Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Colbi Lyn : 7 months



Baby girl makes everyone in this house happy, her face lights up when any of us walk into the room and she squeals and smiles at the boys all the time. She is happy, sweet, smiley, content and so full of joy and love. She loves to be held but is doing much better now at playing by herself with toys and books. It is a rare moment if one of her brothers is not right by her side; kissing, hugging, tickling, and playing with her. She can wave and say hi, dada and mama. Her favorite is dada and I am pretty sure Dave melts inside every time she says it to him. She is an eating machine and the only food she seems to dislike so far is peas, everything else she loves. I have started introducing a few solid foods such as bananas, pancakes, zucchini bread and cheerios and she is starting to figure out how to chew them much easier now. With the weather being so nice I have been taking her outside and sitting her on a blanket while the boys play. Every time I do this she usually ends up getting a few hundred kisses as the boys run from one activity to the next but always making sure their baby sister gets some love along the way. She is sleeping really well at night from 7pm - 9am during the week. I do wake her at 5:30 to nurse her before I leave for work but she goes right back to sleep and sleeps until 9 or 9:30 most mornings. Since she sleeps in so late she really only takes one nap from about 12:30 - 3. I had to take her back to the doctor for a weight check and she weighed in at 15lbs 10oz. She is sitting really well and starting to roll over more and move around. She will not be crawling for awhile though, her sickness really set her back and I feel like she is just now really starting to make gains in her strength and mobility. She is wearing size 9 month clothes and her collection of headbands is growing daily thanks to her mama's obsession with them (she just looks so cute in headbands!). Gosh I wish I could put into words just how much I (we) love her, she is just the BEST!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Random Catch-Up

 Afternoon snuggles and cartoons in our bed.
 Saturday morning on the I-pad.
 I love everything about this picture!
 Colt is really into tying flys for fishing this spring and summer. He is good too! He is able to do almost the entire thing by himself, he just needs a little help at the very end.
Jax and his buddy Joel in there TMNT pajamas at AWANA pajama night. The highlight of Jax and Colt's week is always AWANA on Wednesday nights.
 Papa giving me a break and reading to the boys.
 Colt's school had Science night so I took Jax and Colt to it. It was so much fun and such a fun way to spend an evening with my two oldest boys. They both loved it!
 My mom, Colbi and I made a trip to Bellevue for a baby shower for my cousin. Marni flew into Seattle and met us there.
 It was fun to spend a night with just the girls and Colbi was awesome the entire trip!
 The weather has been beautiful the last couple days and we have been enjoying it by spending time outside as much as possible.

 I tried to get a cute picture of all the kids before church one Sunday. Trying to get 4 kids to cooperate for a photo is never easy.
 I love getting random texts from Dave while I am at work in the morning. It is always funny to see what the kids are doing with dad while I am at work.
 No worries in my house, I have a lot of superheros keeping this house safe!
 Dave took the boys to donuts with dad one morning before dropping Colt off at school. I got 30 minutes to myself with just the little miss. We played on her brother's bed with a few toys enjoying a cup of coffee and the quiet. It was glorious!
 Library storytime is always a fun activity that the boys love. Our library has it every Thursday and I always try and take the boys if we do not have anything planned. Of course when Colbi is there they are more interested in her than the story. These two are always in her face, kissing her, dancing and singing for her, etc. While it is very cute it is also very exhausting to be constantly watching out for her.
I found these letter magnets at the Dollar Store, they have been great for Case and Jax to work on their letters. Jax almost knows all 26 letters but still needs to work on the lower case, Case is just starting to learn his.