Monday, January 21, 2008

Road Trip!!

We spent the three day weekend taking a road trip to Lynden WA. It is a 7 hour drive to Lynden and even though I was not feeling too great mommy and daddy had been looking forward to getting together with all there friends for the weekend so they packed me in the car and off we went.
" Where to now daddy?"
Finally we made it!!! I really wanted to play with the boys but they were so much faster than me. Jaymin was so nice to check on me and see what was wrong.

Jaymin says "We will play with you Colt don't worry!!" Thanks Jaymin your a great friend.
I am so lucky to have two great friends that are BOYS!! Crew also wanted to play with me, or maybe he just wanted all my toys:)
Hey Crew this is my toy, where are you going?
Riding the lion.....


The Chases said...

I am so glad that we got to see all three of you this weekend. You are such a cute mamma and Colt is getting so big! Tell my boyfriend hello for me=)

Conlin Family said...

You are brave taking a 7 hr road trip! It looks like you all had fun. I hope Colt gets feeling better. =) Have a good week!