Friday, January 21, 2011

Things to do on a rainy day.

It is pouring here today! I "slept in" this morning so my only option for a workout (unless I wanted to wait until later tonight) was to run with the boys. Luckily it was pretty warm out and they were both dry in the stroller, I was soaked though, everything was sopping wet and I was dripping water everywhere by the time I got home. However, I was HAPPY and I could have cared less about the rain as long as the boys were fine. After that we spent the morning/early afternoon playing in their bedroom.
We played a little catch as well as shot some hoops.
 Played I-Spy (such a great game for learning and Colt loves it, even Jax can do some of it). If you don't have it and have young kids get it. Its simple and doesn't require a bunch of pieces.
 Jax took some laps around the room on his car.
 While Colt and I played Operation.
 We all got in full dragon-killing gear and slayed some dragons.
 We have plenty of swords for all of us to kill those dragons!
 Colt and Jax played a game together.....
 ...and even showed me some brotherly love for the camera.
 Then the boys wanted to sword fight (Colt's sword is courtesy of his Poppi, its taller than him!).
 Jax is even starting to get into the whole sword fighting/dragon killing thing.
It has been a great day so far and these boys make it so much fun.
Tomorrow there is an archery shoot in Pasco so Dave, Colt and Poppi are going to go and shoot. Colt is so excited, he has been wanting to practice all day but its too wet outside. The boys had a sleepover at their Poppi and Memah's Tuesday night, I had to work all day Wednesday so they spent the day in Tri-Cities and then Dave and I met Julie half way to pick them up after work on Wednesday. Colt had AWANA at our church that night, he loves going once a week to that and Dave and I look forward to the alone time with Jax. Tonight both boys are having a sleepover at Papa and DiDi's, Colt has already told me he wants me to pack his Spiderman pajamas and that I should pack Jax the same ones (they have matching ones). 
Baby #3 is growing rapidly now, I feel like my stomach size has doubled in the last 3 weeks. The ultrasound results came back great and baby is growing right on pace with his/her due date. I have started to experience a lot of braxton hicks contractions already. The weird thing is that they make me nauseous but do not hurt. My doctor said as long as their not painful it's normal to have them much earlier especially since this is my 3rd pregnancy. They usually start up about 1 in the afternoon and continue 2-3 an hour until bedtime. I am not in pain but its kind of annoying feel nauseated again. Overall we are doing well, we have really focused as a family to keep extra things to a minimum and really try and spend time together in the evenings and on the weekends. Dave has been working late quite a bit since the first of the year so its nice to have weekends to really spend together as a family.  
We are also kind of debating about whether or not to send Colt to preschool next year. He will not go to kindergarten until he is 6 which is still 2.5 years away. With my work schedule next year Dave would have to do all the dropping off and then I would pick up but its going to be a lot of driving on both of our parts especially because he will rushing to work and I will be rushing home from work so we can do the switch. With 3 kids it seems like it might be simpler to just wait one more year and let him do a year of preschool and then start kindergarten. We have him involved with other things through our church, playdates and activities at the Y that I feel like he is getting a lot of the social aspects that the first year of preschool teaches you. I work with him on other things here at home anyway so I don't want to send him just because that is what everyone else does. If you have any thoughts on this feel free to let me know.:)


mires said...

Well I think every kid is different....Colt does get to do a lot of social things already..which I think is a HUGE part of preschool, especially the first year. So with that being said...I sent your little sister to THREE years of preschool because she was driving me crazy at home!! whatever you want dear!!

Michelle said...

I'm with mom on this one. Preschool is mostly socialization and getting used to being away from "mommy". You do so much with him already, it sounds like keeping him at home seems much simpler and in my mind...that is the golden rule! Keep it simple so that mommy and daddy maintain their sanity!

Life in the Kerlee Household said...

With as much as you do with Colt (and Jax :)), I don't think it is necessary that you have to put him in Pre-School. Preschool is really for the socialization and good before Kindergarten but since he's already getting that and better, if it were me, I'd wait one more year because it sounds like it will be alot for both of you to make the logistics work. On the otherhand, you're going to have three little ones at home which will keep you busy, so I'd say go with what feels right for both of you. Really, I don't think there is a "wrong" answer either way. :)

McP Family said...

We put Madi in preschool in September. She goes 3 days a week 2 1/2 hours each time. It is a challenge for us to get her up and the everyone ready and out the door, but very much worth it. We put her in preschool because she is at home with us most of the time. So she has learned so many social things (some sad ones like a boy telling her to go away) but very good for her. We work on reading and letters and numbers at home, but having a teacher and other kids learning the same this helps her in ways we can't. They go on field trips to the dentist, and fire station etc. She enjoys going each time. Preschool has supplemented her development. It also gives us one on one time with Grant.If it is CRAZY for you guys to get him there and might not be worth the added stress