Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend with the girls.

I spent the weekend in Ellensburg with some of my best college girlfriends. They were all my teammates on the Central Washington volleyball team and some of them were my roommates as well.
Courtney ( has little girl Kendall), Leann (got married this summer) , Gita,(has twins Tycen and Shaylie), Julie ( has three boys Crew, Brody and Kyler), Jessica ( has two boys Wyatt and Gavin and is pregnant with a little girl!), Me ( 2 boys and pregnant with our third), Randi ( has one boy Luca), Tracey (2 kids, Jaymin and Rilyn)
 We all stayed at Randi's place since she is the only one that still lives there, everyone else traveled but it was nice to meet at a central location since almost everyone is from the west side I enjoyed not having to drive 5+ hours by myself. Like I said before, I played volleyball with all these girls, we have all graduated, gotten married, work, and have children (well except Leann but she is the baby anyway).
 It was so fun to see all the girls again and talk. We did alot of talking, laughing and reminiscing.
 Me and Jess. We were the preggos on this trip so we got to drive everyone around.
 Jules and I. 
We both played outside in college and she was a year younger than me. From the moment she joined the team her and I became fast friends. Even now, we rarely go a day without texting or talking to each other.
 We went out to dinner and had some great food, good drinks and lots of laughter.
 The other half of the group.
 After dinner we went over to Central to see the boys basketball game and we got a tour of the new locker rooms (something we never had when we were at Central). It was fun to see pictures of us from when we played hanging up.
 We also met up with our coach Mario which was fun. I loved playing for him at Central and have such great memories of my playing years there. He was a big part of that!
We got back to the house and the girls had a quick drink before heading back out, Jess and I dropped them off downtown and then came back to the house and fell asleep around 11. The next morning we all went and got coffee together and sat around talking for another 4 hours. We probably could have talked all day except we all needed to get home. It was a very fun trip and I loved seeing everyone again (though I did miss my kids!).

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