Sunday, January 27, 2008

I figured out how to do something new today....

Mommy put me down in my crib to play for a bit and when she came back look what I was doing!!
almost there.......
I did it!! I was so excited and.....
proud of myself!

Sunday at home

Mommy wanted to blog and I wanted to play so we compromised. She blogged and I got yummy treats.
and a sippy cup full of water!!!
So happy.....
still happy!
While mommy was getting my bath ready I decided to work on my crawling skills. This is my favorite position lately, I still can't figure out how to move forward but I have the position down!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Bath Time

7 months

Remember the boppy that was Colt was always in when he was little.....
I think he has outgrown it now!
He was so happy today (what else is new?)
Working on his crawling.....
"Hi Mom"
Colt is 7 months old today, he is right about 30 inches and just under 20lbs. He is rolling everywhere, is rocking back on his hands and knees and can pull his knees under him from a laying down position. Everyday when I pick him up from the babysitter Joyce says to me “he came really close to crawling today.” I told her that if she sees him crawl before me I am going to be really upset! He has started sleeping on his tummy a lot now, he rolls onto it at night and when I go in to get him in the morning he is looking up at me from his tummy. He also likes to play in his crib in the morning, I can here him cooing and moving around and he will do that until we come and get him. He likes to try to grab the crib rail and try to pull himself up but he is not strong enough yet to figure that out. Also, I have to put this because Dave told me I should. He says dada now, the other day Dave and I both pick him up at the daycare. Dave picks him up and he grabs his face and says dada dada. Dave got all excited about it and was so proud but Joyce and I were both pretty skeptical that he really knew what he was saying especially because he has been blabbering a lot lately. Well I now believe Dave because even though he does say it a lot even when Dave is not around, when Dave is holding him and talking to him Colt will grab his face and say it over and over again. It is the cutest thing. Now we just have to work on mama!!

Dinner time

I am not a good cook, not only do I not enjoy cooking but I also do not really enjoy eating. I mean I love to snack on stuff but I do not plan my day around what I am going to cook for dinner that night. I am more than happy with a bowl of cereal or even better skipping dinner all together and having a bowl of chocolate chip mint ice cream!! However, my husband really enjoys a nice sit down meal and I know I will soon have to start preparing healthy meals more regularly as Colt gets older. I have really tried this past week to cook more, I like trying out new recipes but I also like them when they are fast so I do not have to spend my entire evening cooking and cleaning up dinner. I made homemade chicken noodle soup (very healthy and yummy) and last night I made chicken enchiladas (not as healthy but I modify a lot of my ingredients so they are not super bad for you). Dave gave me two thumbs up for both meals and they were also something that I feel like I could continue to cook for Colt as he gets older. My sister Amy gave me the cookbook Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfield for Christmas this year. The book has all of kids’ favorite recipes in it with a twist, she puts some type of fruit or veggie in every one of her recipes. For example I made baked macaroni and cheese and put sweet potatoes in it! It turned out quite good and you could not even taste the veggies. I want to try them out on us before I have to start making them for Colt. This past weekend my friend Courtney made a delicious chicken and cilantro tortilla dish that was wonderful and very simple to make I have already added it to my recipe book. If any of you have any easy, yummy and healthy recipe that you enjoy making I would love to hear about it. Please email me at I am hoping that by trying different things I will start to enjoy cooking a little bit more and enjoy making healthy dishes for my family. I have been so determined that Colt eats all his veggies that I will not even give him any fruit unless he has finished the entire container. I do not think he cares either way but I do not want him to be a picky eater. I got some really good advice from the youth pastors wife at our old church in Tri-Cities when I was pregnant with Colt. She said make your kids eat everything you eat and if they do not like it they can go to bed hungry. She said with her first she catered to his needs and she got so fed up with making different meals every night for him and then her husband. She has three boys now and they will eat ANYTHING! Obviously everyone feels differently but for me this was one of the pieces of advice that I am going to try and listen to. I will let you know how it goes as Colt gets older and can actually protest to the rule. All right I am off to make dinner right now, I think tonight it’s going to be chicken with stir fry. I wonder how Colt will feel about that someday, I can remember HATING stir fry growing up and my dad would make it and my little sister and I would always try to sneak food to our rooms that night because we were so hungry from not getting dinner. AHH the good ole’ days (remember that Marni?)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2 months vs. 7 months

I took this picture tonight and it reminded me of one that I took about 5 months ago that was very similar.....
it is crazy how fast they grow!!

Colt Dr. Appt. Update

Dave just got back from the doctor with Colt. He has an upper respiratory infection, his pediatriction gave us a prescription for antibiotics and said that should clear everything up. She said his ears looked fine so no ear infection! I just hope the antibiotics work, he has had this cold on and off for the past month and I am sure he is tired of me wiping his nose every time I am near him! He weighed 19lbs 15oz, almost to the 20lb mark!!

The flu.

These last two days have been tough! I came down with the flu at work yesterday and all I wanted to do was go home, curl up in a ball and sleep until I felt human again. The idea sounded wonderful until I realized that my 6 month old son was waiting for me at the babysitters! My mom has the flu, Dave was having surgery on his mouth and that left me to take care of him. If you know me well then you know I am the biggest baby when I get sick, I really just want someone to take care of me until I feel better. Dave has always been really good about taking care of me when I am sick, last night he was WONDERFUL! He came home after having surgery on his mouth and took care of Colt for the rest of the evening and took care of me as well. He never complained, never got mad, he just did it without me ever even asking him. Today I am home on the couch, Colt has a doctor appointment for his cold that he can not get rid of. Guess who is taking work off to take him to the doctor......Dave! I probably could have done it myself but I still feel pretty miserable and the last thing I feel like doing is waiting around a doctors office with other sick people. I love my husband, I hope he realizes how much I appreciate his help.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Road Trip!!

