Saturday, April 28, 2007

Baby Shower

Jayne Blackwell, my mom, Jan Thacker and Jillian Huber. My good friend since 2nd grade Jayne and her mom Jan drove down from Spokane and surprised me! It was so great to talk with them and catch up. Thank you Jayne and Jan!!

My other family. These are my sister-in-laws, Kenzie and her little girl Camryn, Katie and Randee. They got me a huge basket full of things for our baby boy, it was so sweet and very generous.

My mom got a basket full of grandma essentials. I think she was as excited as I was about all the gifts. After the shower she came over and helped me put everything away and organized. She says she can hardly even concentrate at work anymore because she is so excited for this baby.

My good friend since the 6th grade Mari McPherson, her and her mom drove down from Spokane. Her and her husband Jason are expecting there first child, a little girl, at the beginning of July.

Jill Carter, Jill Meliah, Me, Audra Cummings and Vicki Carter. These are the friends that gave me the baby shower. Jill Carter just had a little girl 2 weeks ago and Jill Meliah is expecting a little girl at the end of July. Our little boy is going to be surrounded by woman, so far all my friends that live in town are having girls.

Well he now has a place to ride when we drive home from the hospital. My mother-in-law Julie got us our carseat!

This is the quilt that my mom made for him, it fits perfect with the nursery and turned out so great!

Gifts for baby! I got so many nice things from my friends and family. The shower was at the Walla Walla Country Club, we had finger foods and carrot cake and enjoyed just talking with everyone and opening up some really fun gifts.

The centerpieces were so clever, there was a receiving blanket on each table along with a bottle filled with candy and coming out of the top was a washcloth in the shape of a flower. Also there were trucks on every table, I got to keep all of it. I know he will love playing with the trucks when he gets a little older. When I got home and showed Dave he started playing with them right away:)

This is one of my best friends, Audra Cummings. We have been best friends since the 8th grade and played a lot of volleyball together. She was one of the people that gave me the shower.

Johnny Jump Up! We are trying to create a football player so he should be off to a good start with this.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Baby Items

My running partner Sam and constant companion Byson

This is the jogging stroller that Ken and Wendy Perry just sent us. Byson seemed to enjoy it and I know Sam is looking forward to going on runs with me and our little guy in just a few short months. Thanks Wendy and Ken we already love it and it will be used a lot to get this mama back in shape.

The nursery colors are light blues and greens. Here is our crib, however it is still missing the quilt that my mom is making for it. It is almost finished and I am hoping that I will get it this weekend at my baby shower!

Laundry hamper, changing table and diaper champ. Just some of the neccesesities needed for a new baby.

I could not resist putting this picture in, he is going to be so sad when he is no longer the baby in our lives.

Monday, April 23, 2007

30 week picture!

Feeling bigger every day!

For the most part I have had a really great pregnancy so far, I am still able to work out everyday and I can still even run to my amazement! Dave and my dad keep saying how funny it must be to watch me run with my track kids but I just try to ignore them! I only have 9 weeks left and am getting more and more excited to meet my little boy! My mom's old teaching partner and good friend sent us our baby jogger last week. I am so excited to to be able run with him in the jogger rather than in my tummy! Thanks so much Wendy we love it!

Busy weekend

We had a crazy weekend, for once I did not have a track meet so we drove up to Kennewick late Friday night and stayed the night with the Pemberton's. We got to see Camryn again and she is already changing. Then Saturday Dave and I drove to Spokane to see the twins! It was so fun they are both so cute and little. The visit was short because we had to get back to Tri-Cities that night for a State Farm dinner. We stayed the night in Kennewick again then Sunday was Mike's birthday so we went to church and then had his birthday dinner after church. We were exhausted by the time we got home but it was so worth it!

Sam, Perry, Ann and Reese

Aunt Care and Reese (she is soooo tiny but so sweet!)

Precious moments (Reese and Perry)

Sisterly love (Reese and Perry)

Happy Birthday Grandpa Mike!
Love Camryn.

Big yawn! Camryn is very expressive with her face and hands.
Mommy loves her new little daughter

Pretty little girl!

They just keep growing!

Dave said I have to keep posting puppy pictures in our blog because there are a lot of people out there that are more interested in seeing them than seeing our family or all the new babies........mainly him and my dad!

Hank the Tank (male)

Uno (female)

Peg (female)

Smudge (female)

Boss-Hog (he is my favorite of the entire litter)

Pee-wee (female)

Old Friends

Rach and Care

30 weeks pregnant and 13 weeks pregnant

My good friend from high school Rachel was visiting last weekend, she is also pregnant and due in October. We have been friends since the 6th grade and played volleyball, basketball and ran track together all through high school, it was so fun to see each other and catch up. She only lives in Spokane but it still is hard to get together with our busy busy lives. She is a hairdresser and her husband is the track and cross country coach at Spokane Falls Community College. If you live in Spokane and need a great hairdresser let me know!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Camryn Ann Sabin

Camryn Ann Sabin born April 14, 2007
5lbs 11oz. 18 inches
Proud Parents: Andy and Kenzie Sabin

My sister in law Kenzie had preclampsia starting at around 32 weeks. So they decided to induce her last Friday and Camryn finally arrived late Saturday night at only 36 weeks gestation. They are both doing wonderful and went home yesterday.

Baby girl Sabin is here!

Grandpa Mike and Camryn
Daddy and Camryn
Mi-Maw and Camryn Ann
Precious little girl
Mommy and Camryn tired out after a lot of hard work
Aunt Care and my new niece!

My sister in law Kenzie and her husband Andy welcomed their first baby girl into the world this weekend. I was coaching track at the Pasco Invite and Dave decided to come with me, it was good timing because Kenzie went into the hospital on Friday and had her saturday night. They named her Camryn Ann Sabin. She is such a cutie! I am excited to watch our son and their daughter grow up together so close in age. I am so lucky to have three new nieces in less than one week.

How they grow!

Male: Boss-Hog

Pooped out!

Female: Peg

Female: Pee-Wee

The pups are now 3 weeks old and they are getting so big. We are having fun playing with them and watching them grow. It is a good distraction from this baby growing in me!

Friday, April 13, 2007

More twin pictures

Mommy Ann getting to finally hold her girls

Papa and DiDi(that is what my nieces call my mom) got to go up to Spokane for the birth. They were both so excited to be there and get to share in the fun.

A precious photo of Reese Minette (she looks just like my sister/her mommy)

Daddy Sam with Perry and Reese

Lucy, Perry, Reese and Aunt Amy

Just thought I would post a couple more pictures. The one of Reese did not turn out to well on the other post and I wanted everyone to see how cute she really is! I am hoping to go and see them next weekend and will post some more photos then. They grow so fast the first year it will be fun to see all the changes.