Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Very Fun Surprise!

My mom and sisters surprised me with a 30th birthday party this weekend. It was the best surprise ever! My mom and I had plans to go out to lunch so I drove out to her house to pick her up and there were cars lined up in her driveway. It was so great to get to catch up with my friends and family, most of them whom I rarely see. It had been months since I had seen Ann or Amy and I hadn't seen Marni since Christmas. I was so touched and happy that they had made the time to come and celebrate with me. They are all so busy with their lives and it made my weekend to have us all together. My 30th birthday was perfect, thank you mom for making all of it happen!!
My sisters : Ann, Me, Marni and Amy
Ann, my niece Madelyn and Me.
Mads, Me and my awesome Momma!!
My mom and I have not got to spend any quality time together in forever. I can't remember the last time we have been able to just get together and do something fun. I thought we had this fun little day planned just the two of us and instead she turns it into a party. So we still didn't get that together time but the party was a blast!
Youngest and Oldest : Marni and Ann
Mads and Amy, they drove from Boise and Amy made the yummiest banana cake I have ever had. It is probably my favorite cake now!
Becky and Heather dishing up some yummy food.
My mom made 3 of my favorite salads and my dad made a big pot of fish chowder. The food was delicious!
Amy and Michelle digging in too. I work with both of these gals but never get to see them anymore since I am only part time. It was so fun to catch up with both of them.
Audra and Amy catching up, I wish I would have gotten a picture with Audra. We have been best friends since the 8th grade but hardly ever get to see each other anymore. When we do hang out we always just pick right back up where we left off. She is truly an amazing person and a complete sweetheart!
My mom also made a chocolate chai cake that was super yummy too. They forgot the birthday candles so my mom found these.:)
My mother and sister in law talking with Amy.
Grandma Di Di and the oldest grandchild Madelyn.
After the party my sisters and Mads went downtown to look around and have some fun. We headed back to my house later that evening for pizza with all of Dave's family and my family. My family got me a Garmin 405 (it is a running watch and I have been wanting it forever) which I am really excited about. Dave's parents got me a really nice hair straightener and hair products which I probably will use even more than the watch:). It was such a fun evening and I am so appreciative of all my family and friends that came to celebrate. I love that Dave and I's family can get together and all have fun together and their is no awkwardness between us. Everyone gets along so well and we always have such a fun time. My 30th year is off to a great start!


desertrunnergirl said...

What an awesome surprise! Leave it to Diane to make your 30th birthday so special...! Everyone looks so good and I love seeing pics of Di's house - what a wonderful place.

Michelle said...

I am so glad you enjoyed your surprise! These are precious moments. And YOU are a fabulous, friend, daughter, mother and wife!

Jeff and Erin said...

Carolyn, this is so cool and was so fun to read..I love all the pics :0)