Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lake Chelan

Dave and Dale. Don't you just love the missing front tooth?
We went on our first vacation with Colt to Lake Chelan last week with a group of college friends that I played volleyball with and their husbands. It was such a great time and Colt did great, everyone wanted to hold him so he got a bit spoiled but he was an easy traveler and we did not have to stop once on the way to Chelan or the way home.

All of us rented a huge house right on the lake. It was beautiful, we had our own private dock and the weather was perfect. This is Crew (14 months) he is Julie and Chris's little guy, Jaymin (11 months) he is Tracey and Tyler's son and Colt (1 month).
Jaymin was so cute around Colt he would just sit by him and very carefully put his hand on Colt. It was very sweet!

Here is the group from left to right: Tracey, Tyler, Courtney, Shane, Jess, Dale, me, Dave, Julie and Chris
This is what Jess spent most of her time doing. She loves babies and is having one herself in February.
Colt and I on the dock soaking up the sun. At least I was Colt was under an umbrella. The camo swim trunks were a present from Julie. She got all the boys matching trunks however we never got a picture with all three of them...bummer!
The guys spent most of there time playing games, here they are playing Yahtzee but that was just one of the many things they did while we were there.

1 month old

Colt was 1 month old on July 25th! He had a doctor appt and he is now 11lbs 9oz and 24.5 inches long. He has gained 3lbs and grown 2 inches since he was born. The bump on his head is going down but they told us it could take up to 6 months for it to be completely gone. Besides that he is doing great. He is starting to smile and when I capture it on camera I will be sure to post it. Being a mom is so awesome and so much fun when you have such a great natured son to share it with. I love this little (big) guy!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

4 weeks old

Colt is 4 weeks old already. I can't believe how the time has flown by, he is starting to smile but we have yet to catch it on camera. The sad thing for me is he will only do it for Dave:( I am anxiously awaiting the night that he does not wake up for his 2:30 feeding. I am hoping that it comes before I have to start back teaching in August! We are headed to Chelan for a little vacation tomorrow, we are meeting a bunch of friends there and some of them have little boys so it will be fun to get together and relax!

Grandma Time

My great grandma Milly came to Walla Walla to see me, she loved to hold me and I would just snuggle right down and fall asleep on her chest. She had a way of calming me down. She left today and I already miss her!

My great grandma Milly and grandma Di Di.
My mom was supposed to be in this picture too but she had not showered yet and I had just spit up all over her so she took the picture instead.

Ready for bed

Watching sportscenter with daddy before I have to go to bed. I even have the right pajamas on to watch it!
Nope not sleepy yet!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Baby Einstein

I pulled out the baby einstein gym today to see if Colt would be interested or not. He really seemed to enjoy it and was batting at some of the animals. He loved the music and would just sit and stare at himself in the mirror. It was pretty fun to watch.
Staring at the lady bug.
Then I rolled him over for some tummy time. I kept talking to him to see if he would lift his head up for me on his own. He just kept looking at me like "now what do you want me to do mom?"
Then he did it and even held it there for a couple seconds. I got him to do it a couple more times then he grew tired of it and started to fuss. I can't believe how much he bigger he is getting. It is fun to watch all the little milestones day by day.

3 weeks old

3 weeks old.
At the doctors office today he weighed 10lbs 15oz!
Mommy talking and playing to Colt.
Cute little arms!
An attempt at a smile.

Household chores

I always feel guilty when I am trying to get stuff done around the house and Colt is just sitting in his swing wide awake, I feel like I should be doing stuff with him but at the same time I have stuff that I need to get done. Today I found a solution to that problem....the BABY BJORN! He loved it, we cleaned, did dishes, fed the dogs, made dinner and he was awake for most of it. By the time Dave got home to take the picture he had already fallen asleep but I will be doing this more often. There is only so many times in your life that you get to hold him and I do not want to miss a moment of it!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

New Sunglasses!

  • Papa Mike bought me new sunglasses so now when I go walking with Mommy I can have my glasses on just like she does. Don't I look studly in my sunglasses? Thanks Papa Mike!
    Colt always has his tongue out, its really funny to see all these pictures and see his tongue. In many of my baby pictures I have my tongue out too, I guess he does take after his mama!

Day 18

We finally introduced Colt to Sam and Lakota.
Snuggling with Mommy.
Snoozin with Daddy.
This was too cute of a picture to pass up!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Camo baby

Staring at daddy! Its so funny when he looks at you his eyes always get really big and he just focuses on your face.
I see you Mommy!
Dave just got home from work and he loves his time to relax with Colt.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Day 16

Colt laying on the quilt that Grandma Di Di made for him.
I must admit I am pretty camera happy right now. It used to always be Dave who took all the pictures but now its me, I understand now why there are never very many pictures of moms with their kids......moms are always behind the camera.
Sitting next to Hank the Tank. This was Dave's cabbage patch doll when he was little.
What a cute face!
Snuggling with the doggie.
Colt is changing and changing every day, he has got to be close to 10lbs now and he seems to be getting longer and longer. I am frantically trying to dress him in a new outfit each day even if we don't go anywhere because I am afraid he will be out of the 3 month clothes before he even gets to wear all of them. He is easy to take places and usually sleeps or sits in his carseat and just looks around while I run errands.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Day 15

My mom has been babysitting Colt a lot lately. Dave is shorthanded in the office for the next two weeks as one of our staff people is on vacation so I am helping him out in the afternoon and my mom comes and watches Colt. I am pretty sure she spoils him rotten, she is already reading to him and she swears he listens to her. She says that when she starts reading to him he gets really quiet and just looks at her. I need to get a picture of that! These are all just random pictures but I have some people out there stalking my blog everyday and when I don't update daily I get complaints:) Not that I mind, I am glad you are so interested in seeing Colts daily changes. I can not believe how much he has already changed from the day he was born and he is just 15 days old today.

Monday, July 9, 2007

2 weeks old

Colt has been awake more and more over the past few days. When he is awake if we are not holding him he is so content to just sit in his swing or boppy cradle and look around. He will do this for hours without fussing if we can stand to not hold him!
Funny Face! Check out those chubby cheeks.
Hanging out in Mommy and Daddy's bed first thing in the morning.
Byson always wants to sit by Colt.