Here are some ultrasound pictures that were took at our ultrasound this past week. This picture was my favorite one because it looked like the baby was almost waving at us.
Another profile picture. Baby was measuring at 22 weeks and I was at 20 weeks and 3 days when we had the ultrasound. Another big baby!
This picture cracks me up because when the ultrasound tech took the picture she paused and goes "that is one fat foot!!" I laughed and told her well this baby's brother has hugely FAT feet so he must take after him (which means he takes after his dad, Dave has huge feet!).

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

IT'S A...........

...........SURPRISE!!! We had our ultrasound today. It was such a relief to have it and see the baby and know that all is well. I have been reading way too much stuff lately about all the things that parents find out in ultrasounds that could be wrong with the baby. I had told Dave before I was even pregnant again that I wanted our 2nd baby to be a surprise so we did not find out the gender. The ultrasound technician did give us a pretty clear shot between the legs though when she was getting pictures of the babies legs and so Dave has his own idea as to what the gender is but I'll let him believe what he wants to believe. He's no expert, after all this was only the 2nd ultrasound he has ever seen in his life!! All looked great with the baby and it was so fun to see all the movement, this baby has been sooooo active and really moving alot, much earlier than Colt did. Dave has even felt the baby move a couple of times already so that has been fun. Just like Colt this baby is measuring about 1.5 weeks bigger than average size but I don't anticipate having a small baby so I am guessing that's pretty normal for me. The ultrasound technician said its actually nice when the baby is a little bigger because then there is usually nothing to be worried about!! The baby is transverse right now which is kind of weird to think about but it still has a long time to move head down so she told me not to worry about that right now. I have my next doctor appointment on Monday so I will be interested to see what my doctor has to say after reading the results. I have some pics of the ultrasound I will try and put up this week as well as a 20 week belly shot. I am getting so excited to meet my new son/daughter, its all seeming so real now!