Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Very Fun Surprise!

My mom and sisters surprised me with a 30th birthday party this weekend. It was the best surprise ever! My mom and I had plans to go out to lunch so I drove out to her house to pick her up and there were cars lined up in her driveway. It was so great to get to catch up with my friends and family, most of them whom I rarely see. It had been months since I had seen Ann or Amy and I hadn't seen Marni since Christmas. I was so touched and happy that they had made the time to come and celebrate with me. They are all so busy with their lives and it made my weekend to have us all together. My 30th birthday was perfect, thank you mom for making all of it happen!!
My sisters : Ann, Me, Marni and Amy
Ann, my niece Madelyn and Me.
Mads, Me and my awesome Momma!!
My mom and I have not got to spend any quality time together in forever. I can't remember the last time we have been able to just get together and do something fun. I thought we had this fun little day planned just the two of us and instead she turns it into a party. So we still didn't get that together time but the party was a blast!
Youngest and Oldest : Marni and Ann
Mads and Amy, they drove from Boise and Amy made the yummiest banana cake I have ever had. It is probably my favorite cake now!
Becky and Heather dishing up some yummy food.
My mom made 3 of my favorite salads and my dad made a big pot of fish chowder. The food was delicious!
Amy and Michelle digging in too. I work with both of these gals but never get to see them anymore since I am only part time. It was so fun to catch up with both of them.
Audra and Amy catching up, I wish I would have gotten a picture with Audra. We have been best friends since the 8th grade but hardly ever get to see each other anymore. When we do hang out we always just pick right back up where we left off. She is truly an amazing person and a complete sweetheart!
My mom also made a chocolate chai cake that was super yummy too. They forgot the birthday candles so my mom found these.:)
My mother and sister in law talking with Amy.
Grandma Di Di and the oldest grandchild Madelyn.
After the party my sisters and Mads went downtown to look around and have some fun. We headed back to my house later that evening for pizza with all of Dave's family and my family. My family got me a Garmin 405 (it is a running watch and I have been wanting it forever) which I am really excited about. Dave's parents got me a really nice hair straightener and hair products which I probably will use even more than the watch:). It was such a fun evening and I am so appreciative of all my family and friends that came to celebrate. I love that Dave and I's family can get together and all have fun together and their is no awkwardness between us. Everyone gets along so well and we always have such a fun time. My 30th year is off to a great start!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The BIG 3-0

Today I turned 30 years old, the day was quite simply AMAZING! I love my birthday, I don't even ask for anything special or expect anything big but it always turns out special.  Today was no different, the boys woke up before I left for work (which rarely happens since I leave so early) and were extra sweet and loving, giving me lots of hugs and kisses as I got ready for work. Dave and Colt both told me Happy Birthday as I was leaving the house that morning, it made the day start off perfect. Audra stopped by my classroom with a birthday gift and hug, my dad dropped by with a coffee and a Nordstrom gift card, a couple of my teacher friends put together a basket full of "30" gifts. I got home and Dave and the boys had an apple-pecan waffle with a candle in it waiting for me. The waffle was beyond amazing and I also had my choice of coffee, water, or a smoothie to go with it. The boys and I stayed home the rest of the day relaxing, playing outside a bit, and being crafty. I even got a short nap that afternoon. Throughout the day I was overwhelmed at the amount of phone calls, texts and facebook messages that were sent my way. So many people just letting me know they care and it really made my day! Colt had AWANA this evening so we stopped by Dave's office to do our weekly cleaning and then dropped Colt off at the church. Dave, Jax and I had plans to go to Sweet Basil Pizzeria for dinner but when we got there it was closed for a private party and I was so dissapointed. We drove around for a bit to try and decide where to go, we passed the Marcus Whitman and Dave suggested going in there. They have a smaller lounge area with a smaller menu and the food was delicious. Jax was awesome throughout the meal and it was really fun, even better that the pizza place and such a nice treat. By the time we were done it was time to get Colt so we picked him up and then headed home for dessert!
 We had to change into our pajamas first!
 Dave calls me "Princess" and it's kind of started to be a joke in our family and among some of our friends. I laughed so hard when I saw the cake he had got me. I am sure the person writing on it thought it was for a 5 year old. I had told him I wanted a Dairy Queen blizzard cake so he got me a cookie dough cake. It was the perfect dessert!
Colt loves to help blow out the candles. 
We all had a yummy piece before the kids went to bed. Then Dave and I enjoyed another hour laying on the couch relaxing before bed. It was a perfect day and just the way I wanted to spend my 30th birthday. I am so looking forward to this year, I have honestly been looking forward to turning 30, the 20's were awesome and I think the 30's will be even better. I love the place I am at in my life right now, I love my growing family, I love getting to stay home with my boys for most the day and most importantly I love the fact that for the first time in my life I have been able to put my trust completely in God's hands. That alone feels pretty amazing.  Thank you to all who called, texted or emailed, the comments were truly appreciated and made me feel so loved. A special thank you to Dave and my little boys, as always you made the day awesome and I wouldn't have changed a thing about it.
I almost forgot, these were delivered this afternoon and they are from my sweet grandma Milly!! Thanks Grandma for the beautiful flowers, they made my day that much better!