We spent the three day weekend taking a road trip to Lynden WA. It is a 7 hour drive to Lynden and even though I was not feeling too great mommy and daddy had been looking forward to getting together with all there friends for the weekend so they packed me in the car and off we went.
" Where to now daddy?"
Finally we made it!!! I really wanted to play with the boys but they were so much faster than me. Jaymin was so nice to check on me and see what was wrong.

Jaymin says "We will play with you Colt don't worry!!" Thanks Jaymin your a great friend.
I am so lucky to have two great friends that are BOYS!! Crew also wanted to play with me, or maybe he just wanted all my toys:)
Hey Crew this is my toy, where are you going?
Riding the lion.....

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Friday, January 11, 2008

Growing too fast!!

Colt is starting to grow up much too fast . One minute he is laying on his tummy the next he is up on all fours.
Once he feels sturdy enough he starts to rock and then he lunges forward and plops back down on his belly. I have mixed feelings about him crawling, part of me is excited for him to achieve new things, the other part of me wants to turn back time so he can be a baby just a little bit longer:)
He wants to grab anything he can see....
even if its not in his reach:)
He always has time to give me a grin too.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Thinking back....

When Colt was born a little over 6 months ago he had a little trouble coming into the world, after 1 hour and 40 minutes of pushing he finally arrived with a HUGE cone head. Well the cone head went down but he continued to have a large bruise on the left side of his head that was swelled to about the size of a baseball (probably a little larger than that), they called it a calcified hematoma and said its not all that uncommon in babies, especially those with larger heads. We were assured that it would go back to normal by the time he was about a month old. After two months he still had a decent size bump so at his two month check up his pediatrician suggested that we do an x-ray just to be sure that all it was is a calcified hematoma. Well the x-ray tech said that by looking at the x-ray he could not determine that it was just a calcified hematoma and he really thought we should get an MRI to rule out anything more serious. At the time he thought there might be something going on with his brain. Well as many of you mothers know the thought of something being wrong with your child is too scary to even think about. Dave and I did a lot of praying during the next week as we had to wait over a week to get his MRI done. The other problem was that you have to lay perfectly still for an MRI which is no big deal for us older people but a little more difficult for a baby. We were hoping he would sleep through all of it so they did not have to sedate him, we tried everything that morning to keep him awake so he would just crash at the MRI, as we walked into the hospital he was dozing off in Dave's arms and the minute we get back into the room he is wide-awake looking at everything. The technician was great, he put blankets all around him to keep him warm and then Dave had an idea to hold the bottle in his mouth so he would not move his head. Dave held the bottle, Colt stared at Dave and they got all the pictures they needed. Two days later our pediatrician called to let us know that it was just a calcified hematoma, and there was nothing wrong with Colt's brain. Praise God!! However, due to its large size it could take up to a year to completely be unoticeable. I am sure when I have Colt out and about that people wonder what is wrong with his head:) Since winter is here I usually keep a warm hat on him at all times when we are going to be outside. I wish I would have taken a better picture of his head when he was smaller so you could really tell the difference but the picture above does a pretty good job of showing "what's left" of his bump. Those days waiting for the MRI and the results were long and very scary. Dave and I chose not to tell anyone but our immediate family as we did not want anyone else to worry about something that we hoped was really nothing. I can not imagine what mother's go through who have sick children and have to deal with hospitals and unknowns on a daily basis. We are so blessed to have the situation turn out as it did.

Monday, January 7, 2008

National Championship Game

Papa came over to our house for the national championship game. All of us boys enjoyed watching it together.
Look how mesmerized I am by my BIG PAPA!! I hope I grow up to be a superstar athlete like he was in his day.
Allright mom I will give you one smile for the camera.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

6 months old.

Colt had his 6 month check up today. He is doing great and the doctor was pleased with his progress. At 6 months old he is rolling over (on occasion), scooting everywhere on his back and stomach, sitting up on his own and playing with all his new Christmas presents, rocking back and forth on his hands and knees (he just started doing this yesterday) eating lots of "real" food, sleeping 12-13 hours at night and filling our lives with so much JOY!!!! Still no teeth yet but he loves to bite down on things with his gums. He weighed 19.5 lbs (80 percentile) and was 29 inches long (100++ percentile) and he is finally starting to grow into his head a little bit he went down from the 95th% to the 80th% from his four month checkup. Overall he is just a happy little guy who is really starting to develop a sweet personality. I also think he has a lot of his daddy's toughness in him, when he got his shots today he did not cry once and he actually gave the nurse a huge grin in between the 3rd and 4th shot! The nurse thought that was pretty funny :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! We had a fun and relaxing new years. My parents good friend Audra and Brent came over. They stayed up late playing the Wii and ringing in the new year with good food and drinks. I went to sleep at 7 but woke up at 5:30!! Mommy was a little upset because I have been sleeping from 7-8 almost the entire christmas break and then when she stays up wake I get up early. Poor mommy but I don't think she minds too much.
On New Year's Day Brent and Audra came back over and we watched football all day long. I was such a good sport and really enjoyed playing with Audra and Brent.
I was very relaxed on Audra's lap.