Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just like that.......

 ....Jax is now sleeping in a big boy bed!
I think the red cheeks are from teething, the poor kid only has 8 teeth so he has a long way to go in the teething department.
 We have had Jax's bed set up since Christmas when we moved the boys into the same room. Colt made the move but we decided to wait on moving Jax. Our plan was to try and transition him during my spring break in April. He has always slept so well in his crib and we didn't want to mess that up for now.  Saturday night as I was putting him to bed he kept pointing to the boys bedroom and saying "bed, bed" over and over and then he threw a fit when I tried to lay him in his crib (and usually he goes down to bed with no problems). So I asked him if he wanted to sleep in his big boy bed and he said "uh-huh". I carried him in there, layed him down, gave him a kiss and told him to go to sleep. Never heard a peep out of him after that, about an hour later I went and put Colt to bed and he slept through it. Sunday morning at 4:30 Colt comes into our room and tells us that Jax is crying so I bring him into my bed and he went back to sleep. The last two nights he has slept until about 6:30 and has gone to bed really easy.  Naps yesterday were a nightmare, Jax kept getting out of his bed and running over to Colt's wanting to play. Colt did nap but Jax never did. Today I decided to put Jax down for his nap first and Colt and I worked on some preschool activities (coloring, writing his name, counting). By the time I put Colt down Jax was already asleep, I am hoping it stays this easy. If all goes well the rest of the week I can start moving all of Jax's clothes into his room and start getting the nursery ready for another baby!
I had to snap a picture of my firstborn too! Colt is one awesome three year old, sure he definitely has his moments but the good far outweigh the bad! He has been so excited that Jax is sleeping in his room now, he has been asking since we moved him when Jax would sleep with him. When we put him to bed at night he always makes sure he is really quiet so he doesn't wake Jax up. He has such a sweet heart and is really loving and protective of his little brother.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Night Traditions.

Dave and I have talked alot about the different traditions we want to start with our kids, especially as they get older. One tradition that we have started lately occurs Sunday evenings. Sundays are really the only day we can spend together as a family and really relax. Dave has been working late most days during the week and it seems like we always have something going on Saturday. Sunday mornings we have church and I am teaching the 2 and 3 year old class during second service (Dave is helping - he loves that I drag him into this stuff....hahahhaa). We get home around 12:30 and we eat lunch and then relax, watch football, catch up on laundry, etc while the boys nap. We usually have our growth group Sunday evenings but for the last couple weeks its either been canceled or we haven't been able to make it and so our Sunday tradition began. We do a complete non-traditional dinner and watch a movie as a family. We even eat dinner in the living room while picking out a movie to watch (we have Netflix streamed through our Wii). The past couple Sundays we have done fruit and sticky popcorn but this Sunday we decided to do chicken nachos and fruit (not your typical Sunday dinner but that's what makes it fun!).
 Excited for our Sunday night snacks and movie.

 Yummy!!! The chicken was soooooo good. Notice the half-eaten bowl of fruit, I cut up a bunch of apples and added grapes and put that out while Dave was cooking. The kids inhaled most the fruit by the time the nachos were done.
 Jax liked to dip everything into the sour cream......
....as is evidenced by his face.
We finished off the food while watching the end of the Pittsburgh/Jets game and then watched a Disney movie on Netflix. I love ending the weekend like this, its a perfect family night and I love laying on the couch with one or both kids in my arms leaning against my awesome and supportive husband. Life is amazing!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Things to do on a rainy day.