Monday, February 21, 2011

A fun time with good friends.

I had a 5 day weekend this past week, it was awesome and so nice not to have a schedule for a couple days. We spent some time in Kennewick so I could get my hair done from Dave's sister Kenzie. In attempt to make my life even a little more simpler I went back to my original color. With only working part time this year spending money on my hair is not a priority and my roots were starting to look bad. Kenzie was the one that suggested it and I love it! Then we headed home because the Price family was coming to visit for 3 days!
Jax and Brody (2.5) eating a little morning snack while waiting for Dave to cook breakfast.
 Julie and I have been friends since my sophomore year of college, she was a freshman and we played volleyball together at Central. We hit it off right away and eventually lived together my last two years of college and have stayed close since. Her husband Chris and Dave are good buddies too and funny enough we all have boys so far (she has 3).
 Jules and Crew (4.5) snuggling on the couch.
 Dave and I arguing over how to cook breakfast. Well really he was doing it and I was probably getting in his way trying to clean up after him.:) Julie made us act nice and take a picture.
 As always Julie had to buy all the boys little presents while she was here, she loves spoiling them. She bought some puzzles and 5 nerf axes that lasted about 10 minutes with our destructive kids.
 Brodes working on his puzzle.
 On Saturday Dave and Chris took the older 3 kiddos up to Tollgate to go sledding. Julie and I stayed home with Jax and Kyler and did some shopping and of course got candy at Brights.
 Colt and Crew were such great buddies all weekend long. They loved playing together and really did get along well.
Chris and Crew.
 Brody ended up not liking the sledding too well and Chris was feeling a little sick so Dave ended up taking Colt and Crew sledding by himself while they stayed in the truck.
 By the time they got home Chris was pretty miserable. We had planned a night out with the adults and I had even gotten a couple babysitters but we had to cancel.
So Julie and I decided to take Colt and Crew to the movies instead, we got Papa Murphy's for dinner and then got our comfy clothes on and headed to the movies. It was nice to be able to get the older kids out of the house and the younger ones went to bed shortly after we left.

I love this picture of Crew (all these photos are courtesy of Julie).
On Sunday the sun came out so after another delicious breakfast prepared by Dave (I love that he does ALL the cooking when we have guests) everyone headed outside to play in our yard. I had to go to church since I was teaching that day so everyone else got to play.

 Kyler (16 months).
Sweet little boy and Jax and him played really well together.
 Love this picture of Jax and Dave.
 Alot of wrestling went on this weekend, that is only to be expected with 5 boys under 5 in the house!
 The little boys loved the alpacas!
Later that night I was able to get another babysitter and we put all the kids except Crew to bed and headed out to the Red Monkey for a delicious dinner and then The Blue for some gambling. It was nice to get away from the kids and just have time for ourselves, though by 10:30 both Julie and I were ready to go home and crawl in bed. It was a very fun weekend and so nice to hang out with friends. To be honest it was ALOT less crazy than I thought it was going to be. The kids all got along really well for the most part and we had enough activities to keep them entertained so they didn't get into too much trouble. Thanks for making the drive Price family, I know its not a fun being in the car for 7 hours with 3 little boys but we are so glad you came!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The life of a SAHM..... pure joy!
The days can get long and sometimes I get mad or yell because the boys are not listening, or fighting, or whining. But when I look through these pictures I am reminded of all the fun we have had these past few weeks (of course I don't take pictures of the moments that are not fun) and what great little boys I have!
 The weather here has been pretty decent for February, we have had some rain but most days we are able to get outside and play. They ask almost everyday to eat lunch outside, a couple of days the weather has cooperated and they love it!
 We have also got a lot of use out of our new playground set from Dave's parents. If its not raining or snowing we play out on it at least once a day. Colt's favorite is the swing and my underdogs.
 Jax LOVES the slide and can now walk up it by himself to the top, then he goes down and starts all over again. He never tires!
I try and work with Colt everyday on some type of learning activity and we also try to incorporate some type of craft. He has really been loving painting lately.

