Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday at home

Mommy wanted to blog and I wanted to play so we compromised. She blogged and I got yummy treats.
and a sippy cup full of water!!!
So happy.....
still happy!
While mommy was getting my bath ready I decided to work on my crawling skills. This is my favorite position lately, I still can't figure out how to move forward but I have the position down!


The Price Family said...

What a big boy, COLT! You have the best smiles and you are going to be crawling soon. We miss you!

Lil' Jay & Family said...

Colt's smile melts my heart....he is such a happy baby and isn't camera shy! And that crawling position will VERY soon turn into full out crawling! Anyday now....I'll keep checking for a blog on it this week!