It is pouring here today! I "slept in" this morning so my only option for a workout (unless I wanted to wait until later tonight) was to run with the boys. Luckily it was pretty warm out and they were both dry in the stroller, I was soaked though, everything was sopping wet and I was dripping water everywhere by the time I got home. However, I was HAPPY and I could have cared less about the rain as long as the boys were fine. After that we spent the morning/early afternoon playing in their bedroom.
We played a little catch as well as shot some hoops.
 Played I-Spy (such a great game for learning and Colt loves it, even Jax can do some of it). If you don't have it and have young kids get it. Its simple and doesn't require a bunch of pieces.
 Jax took some laps around the room on his car.
 While Colt and I played Operation.
 We all got in full dragon-killing gear and slayed some dragons.
 We have plenty of swords for all of us to kill those dragons!
 Colt and Jax played a game together.....
 ...and even showed me some brotherly love for the camera.
 Then the boys wanted to sword fight (Colt's sword is courtesy of his Poppi, its taller than him!).
 Jax is even starting to get into the whole sword fighting/dragon killing thing.
It has been a great day so far and these boys make it so much fun.
Tomorrow there is an archery shoot in Pasco so Dave, Colt and Poppi are going to go and shoot. Colt is so excited, he has been wanting to practice all day but its too wet outside. The boys had a sleepover at their Poppi and Memah's Tuesday night, I had to work all day Wednesday so they spent the day in Tri-Cities and then Dave and I met Julie half way to pick them up after work on Wednesday. Colt had AWANA at our church that night, he loves going once a week to that and Dave and I look forward to the alone time with Jax. Tonight both boys are having a sleepover at Papa and DiDi's, Colt has already told me he wants me to pack his Spiderman pajamas and that I should pack Jax the same ones (they have matching ones). 
Baby #3 is growing rapidly now, I feel like my stomach size has doubled in the last 3 weeks. The ultrasound results came back great and baby is growing right on pace with his/her due date. I have started to experience a lot of braxton hicks contractions already. The weird thing is that they make me nauseous but do not hurt. My doctor said as long as their not painful it's normal to have them much earlier especially since this is my 3rd pregnancy. They usually start up about 1 in the afternoon and continue 2-3 an hour until bedtime. I am not in pain but its kind of annoying feel nauseated again. Overall we are doing well, we have really focused as a family to keep extra things to a minimum and really try and spend time together in the evenings and on the weekends. Dave has been working late quite a bit since the first of the year so its nice to have weekends to really spend together as a family.  
We are also kind of debating about whether or not to send Colt to preschool next year. He will not go to kindergarten until he is 6 which is still 2.5 years away. With my work schedule next year Dave would have to do all the dropping off and then I would pick up but its going to be a lot of driving on both of our parts especially because he will rushing to work and I will be rushing home from work so we can do the switch. With 3 kids it seems like it might be simpler to just wait one more year and let him do a year of preschool and then start kindergarten. We have him involved with other things through our church, playdates and activities at the Y that I feel like he is getting a lot of the social aspects that the first year of preschool teaches you. I work with him on other things here at home anyway so I don't want to send him just because that is what everyone else does. If you have any thoughts on this feel free to let me know.:)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sweet baby ____ #3

Today we finally got to see baby #3, it was the first (and hopefully only) ultrasound so I was excited to see the baby and see him/her moving around. The baby was moving quite a bit and the ultrasound tech was able to get a lot of good pictures of the baby. I will not see my doctor until next week and she will give me the results then but everything seemed to look pretty normal and the baby was healthy.The heartbeat was 141.  I did not want to know the sex but Dave still likes to look to see if he can see something. I am a serious moron in that room, I can't tell the difference between the head and the bottom but Dave seems to think he saw something between the baby's legs. He actually thought the same thing with Jax and he was right so I guess we will see in May just how accurate he is. Either way I am excited for this baby and more in love than ever after seeing him/her today.
 Thumbs up from our cute little babe.
 Baby #3 at 20 weeks. 
Click here to see the boys at 20 weeks.
This pregnancy is going by quick, I was so sick the entire first trimester but have had a much easier 2nd trimester. The hardest part about this pregnancy is how much more tired I am than with the other two. I can take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon and still be sound asleep in bed by 9pm (I do wake up at 4:30 every morning though). I am thankful that I am only working part-time, it has made it much easier on me and the boys and I love spending more time with them. The baby has started moving around a lot and Dave has been able to feel the movement too. Foods I love with this baby include: granola, bananas, eggs, tart apples, veggies sandwiches with avocado, crackers and cheese. I know there are more but those are my staples. Now we need to get working on boy and girl names, we have a list but it is not anywhere near finalized.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

The last two weeks have been very relaxing and enjoyable. We have had a lot of fun spending time with both our families, here and in Tri-Cities. Marni came and stayed for 5 days which was a treat, she stayed with us and after sleeping the first 2 days she finally came out of her cave (this may be a slight exaggeration) and we all had fun with her. Her and I went on a couple runs, got up early for a spin class at the Y one morning and spent a lot of time hanging out playing with the boys. Dave's sister Katie was home from Louisiana for Christmas so we made a couple trips to Tri-Cities to see her. Colt asks everyday when she is coming back to see him. We had lots of lazy mornings as a family, it was nice not having to wake up at 4:30 every morning. Lots of early morning snuggles with the boys in our bed, evenings spent watching movies and eating popcorn and no set schedule. Dave and I went to dinner and the movie True Grit (great movie) one night and my parents even kept the kids overnight so we got to sleep in the next day (we didn't wake up until 7:30!). We spent New Years with Dave's family in Tri-Cities. We had fun eating good food, laughing and playing games. Colt even stayed up until midnight and had fun playing with Camryn. Towards the end of the break we all got colds and now Dave and I have full blown head colds, of course it happens right as the break is ending. Dave even got some time off, he had 3 days weekends the last 2 weekends which was nice too.

I am really looking forward to 2011, I loved 2010 and have great memories to look back on throughout the last year. 2011 will bring a new member to our family and I am getting really excited to meet him/her. We have an ultrasound on Wednesday, looking forward to seeing this baby and praying all is healthy.