 Dave's mom got him this painting smock last year and I forgot all about it, Colt loves wearing it to paint.
 The hardest part of "school time" as Colt calls it, is finding an activity that Jax can do without bothering Colt. He is getting to the age where he wants to do pretty much everything Colt is doing (I knew this was coming) and recently he has started to really like play-doh. He mainly likes to take it out of the jar and then put it back in.

 Colt and I made lime jello one afternoon, he had fun putting the marshmellows all over the top of it.
 Being the awesome big brother that he is he made sure to put some in a bowl and share with Jax. For only being 3.5 he is an amazing sharer!!
Eating the extra marshmallows. 
I forgot how good the flavored ones are, I ate way too many and had a sugar headache! The rest of the day he kept asking when dinner was so he could eat his jello.
Enjoying a rainy morning snuggling on the couch after I get home from work. I had made myself a yogurt bowl with fruit, coffee and a bagel thin for breakfast (the boys had already eaten) but I am pretty sure I only got about 1/3 of my food because they stand in front of me like little birds with their mouths open just waiting to be fed.
My "baby" for now. I have a feeling he is going to have a hard time when this new one comes along, breaks my heart. He is such a sweetie and he sure loves his mommy! He is constantly whining and following me around the house saying "mama, mama" over and over until I pick him up. It drives me crazy but I try to appreciate the moments that he wants me to hold and snuggle him.
Here's baby #3 at 26 weeks. I am carrying pretty low again like I did with Jax. This pregnancy is going awesome, besides the annoying braxton hicks that I have daily I am feeling great and enjoying feeling him/her move around in my belly. Colt is fully aware this time that a new baby is coming along, lately he has been telling me he really wants a sister and talks about how he can help me take care of her, hold her, kiss her. I hope he's not too disappointed if he gets another brother! Jax sees my belly and points and says "baby" all the time, he is going to be really surprised when this baby actually comes out and is living with us! I am truly enjoying being pregnant, I think I like it a little more with each pregnancy. Maybe its because it could be my last so I want to enjoy and appreciate this pregnancy rather than be annoyed by being uncomfortable and the weight gain. It has gone so fast and with track starting up in another week the rest will fly by and before we know it May will be here! We need a little more time anyway because we still have not agreed on names yet!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

We celebrated Valentine's Day yesterday as a family. Since the boys don't know the difference anyway and it was a weekend it made it easier to make the day fun and special without me having to be gone to work in the morning or Dave gone the rest of the day. I put up some decorations the night before and got each boy a balloon along with a spiderman wash cloth and a little box of spiderman candy. They were so excited when we walked downstairs Sunday morning and saw all of it.

 Memah and Poppi had sent them a Valentine package too, so they got to open that as well.

 Teddy Grahams and gummy bears.
Oh the three year old awkward smile!
I made baked oatmeal with strawberries for breakfast and bacon then we went to church. After church we got the kids McDonald's and went to the park so they could eat and play for a couple hours. The weather was 60 degrees here yesterday and could not have been more beautiful. After the boys rested for awhile we got out the Valentine's cupcakes we had made the night before and they each had one. I didn't do anything fancy, just bought a funfetti cake mix box and put pink food coloring in it and the frosting, then decorated with red sprinkles. Colt and Jax both loved it and thought it was fun, that's all that matters right! Dave and I had growth group that night so my parents came over to watch the boys and brought more Valentine's day treats. Dave and I's favorite candy from Brights, coffee beans from Walla Walla Roastery, pizza gift certificate and treats for the boys. Growing up my mom always got my sister and I a Valentine's Day gift, even now that I am almost 30 I don't think she has ever missed a Valentine's Day, I always look forward to it (though I try to act like its not a big deal either way just in case she doesn't do it, she has not let me down yet.). I hope to do the same for my kids as they get older, its not even the gift that means so much it's just the thought that she really cares enough to think about me and my family and put together a package of all our favorite things. Love you Mom and Dad!!
I had to end this post with my Valentine. Even though we don't celebrate the day and buy each other gifts or even go on a date we are still madly in love (well at least I am, I can't speak for him:)). We have been together 11 years now and will be married for 8 this summer. He takes care of me every single day and spoils me rotten, I know I have the easier end of the deal because living with me and all my anal tendencies have to get annoying. I love this guy!