Thursday, February 17, 2011

The life of a SAHM..... pure joy!
The days can get long and sometimes I get mad or yell because the boys are not listening, or fighting, or whining. But when I look through these pictures I am reminded of all the fun we have had these past few weeks (of course I don't take pictures of the moments that are not fun) and what great little boys I have!
 The weather here has been pretty decent for February, we have had some rain but most days we are able to get outside and play. They ask almost everyday to eat lunch outside, a couple of days the weather has cooperated and they love it!
 We have also got a lot of use out of our new playground set from Dave's parents. If its not raining or snowing we play out on it at least once a day. Colt's favorite is the swing and my underdogs.
 Jax LOVES the slide and can now walk up it by himself to the top, then he goes down and starts all over again. He never tires!
I try and work with Colt everyday on some type of learning activity and we also try to incorporate some type of craft. He has really been loving painting lately.

 Dave's mom got him this painting smock last year and I forgot all about it, Colt loves wearing it to paint.
 The hardest part of "school time" as Colt calls it, is finding an activity that Jax can do without bothering Colt. He is getting to the age where he wants to do pretty much everything Colt is doing (I knew this was coming) and recently he has started to really like play-doh. He mainly likes to take it out of the jar and then put it back in.

 Colt and I made lime jello one afternoon, he had fun putting the marshmellows all over the top of it.
 Being the awesome big brother that he is he made sure to put some in a bowl and share with Jax. For only being 3.5 he is an amazing sharer!!
Eating the extra marshmallows. 
I forgot how good the flavored ones are, I ate way too many and had a sugar headache! The rest of the day he kept asking when dinner was so he could eat his jello.
Enjoying a rainy morning snuggling on the couch after I get home from work. I had made myself a yogurt bowl with fruit, coffee and a bagel thin for breakfast (the boys had already eaten) but I am pretty sure I only got about 1/3 of my food because they stand in front of me like little birds with their mouths open just waiting to be fed.
My "baby" for now. I have a feeling he is going to have a hard time when this new one comes along, breaks my heart. He is such a sweetie and he sure loves his mommy! He is constantly whining and following me around the house saying "mama, mama" over and over until I pick him up. It drives me crazy but I try to appreciate the moments that he wants me to hold and snuggle him.
Here's baby #3 at 26 weeks. I am carrying pretty low again like I did with Jax. This pregnancy is going awesome, besides the annoying braxton hicks that I have daily I am feeling great and enjoying feeling him/her move around in my belly. Colt is fully aware this time that a new baby is coming along, lately he has been telling me he really wants a sister and talks about how he can help me take care of her, hold her, kiss her. I hope he's not too disappointed if he gets another brother! Jax sees my belly and points and says "baby" all the time, he is going to be really surprised when this baby actually comes out and is living with us! I am truly enjoying being pregnant, I think I like it a little more with each pregnancy. Maybe its because it could be my last so I want to enjoy and appreciate this pregnancy rather than be annoyed by being uncomfortable and the weight gain. It has gone so fast and with track starting up in another week the rest will fly by and before we know it May will be here! We need a little more time anyway because we still have not agreed on names yet!


The Keatts Family said...

I was JUST thinking that it was time for a post from you :) Loved the pictures and I am so happy you are able to be enjoying time with your babes!

Michelle said...

1) We didn't agree on a name until our friend brought a quilt to the hospital that she had made for us and it had "nicholas" on top. We had mentioned it one time in passing as a choice for the name and well....the rest is history!
2) Thank goodness you yell and get frustrated! Your blog makes parenting look so SIMPLE AND BLISSFUL!

The Price Family said...

Hopefully you are more set on a name now that we were there...or you just got some very helpful advice! :) You are such a good mom Care, I just love being around you and your kids!

posted by the Bogdanoff family said...

I don't know how you have time to do all that you do with your boys!! Amazing!! I will be so excited to see if you are having a boy or a girl! Can't wait! Good luck with the name search. I don't know how we would come up with another boy name if I was pregnant. We have used the only ones we really liked. I guess that means it is time for me to have a of these days! Too soon right now. Oh, the cake I made was chocolate flavored. Dylan picked it out! fair putting old pictures of you on the blog! =)